The NON-cash Budget System

This isn't a real system. In fact, it's the opposite of what we learned about from Carolee last week. And while I do plan on giving the envelope system a try, I'm going to tell you what I have done for years. I don't have a budget. GASP. I never carry cash. I charge every last cent on credit cards. GULP. *Now a warning before we proceed. THIS SYSTEM IS NOT RIGHT FOR EVERYONE! If you are a compulsive buyer or have no control once a piece of plastic hits your hand, STOP READING... Read this post
Why something I learned changed my attitude about what stays in my closet and how my small action can truly change lives

The Ripple Effect of Cleaning Out Your Closet {And the Nampa DI Grand Opening Event #DIFINDS}

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The Ripple Effect We've all heard this term... one small action effects not just one other, but several others as well. Today I'm sharing something that I've learned about recently that really just gave me warm fuzzies. It was powerful enough... Read this post