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Here’s the deal…

Use promo code SHOP to buy most certificates for only $2. When you go to the restaurant, your total bill will need to be at a specified minimum amount and you are required to pay 18% gratuity. Be sure to read the fine print for each offer, not all offers have the same terms.

  • Check out the participating restaurants in your area. Restaurant.com adds new restaurants every day! And don’t forget about the restaurants in areas that you know you will be visiting soon! (I recommend calling the restaurant before your purchase, just to verify that they do accept the certificates. I have never had any problems though!)
  • Restaurant.com certificates never expire! But this Coupon Code expires on Wednesday!

$35.00 total bill (if it’s just the two of you, you can splurge and get dessert or an appetizer)
+ 6.30 (18% Gratuity) = $41.30
– $25.00 (Restaurant.com gift certificate) = $16.30
+ $2.00 (the cost of the gift certificate)
= $18.30 for a nice dining experience!

Still unsure? Read our Restaurant.com FAQ and check out the Restaurant.com Tutorial.