9 Habits That All Mother’s Need

Well everyone, today is Friday and that means it is the END of our Household Management Series. This one might have been my favorite thus far and I have loved doing this with you. If you have missed any of the day’s posts, be sure to check them out! This week we’ve had:

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And Now Today, DAY 5, Our Final Day!

I am super excited to end on this topic because if we are being honest, this is the most important one. Often times us mothers look at all that needs to be done and we just feel overwhelmed. We feel like we can’t do it all! Sometimes I have even felt like I am a bad mom as I look around at other women who “seem” to have it all together. But one thing that I have learned is that although a mother needs to put her family first, she is also a part of that family and she cannot forget about herself. If moms not okay, no one is okay! Today I wanted to focus on habits that all moms should have in their lives to ensure that they stay healthy, happy, and strong.

9 Habits That All Mothers Need

#1 Make Your Own Quiet Time

Each mom needs to find time everyday for herself. I understand that in the mornings its crazy because you have to get the kids off to school and at night you have to cook, prep, wash clothes, help with homework, etc. but sometime during the day take a moment for you. Sit down and think. I find myself getting up and just going all day long and I put myself last. At the end of the night as I get into bed and I finally have that time to myself, all my built up emotions of the day come out. We don’t want that build up to happen! During the day, find a time where you can meditate, pray, or read. It can be for 5 minutes! But just pay attention to your body, your health, your emotional state, and make sure all is okay. Sometimes we can think so much about others that we don’t realize that we actually need help in some way or another.

#2 Find Time To Exercise

Once again, I know! This is a hard one. Especially if you have a baby at home OR if you are a working mom. When I say exercise I don’t mean that you need to go to the gym and work out for an hour or two, I am saying, find some form of exercise that you can do within the circumstances that you have. Maybe you can wake up 30 minutes before your kids head off to school to go on a jog, or maybe during your lunch break you can eat your sandwich as you walk around a park, or maybe you could squeeze in time to do a youtube workout video in the living room before your kids get home from school! Find a time that works for you and squeeze it in at least 3 times a week if not every day. This is so good for your body as well as your mind. Exercise will help you feel less stressed and full of more energy! Those are two things that every mother needs.

#3 Don’t Forget to Date

After marriage and kids, it can be hard to find time to go out with your husband. Some moms put their kids first so much that they end up putting their marriage last. Do not forget how much you need your spouse! For me, my husband helps me vent, unwind, and relax. When I go too long without spending quality time with him, I notice. I realize that once you have kids you have to juggle responsibilities that make it so “date night” really is not that much of an option any more! But make time for it. Whether it is just going out to lunch, staying up a little later to watch a movie together, or letting the kids have a play date at grandmas so you can go on a Sunday drive… do what you need to do to find the time to make your marriage a priority. And for those of you who are single mothers, if you are ready to date, find time to date! Do so casually and squeeze it in when you find the time. Your kids want you to have fun and enjoy yourself, so do it!

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#4 Find Joy in Your Children

This one is 100% attitude. The best moms I know enjoy what their kids are doing. I get how annoying it can be to be the taxi driver going from soccer practice to ballet to church group etc. I get it! But, you will miss it when you aren’t doing it anymore. So find joy in those little tasks that sometimes drive you insane. Find joy when they call you from school saying how they forgot their gym clothes or when you drive hours just to go watch them play in a volleyball game. Enjoy those moments! If you aren’t enjoying it, it will just feel like a burden to you. I have found myself being negative about those sorts of thing before and my kids have definitely noticed. Your kids feel more loved when they know that you showed up not just to pick them up, but because you support and love them.

#5 Pamper Yourself

Now, this needs to be at your discretion depending on what your family’s budget is and what is reasonable for your circumstances, but as women, we loved to be pampered. Some of us love getting our nails done while others love to get their hair dyed. Some people love massages while others love to just go get a cup of coffee. Whatever it is that makes you feel pampered, find time to do it as needed. I know women that whenever they are just DOWN, they go shopping and get a new shirt or jeans. That is 100% okay because you spend so much money and time on your kids that often, you forget about yourself. Being my frugal self I have to say, don’t get carried away with this, but as needed, it is okay to go out and pamper yourself! And do not feel guilty about it! You are human! You need to take care of yourself too!

#6 Ensure That You Get Adequate Sleep

I have had times where I stayed up all night just to get the laundry done or to clean the house. NO! I know that sometimes there are exceptions, but you need to sleep. It is okay if you go to bed with the house being a little messy. Tomorrow is a new day and once you are rested, you can clean it! You need sleep to repair your body and keep you healthy enough to continue on! If you go without sleep for a long period of time, your body will eventually retaliate and you will get sick. We all know how chaotic it gets when mom is sick! Do not do that. Just be aware of your needs and sometimes, you have to put your needs before that load of laundry or those treats that your child needs to take to class!

#7 Make Time for Friends

Just because your a mother does not mean that you do not have friends. I believe a key part to a mother being successful is that she goes out to lunch with her girlfriends at least once a month! Girls lunch is a great way to talk, vent, and let loose! I get that friends are not the priority now but I’m assuming that most of your friends are mothers too and in the same boat. You all need each other and for your sanity, it is essential that you gather and support each other. You can squeeze in an hour a month, or maybe an hour every other month to see each other, chat, and help each other out. For me, it helps make me see that I am normal when I see my friends talking about how they are struggling with the exact things I struggle with.

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#8 Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask For Help

The week before I got married I had this meltdown thinking that I couldn’t get married because I wasn’t ready to be the perfect wife. Well, I am still not the perfect wife and I have since learned that that is okay. You are not superwoman. You cannot do it all yourself. Do not be ashamed to ask for help! Do not be ashamed to say you can’t do something! And do not be ashamed to say that you are feeling burnt out. Talk with your kids, talk with your husband, talk with your neighbors, friends, in laws, and parents. You are all on one team. Never feel like you have to do it all by yourself because there is SOMEONE out there that would be willing to help. Like I have said many times in this series, you are still human. Don’t ever forget that!

#9 Love The Life You’ve Been Given

I think this is the most important habit that all mothers need to do. LOVE the life that you have. Do not look around and envy the lives of others. Don’t look at your kids and wish they were different. You are so blessed to have the life that you have. I know at times it may seem that nothing ever goes right, but I always think of this quote and it helps me though: ” You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” That is the truth. You are meant for your life. I often find myself looking at women on social media and I think, “wow, if only I could be like that.” Well, newsflash, those women have struggles too! The perfect moms that you see at preschool, they have struggles too! Everyone struggles. So don’t be spending too much time looking at the other side of the hill that you miss all the joys and blessings that are happening right in your home. Be sure of yourself and the gifts and talents that you have. If you are unsure of those talents, ask your spouse or ask your kids what they love about you. You will be amazed to see the good that they see in you.

Apply Them All! Okay Ladies?

You can do this. Look at these habits and find the ones that you are doing well. Then find the ones that you are struggling with. Make goals to get better. Tell your family your goals so they can hold you accountable. Ladies you are so strong! You are so wonderful. Realize what you are worth! The world can try and tear you down and tell you that you are worth nothing, but you are running a household full of amazing children! You are raising kids to be the best they can be! You are impacting people’s lives! There is nothing better than that.

I have enjoyed doing this series with you! If you have any ideas on future series, comment below and we would love to get in touch with you! We want to give you info that you want and need!

Thanks for following along this week! Till next time!




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