720 Pampers Wipes = $11.51 Shipped!

Want to get Pampers wipes for 1.5 cents per wipe?

It’s easy!  (And for those of you who are wondering, Costco wipes are about 2 cents per wipe).    This is what you do:

  1. Join Amazon Mom (it’s free and this is how you’ll get the discount… plus always free 2 day shipping for Amazon Mom members!  There is more info at the link if you’re unsure.).
  2. The click on this link to get Pampers Soft Care Scented Wipes, 720 Count for $19.19.
  3. Look on the right hand side, see the “Save 30% with Subscribe and Save”… to get the additional 15% discount (on top of the already shown 15% Amazon Mom discount).  Simply choose a shipping interval.  You can cancel “subscribe and save” before the next shipment comes (so choose 3 or 6 months).
  4. CHECKOUT:  Use code “MOMWIPES” to get an extra 10% off your order (code expires March 6th)
    • There have been Amazon coupon codes in recent magazines like Baby Talk, American Baby, and Parents.
  5. TOTAL:   My total came to $11.51 after all the discounts!

Thanks Coupon Connections NW!


  • MaMaLaLa

    Is this a good deal? I thought kirkland wipes (which are bigger and better) are around the same price?
    Am I correct or wrong?

    • Julie

      Kirkland wipes is primarily Tencel fibers which is made from tree pulp. which is partly why they are so cheap. if your baby’s skin is intact, then this is no problem. if there is a rash starting, then it’s like wiping micro-splinters against it and can greatly worsen things. I was highly drawn to this brand at first because it seems like a good quality for a low price but have had incredibly sad baby bums from using them. So I feel compelled to warn people to check the ingredients and try to avoid baby stuff with Tencel in it– just my 2 cents 🙂

    • Kirkland wipes run about 2¢ per wipe.

  • MaMaLaLa

    Good to know. Thanks. I haven’t heard of tencel fibers before. I wonder what other brand of wipes have tencel fibers in them.

    • Julie

      The only other store brand I’m familiar with is Target’s. Target brand didn’t have them until they rolled out their new “up and up” store brand, now it contains tencel. I was so bummed, I used to love the ‘old’ target brand wipes, but my baby’s bottom shows the difference like a stoplight, and he doesn’t have especially sensitive skin, just normal baby skin, we fought the rash with creams and frequent diaper changes and he would wince and cry with tencel wipes, and the only thing that cleared it up right away repeatedly was switching to a sensitive wipe with a soft fiber and no alcohol in the ‘wetness’ of the wipe (this is how I got to looking into what is the actual difference between all the different types of wipes out there- unscented vs sensitive vs natural care, etc). It will list alcohol and tencel it on the side of the package. I believe it is a somewhat ‘green’ practice, I think sometimes tencel fibers can even be used out of reclaimed tree-pulp products. The packaging of others will state they are made from cotton products. If you are skeptical of the difference in feel, try them on yourself (sounds strange I know) but you can tell the difference right away, especially if already a little tender…..

  • lise

    i just bought this box for $1.50 there is a code right now valid until march 6th “momwipes” and then i also used a $10 coupon code from baby talk that i got for free at babies r us,

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