5 Things I Never Buy at the Store

I skip the lines, the headache and the hassle of shopping at the store for these 5 everyday items!

Like all of you, I am busy.  Besides the blog, there are carpools, sports, taking kids to friend’s houses, church activities, doctor appointments and feeding everyone in my family 3 times a day.  So when I don’t have to run to the store last minute, life is awesome! But, let’s be honest, my trips to the grocery store always need to be done FAST. I do not have time to stroll up and down each isle to look for every possible item I might need.

That is why I LOVE online shopping. There are some things that you just shouldn’t have to worry about when you head to the store. For me, the grocery store is the place I go to get my fresh foods and items that I need instantly. Many times, you can find better deals online when it comes to common household products that each of us cannot live without.


Here are my TOP 5 THINGS I always get delivered to my door:

I love getting these 5 items delivered to my house without ever having to think about them.  I have found the schedule that works best for my family… and I have these items delivered to my front door before I run out. Those of you who have never heard of Amazon Subscribe and Save, you are seriously missing out! Let me tell you about it and how it helps me save 15% on my monthly orders!

Amazon Subscribe and Save is awesome! There are items that you need constantly and with this awesome service, you can schedule how often you need it and have it just show up at your door! That’s right! For example, you know that you will need toilet paper! It’s a necessity! So, if you know you run out of toilet paper every month, why not schedule your favorite brand to be delivered monthly. You can customize your deliveries and make them however often you need! Whether that be monthly or every six months. Also, you will get an email 5 days before anything ships reminding you so you can cancel your order at any time. There is no obligation. The reason why I love Subscribe and Save is that it gives you free shipping and awesome discounts. No matter what you will save 5% and after a while, that 5% will add up. If you have at least 5 items on your order, you can save up 15% off! I think we can all think of at least 5 products we need monthly!

Bonus: If we ever go through more than I estimated, I can have them delivered earlier, or even right away! Plus, if we end up using less than I thought, it’s super easy to skip a month or cancel all together.  There’s never any obligation to buy. And no high pressure sales staff trying to keep you around.  It’s just a few clicks of the mouse.

How to Get the Best Deals

  • Use Amazon Subscribe and Save to bring the price down by 5% (that doesn’t seem like much… but keep reading)
  • Subscribe to 5 or more items delivering on the same day…  you’ll save 15% instead of 5% (if one of those 5 items are diapers, you’ll save 20% on diapers with Amazon Mom)
  • Amazon Coupons: don’t forget to Clip the Coupon – These can save you lots of extra money

Tide pods 81 ct

Tide Pods Laundry Detergent

Ships Free with Subscribe and Save!

Need it now?  Get it shipped free with Amazon Prime (Try a FREE Membership)

  • The 81 count is normally about $2 cheaper than in the store and it comes with 10 extra pods.  A good price is around $0.30 per pod.
  • I love that you can use Tide Pods in standard or HE machines.  Either way 1 pod is one load.
  • Pods are a stain remover, laundry detergent, and fabric softener all in one neat little package.
  • Be sure to store your Pods out of the reach of little hands.  Becky’s daughter squirted one in her eye once, so be safe!
  • Tide not your favorite?  Check out all the different Laundry Detergent.
  • Want to make your own?  Here is our favorite DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe.

 Finish Dish DetergentFinish Dishwasher Detergent

Ships Free with Subscribe and Save!

Need it now?  Get it shipped free with Amazon Prime (Try a FREE Membership)

  • Get your favorite dish detergent at prices usually cheaper than Costco.
  • A 90 pack supply lasts a little over three months in our house, doing one load a day, so it’s easy to set this up to come every three months.
  • Easy-to-use, pre-measured dishwasher tablets are awesome.  I love the tablets, because you don’t have to worry about little hands spilling the powders or liquids.  Even using too much or not enough isn’t a worry anymore.  One tab, and even toddlers can help with the dishes.
  • Finish not your favorite?  Find your favorite Dishwasher Detergent



Ships Free with Subscribe and Save!

Need it now?  Get it shipped free with Amazon Prime (Try a FREE Membership)

  • Never run out of diapers?  Sign me up, please.  I love getting a box of diapers shipped to my door each month.  It’s one less thing I have to worry about, and so nice on the wallet (a store run at 11:30 at night because you’ve run out of diapers just isn’t fun… been there done that!).
  • Have you seen our FREE Diaper Price Point guide?  It’s AWESOME.  Just find the diapers you love, clip out the square and tuck it in your wallet.  Then you’ll know at a glance if you’re getting the best deal or if you should keep shopping.  With all our research we found that Amazon Subscribe and Save is the best deal. By a LOT.
  • Don’t forget the wipes!! There are always baby wipe deals so just keep your eyes out!  I love when you can get them for a penny each.

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Ships Free with Subscribe and Save!

Need it now?  Get it shipped free with Amazon Prime (Try a FREE Membership)

  • We all need toilet paper! And in my house, we go through it SO quickly. On Amazon, you can usually get it for less than $1 a roll! I just found it for less than $.50 a roll. Wait until you see a deal like this and then stock up. 48 rolls of toilet paper sounds like a lot but honestly, you will go through it so fast
  • I love this brand! There is nothing I hate more than toilet paper that doesn’t hold up and this one does the job!
  • And the best part is, you can always find a deal on this stuff! Just wait till you find a coupon and the perfect deal. I would totally sign up for subscribe and save if I were you! This one in my house comes about every 3 months.

Kleenex Facial Tissue, 85 Count (Pack of 36) (600x600)

Kleenex Facial Tissues

Ships Free with Subscribe and Save!

Need it now?  Get it shipped free with Amazon Prime (Try a FREE Membership)

  • I hate running out of Kleenex.  It’s crazy how expensive it is if you don’t plan ahead.  $2 a box, if you are LUCKY.  Sometimes it’s closer to $4!
  • With Subscribe and Save, I’m spending less than $1 per box, usually less that $0.80.  (The price goes up a little in August and September, so keep that in mind.)
  • Buying a whole case may seem kinda crazy (and I know you are going to ask me where I put 36 boxes of Kleenex) but it saves so much money.
  • My trick to keeping it organized:  I grab the last box of Kleenex, and hold it on the new case.  Then I cut about 2-3 inches above that (on the flap that opens) with a straight edge or sharp knife (be sure not to cut yourself).  I cut all the way across, so three full boxes are showing,  and about half of the next row of three boxes.  The Kleenex boxes stay neat and tidy in their case, and when I grab one, then next one just eases down. It’s so easy, plus the box isn’t huge, so it sits out of the way on the top of one of my bookcases.

Simple as that!

All you have to do is sign up and you have instant savings! I love how easy it is and it makes my life so much easier. It may just be 5 extra things that I could easily pick up at the grocery store, but by doing it this way I am not only saving money, but also time. To me, it is such a blessing to just have these essentials show up at my house without even thinking about it.

Give it a try and let us know which products you can’t wait to add to your Subscribe and Save order!


Want to save the most?

Don’t forget that by adding 5 items per delivery to your Subscribe and Save order, you’ll save 15% off everything!  Find our favorite Subscribe and Save Deals to get your five!  You can almost always get cheap makeup, cleaning supplies, vitamins, batteries, and more! Be sure to check out the entire Subscribe and Save Store!


  • See our favorite Amazon Deals!  
  • Want free shipping?  Sign up for Amazon Mom
  • Because Amazon’s prices fluctuate so much and some times so quickly, please don’t be mad at me if you miss this great price!  Also, see why we ♥  Amazon Prime for free shipping!  This post contains our affiliate link. Please read our DISCLOSURE POLICY here.


  • Paula Vaccarino

    Yeah, but you have to pay $5.00 every time you use Subscribe and Save, even if you’re a prime member – I think Amazon is ripping up off. You can find all those things (if you want them) on sale at a superstore or a grocery store.

    • Becky

      Where are you seeing that you have to pay $5 to use Subscribe and Save? I’ve never been charged that…

    • Marla Moran

      I don’t think think that’s true

      • Paula Vaccarino

        Sorry, my mistake – I was thinking of Prime Pantry.

        • Becky

          Yes! Prime Pantry does charge you $5.99 shipping (did you get in on the free shipping offers a couple weeks ago? I think I got three or 4 of them!). Prime Pantry isn’t something I use super often, because of the shipping charges, but they do have some GREAT deals that make it worth it 😀 I’m digging the $2.44 Gain, the “travel” (hahaha, I keep a jumbo pack of diapers in my car and call it my travel pack), size diapers, the HOT deal on Razors, etc… there was enough great deals this week to totally make it worth it to me! 😀 https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/amazon-prime-pantry-match-up/

  • Marie

    First time doing the subscribe and save… So do I have to place a order of 5 products in one day in order to get the extra savings? How do you do that and maximize the savings when they fluctuate so much in price?
    Thanks for all your tips!

    • Cathy

      Hi Marie! You just need to get 5 items on your S&S order before your shipment date… so that will give you some time to pick out some good deals. You can go here to see the most recent ones we’ve found. If you can only find 3 or 4 things that you REALLY need, but want to get the discount, then add some really low priced “filler items” to your order. https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/tag/subscribe-and-save/ Good luck!

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