My New Favorite Way to Save Big on Ink!

I'm so excited to tell you about this awesome way to save on ink guys!! Save up to 50% on printer ink! I feel like I'm printing stuff every other day - usually coloring pages for kids or recipes that I want to try. Of course, there are plenty of other little print jobs that happen each month too with my business, church, kids' school work, etc. It is safe to say that we use up printer ink and have to buy it regularly. I used to try to snag some at Costco whenever there is... Read this post

Fresh Ideas from the Freezer!

Ready for some quick meal ideas! Yes! Utilizing ingredients, sides, or main dishes from the freezer aisle is a smart move! Seriously, there are so many ways to put frozen foods to use for you. They make meals easier and faster to prepare and plan,... Read this post

One Way We Can Empower YOU

Wealthy|Essential Oils
We've been blessed these past 7 years to be able to work from home and create an income. After the first couple of years blogging, it was exciting to be able to hire other moms who could work from home and earn a part time income. The only bummer of it... Read this post

Take Steps Toward Financial Confidence!

We made it through the holidays and into a new year! I sure love and enjoy the holiday season. My favorite part about it is all of the time we get to spend together as a family. Second favorite would be the yummy food. ;) In an effort to lessen... Read this post

Fitness Challenge Results {Before and After}

We have seen some awesome results from the TERRAFit fitness challenge! These lovely ladies gave us permission to share their personal before and after photos. You want to take a look? Would you like to see these kinds of changes for yourself? You... Read this post