5 Questions To Ask When Decluttering {Spring Cleaning Part 5}

Hello readers! I am back again for our FINAL DAY of the Fabulessly Frugal’s Spring Cleaning Series. If you have missed out on anything this week be sure to go back and check it out!

We have talked about:

I have loved every moment of this series and I can’t wait to share more about Spring Cleaning today. What I have loved, is reading all of your responses to the survey on how you do your spring cleaning! One of my favorite comments was from Jane! She said:

These words are so inspiring! Spring cleaning shouldn’t be a negative thing. Make it fun! Help your kids learn how to work and help out around the house! It is such an important skill to have! But at the same time, make memories with them. Someday when they are older, those memories will be what they remember. So turn up the music, pretend that the mop is your microphone, and get to cleaning!

My Final Ideas

I’ve spent all week sharing with you all the ideas that came to my mind on how to make your Spring Cleaning a better experience and today I get to wrap it all up. We started talking a little yesterday about decluttering and today I want to expound a little more on that. We started off with tips on how to declutter our closets but today I want to share tips on how to declutter every other area in your home.

Yesterday I shared my 7 Rules when cleaning out my closet and today I am going to share my top 5 questions to ask when you are wanting to declutter the rest of your home! It is so hard to get rid of things in our homes! For some reason, we think we need 5 can openers and 7 dictionaries! NO, we don’t need all of those things! And those are just 2 examples! If you want your home to feel cleaner, you need to simplify! Now let’s get started, shall we?

5 Questions to Ask When Wondering What to Get Rid Of

#1 How Often Do I Use This? 

Somehow, our homes get FILLED with things we barely even use. I understand that sometimes we have seasonal decorations, dishes, or clothing and that is 100% okay! When the season is up, store those items in a box and tuck them away! There is no need to let the Christmas decorations hang out in the living room all year long! At the same time, we can find gadgets in our kitchen that we have no idea how to use or even electronics that are out of date that we never touch anymore. Go through all your rooms and pick out the items that you haven’t touched in a year. Assess if keeping it is worth it. If not, donate it or throw it away!

#2 Do I Have Other Items That Serve The Same Purposes?

Many times we can have 5 different items that all serve the same purpose. For example, do we really need 5 different cupcake tins? If they all make cupcakes, why not keep just 2 instead of 5? Getting rid of 3 tins will make more space in your cupboards and will help your kitchen feel a little more open. What if you did that in all the rooms of your home? I am sure that your child really doesn’t need 40 miniature race cars! Have them pick out their top favorite toys and get rid of the ones they don’t need! I am sure your local homeless shelter or even your child’s school would love to accept any donations!

#3 Does It Work? 

If it doesn’t work, and you are not willing to fix it right then, throw it out! I had a broken DVD player in my house that just sat there for months. We said we would fix it and just never got around to it. Eventually, I decided I was tired of it taking up space and we finally get rid of it! How many old books, kitchen utensils, toys, or tools do you have that are broken or not functionable? Get them out of your hair! No need to store something that honestly has no use!

#4 How Much Space Does It Take Up?

When taking into consideration how much you use an item, it is SO important to think about how much space it takes up! If you only use it a few times a year and it takes up 1/4 of your garage, is it worth keeping? Ask yourself that about all your shoes, DVDs, old newspapers, etc. Is storing them really worth the space they are taking up? Somethings will be worth it and that is 100% okay, but trust me when I tell you, you will feel a totally different feeling in your home when there is less STUFF lying around. Get rid of the things that are taking up the most amount of space because space is precious!

#5 Would I Notice If This Were Gone? 

I often convince myself how much I need something, but after, never remember that I even have it! If I were to just throw away half of the things in my home, would I even notice? Ask yourself this question as you are going through each room in your home,”Would I even notice if this were missing?” If the answer is no, time to get rid of it!


Going off that last question, I have a special challenge for each of you! Get a box and fill it with things that either 1) you don’t use too often 2) you have other products that can do the same thing 3) it doesn’t work 4) it takes up quite a bit of space or 5) you don’t know if you would notice if it were missing. Once the box is full, tape it up and put it in your garage/attic/basement (somewhere out of sight) Write the date on the outside of the box and nothing else. If during that year you remember something that is in the box and you need it, go out and grab it out but one year from the start date, throw the box away. Do not even open it to see what was inside! If you didn’t think about it in a year, you obviously don’t need it too much! Commit with me and get started! This is a fun way to declutter!

My advice is to take these 5 questions and just start! My biggest problem is that I get a personal attachment to things! I will think, “oh no, I can’t get rid of this, it was a gift” or “this was my son’s favorite toy, we can never get rid of it” but sometimes, we just have to remember that we should collect memories NOT things! Someday we will all pass on from this life and we will not get to take any of it with us, so there is NO sense in holding on to loads and loads of STUFF.

What other tips have helped you be able to declutter your home? Comment below!

Now, once all the decluttering is done, cleaning will be SO much easier! As promised, I have to end this series with 5 more of my favorite DIY Homemade Cleaner Recipes! 

Stainless Steel Cleaner

You’ll Need: 


DIY Simple Wall Cleaner

You’ll Need:

Natural Drain Cleaner

You’ll Need: 

Kitchen Sink Cleaner

You’ll Need:

Garbage Disposal Bombs

You’ll Need: 

Over the course of the week I have shared over 20 of my favorite DIY cleaners and I hope that you try at least one (IF NOT ALL!) of them! They are so great! To be honest, the garbage disposal bombs are one of my all time favorites! This would be an awesome thing to try to give your kitchen some new light after your done spring cleaning!

And the Winner Is…

Like I have shared all week, I am so grateful to all of you who have filled out the survey this week. I picked my favorite tips and tricks from all of you and would like to announce the winner of the $20 Amazon gift card! Randomly selected, Savannah H. is the winner! Congrats Savannah!

Her quote was:

If you got anything out of this series, remember to make your spring cleaning FUN! It doesn’t have to be such a burden. There are so many ways to involve your entire family and make some memories out of it. So good luck with your cleaning and let me know how this spring cleaning was different than years before! Happy cleaning!

Don’t forget, there is still time to win!

We want to invite you all to ACTION! We would like you to get a head start on your spring cleaning! You have ONE WEEK. The contest opened on Monday! I would like you to take a picture of your home and show me the BEFORE and AFTER of your spring cleaning. Please send the pictures in an email to hello@fabulesslyfrugal dot com and the winner will be announced NEXT Monday! You have from Monday until Sunday night to get some cleaning done and send in your photos! The winner will be awarded a $20 Amazon Gift Card as well!



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