$.88 Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell

I heard about this deal on the radio & had to look it up to confirm. It’s true! I love crunchwraps and regardless of what percentage of meat it contains, I’ll pay $.88 for it! (I mean are we really eating at Taco Bell because we think it’s fine dining?)

Now through March 5th, get a Crunchwrap Supreme for $.88. Limit 2 per person.


  • This is not “fabulous living on less”. EVERYONE should care what’s in their food no matter if it costs $8 or $0.88.

    • Amber

      Oh Stephanie I do care about what’s in my food! And I am very mindful of what I put into my kiddos bodies too. But I also believe in splurging every now and then. Taco Bell is a guilty pleasure that I indulge in rarely. I guess I’m a sucker for fake food! 🙂

    • Susan

      This comment is very rude. Amber’s comment about fine dining was intended tongue-in-cheek, I’m sure. Amber, you are very gracious. Anyone who has followed this blog for long knows the emphasis you all put on healthy eating overall.

      We like Taco Bell and eat there occasionally, maybe once a month. And if I’m going to eat there, I’d just assume get a good deal on a meal. Most people eat fast food. Why else are there so many busy fast food places out there? I’m not saying it’s healthy or that everyone should eat it; I’m just saying that people do.

      Just out of curiosity I looked up the nutritional value of the crunchwrap supreme, and it’s equivalent to a chicken quesadilla in calories (540). The killer in both of those items is the sodium, over 1000g, yikes!

      • I am sorry that I do not consider “meat seasoned with oat product” and about 15 other chemicals a splurge. And no, I do not eat any fast food because of that.

        I always find it funny that whenever I take the side of healthy eating, I am called rude. However, I was simply expressing my opinion on the subject and I am sorry if it came off as rude.

        • Amber

          No worries at all Stephanie! I was not offended in the slightest. My sister is vegan and is extremely careful about what she eats. She gives me a hard time because I love Olive Garden, Lucky Charms & Taco Bell. She says I’d be better off eating Styrofoam and she might have a point. But I’ll continue to eat it on occasion because I love it and she will continue to harass me because of it. 🙂 I’m 100% supportive of her lifestyle and I know it is extremely healthy, but it’s not for me. So I’ve found a good balance that works in my life. And I say more power to you for not eating fast food at all! That is a super healthy choice!

        • Susan

          Stephanie, it was the finger-pointing that I found offensive (“EVERYONE should ….), not your expression of healthy eating. I respect, admire even, people like you who can eat a healthy, balanced diet and avoid unhealthy fast food all the time.

          If Amber wasn’t bothered by your comment, then I guess I shouldn’t be either.

          • Amber

            Even though it didn’t phase me (it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers! 🙂 ) I really do appreciate you sticking up for me! We have the best readers!

  • CathyB

    It is funny, because every time I read an article about the whole “beef lawsuit” it makes me start craving Taco Bell and invariably I end up there. I think they have gotten more of my business out of it! After reading the info it seemed to me that it really is “real” beef – not saying anything about being healthy – but at least not fake. Altho I never seem to crave my own tacos as much as theirs… so maybe there IS something to it….

  • Theresa Stegall

    I went to the Fairview taco bell and they would not honor this. I sent my husband to the broadway store before my deal failed and he was unable to get this price as well. They said they never take ANYTHING off the internet and had no clue about this promotion or cared what was printed. Might call before you go to avoid paying full price and wasting your time and gas.

  • Jen

    I went right to the drive thru and just ordered 2 crunchwraps supreme, and a medium diet pepsi and the bill was $3.76. It worked for me at Overland And Eagle

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