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  • Heather R.

    Whoa! A few years ago, I left the restaurant industry behind, to have children, but I’d like to bring something to your attention, and to your readers’, as well- an 18% tip is an insult, particularly in restaurants such as the ones that Restaurant.com is affiliated with. The reason for this is that most of the corporately owned restaurants have a split-tip policy, if they let their waitstaff have any portion of it, at all- that percentage that you’re leaving for your waiter or waitress won’t lift their hourly wage by even pennies, if you’re tipping that low! As a former chef, I can tell you that most waitstaff are hired at well below minimum wage, with the “promise” that they’ll make up the difference in tips, and frankly, they work very, very hard, and most rarely even break the minimum wage standard, per hour. If a person is already getting a discount that’s that deep, may I suggest that you recommend a higher tipping rate, without offending? Because honestly, having worked in the biz, what you’re suggesting is not even close to OK. If a waiter or waitress is even vaguely nice to my kids, brings me a second glass of water, etc., no matter what the establishment is, they get a 30% *minimum* tip from me- and if I was getting the kind of discount already offered in this deal, I would probably go even higher. It’s these kinds of things that make all of the difference in peoples’ lives, especially those who work the hardest. Bear in mind, folks, that your kids are not the light of everyone else’s life, and your need for the salad dressing to be served on the side is someone else’s hassle, when they’re already dealing with 15 other people in their seating area wanting that exact same thing, plus a half a dozen other little demands…each. Give a little- the tip that you give today may very well be the charitable contribution that helps another make it through the shift, and the next day, and the next day. And maybe through school, or through a bad time in their lives- I’ve ha waitstaff that ran the gamut, from high school kids, to out-of-work physicists- no kidding. Don’t be “that” restaurant patron- be the light of someone else’s day. Merry Christmas!

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