90% Off Lowe’s Coupon Tonight Only (If you’re lucky!)

Lowes Black Friday 115

FAB reader Becky sent us this info:

Lowes.com is having a HUGE black Friday preview sale, TONIGHT at 10 PM (MST).

In order to participate:

Go “like” Lowes on facebook
Then make sure you have an account at Lowes.com and are signed in.
The Lowes facebook page will release a coupon code for 90% off ___ number of items (between 20-30 different items).  There are a limited number of coupons (5000). Once those coupons run out, they will be releasing 20,000 20% off coupons for the same item.

The key with this:
1. Make sure you are logged in to the Lowes.com website WELL before the party starts!
2. Hope that you can “pick up at store,” so you don’t have to pay shipping fees.  2nd best bet is to ship to store.  3rd, of course, is your home.
3. You are not guaranteed the coupon code until after you confirm payment, so on that final page, make sure you get the 90% off, or you’ll end up paying full price.
4. Each item has a different coupon code, so MAKE SURE you don’t just shop till you drop.  You wanna check out with each item you want to purchase immediately.

IMO:  If you want to play, don’t expect to get the coupon.  If you do, yahoo!  If not, don’t be upset.  I hope Lowe’s is ready for the traffic they’re going to get because on almost every deal I’ve ever seen like this the site crashes.  And people get really angry.  It’s the luck of the draw with these deals!

With all that said, good luck, and let us know if you get a great deal!


  • Becky Ruths

    They did a test last night with 1200 coupons, and it was crazy, and people were mad, and the site did crash :(… But they are hoping to get it worked out before tonight (including upgrading servers) 🙂

    Good luck shoppers!

  • Kari

    FOR INSTANCE… right now…. 8:06 pm pacific time
    Sorry …

    Sometimes home improvement sites need a little repair, too.
    We’ll be up and running in no time.

    Meanwhile, you may find some of our other links helpful:

  • Stephanie

    well that was disappointing!!!

  • monica

    Oh man did I totally miss it?

  • AJ

    Looks like you didn’t miss anything Monica! I always hesitate to post deals like this because they always end up the same…site crashed, no results, mad people. But then I also want to give people their own choice to try it or not. What do all of you think? Do you want to know about deals like this or would you rather not have us tempt you to waste your time?

    • Monica

      AJ- I am glad you gave the pink advice! You can’t be mad if you have the right expectation. Example: The site might crash making this deal a total waste of time.

      Remember when we posted about the Old Navy deals and the night we all stayed up until 2am waiting for the slim chance to win a coupon. Total waste of time except for the fact that we had so much fun chatting with each other about the deal in the comments, and that is how we got to know you and your humorous personality. I would never take that back! Not sure that the Lowe’s deal helped anyone blossom new friendships tonight, but I am sure glad that Old Navy deal did. 🙂

      Anyone curious to read that over 200 comment old navy chat you can find it here: http://fabulesslyfrugal.blogspot.com/2009/06/old-navy-weekly-coupon-hunt-starting.html

  • Brooke

    I think it is good to post.
    It was a frustrating rush!
    I knew what to expect but I still swore in my head when I didn’t succeed.

  • Teri J

    I went into it expecting to fail but guess what I was one of the lucky ones!

    I got it for $19.19 including tax!

    I thanked The Lord for looking out for me. I am going to spend another $35 to ship it to my daughter for Christmas. She and her husband are stationed in Italy and this is the first Christmas we will be unable to be together as a family for Christmas. I am hoping this will add a bit of brightnes to her holiday. It will also help with all the baking she gets asked to do for her husbands unit.

    • Monica

      Teri- What did you get?

      YAY! So glad it was worth it for you!

    • robin cabrini

      Saw your post- just wanted to let you know I lived in Italy for many years and it was an amazing experience, I ended up with a Wonderful Italian husband and a great LOVE for the Italian people and their culture. Your daughter is blessed to be stationed over there. I have lived in 5 different countries for extended periods of time and each country has enriched my life in so many ways. So despite being without family for the holidays, she will gain so much in her life and heart from this experience! Ciao- Robin

      • Teri J

        We know she will gain a lot. My husband was Air Force and we lived overseas for 12 years in Germany and England. They wanted to be overseas. It is still difficult around the holidays though especially for them. They lost their first baby in 2008 and then another baby in 2009. Neither one lived more than a day. Holidays are still a bit hard cause of that. She’s doing great though and they plan to try to stay overseas as she loved being raised in Europe with all the things to do and see.

        • AJ

          I lived in Italy for a year and a half. It was amazing! I’m not even sure you could call what they eat food – it’s more like little bits of heaven on earth! I’m glad I did post this and that you got the deal for your daughter!

          Thanks for everyone’s feedback. When things like this come up, we know you want them posted!

  • Teri J

    I hit enter to quick. I meant to add so yess please keep posting these. Sure 99.9% of the time it doesn’t work out for me but it does work out for someone and there is no chance if I don’t try! Thank You for posting this especially the tips you listed. It caused me to set up an account early and be logged in which I think helped.

  • Yes, please keep posting deals like this. You did give a warning with it. 🙂 Congrats Teri on getting the deal! One of these days I will get one like that.

  • Tiffany

    I think that most people have the right idea about these types of things. I personally like to try but when I don’t win or the site crashes, did it really take anything from me? No. Just remember that Lowe’s or any other retailer doesn’t even have to try and give us wonderful savings, but they do in an effort to have happy customers, good word of mouth, etc. I guess I just don’t understand when people get so upset because something that wasn’t theirs to begin with doesn’t materialize.

    Thanks for posting these types of things. I like to give it a whirl and see what happens!!

  • Becky Ruths

    Update from Lowes: Lowe’s Home Improvement Fans, we hear your frustrations and would like to make it up to you. We were looking forward to this promotion, too. The rush to the site simply knocked it offline. We will post here Friday how we can carry out this Black Friday promotion in another way.
    9 hours ago · Comment · Unlike

    The Kitchen Aid Mixer was the ONLY thing they ended up giving away, even with expanding their servers 🙁 🙂 (couldn’t decide which “face” to do)

    So, they are going to figure out something different for tonight, and try again 🙂

    • Becky Ruths

      Update #2: Lowe’s Home Improvement
      Fans, the response to our promotion last night was greater than we expected. Despite preparations, we were unable to support the overwhelming traffic. We’re committed to satisfying our customers and our Facebook fans, and will be offering additional quantities of coupon codes to more customers. These deals will be distributed sporadically throughout the weekend to prevent the issues that occurred last night.

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