What Your Guy Really Wants for Fathers Day


Well ladies, Father’s Day is RIGHT around the corner and I am sure all of you have thought about what the ideal gift would be for your man. He does so many things to help your family and you just want to give something to him that he will ENJOY. Whether it be for your father, uncle, grandpa, or any other father figure in your life, I thought I would help you find the perfect gift for that special guy.

Since I am not a father, I don’t know what they want! So, I decided to go to my hubby and ask him what guys would want as a gift on Father’s Day. It seemed to me that he’d be the perfect one to write up a “What Men Really Want for Father’s Day” blog post.   Because ladies, Father’s Day will be here before you know it!  And why not get a nice juicy list of ideas from an actual FATHER!  Of course my husband couldn’t keep it to just 4 or 5 ideas.  He’s come up with a list of his top 10 (plus a bonus 1-B idea) because like most men, he is indecisive and struggled to give just 3-5.

Let me know what you think of his ideas on how to give the perfect gift on Father’s Day!

Wow, thanks for the warm welcome Cathy. Let’s get to the important stuff… what to get your dad, grandfather, or husband for Father’s Day. The list that I have put together here is great for men of all ages, and some of them are actually favorites of mine, and complete necessities in my book!

Let’s get started!

#10: A good book!

I love to have a good book to read on the weekends or even late at night. I’ve given a couple of great options here that are fairly easy and enjoyable reads.

The Boys in the Boat Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin OlympicsTony Dungy Book

#9: Haggar Slacks

These are lifesaving I swear, not only does my wife give me mad compliments on how my butt looks, but as a man I personally go for comfort. I love that they have that soft expandable waste, (perfect for those office lunch parties), and Haggar offers a variety of colors that go well with really anything.


#8: Golf Polo

No, I am not a fashion guru, but let’s face it, if you’re going to have the pants, then you have to have the polo and look good on the golf course!

#7: A Good Movie

I love to watch movies, while it might be in my sleep because I don’t have a lot of time they are tough to pass up on a weekend at home. Whether you like something action packed or more comedy I’ve offered up a couple of choices here.91JExEPm2OL._SL1500_

#6: Summer DUDE flip flops

Notice that I said DUDE right? What that means is no we don’t want those $1.00 flip flops that are made purely of foam and have flowers, shiny jewels, and bows on them. What we dudes are shooting for here is straight comfort and quality which means they also won’t cost you just a couple bucks. But they provide a nice mix of style, comfort and quality!These are perfect for the summer time and my favorite!

ReefReef 2Reef 3

#5: New Board Shorts

A lot of men love to spend time outside during the summer. Father’s day lines up perfect for that and this time of year the old board shorts are often torn, faded, or don’t fit. I love these ones and the bright colors as well! They are perfect for when we go to the local pool, or even go boating at the lake!

Board Shorts sfasg

#4: Tools

As the man of the house, I am often tasked with fixing all kinds of stuff, some of which I swear is a waste of time, but none the less I get those honey dues done ☺ Let me paint the picture here for you, if you are stuck doing tasks on a weekend then you might as well do them in style and with a good tool. This is one of my favorite kits/ It has so many options in it!

Tools 1


#3: Man Toy:

I guess you could interpret this as anything from a ski boat to a box of pickup sticks. Yeah both work for me, and quite frankly if any dude gets a boat for Father’s Day then I’d like their info immediately and would like to be adopted into the family. One of my favorite items that fits the category of a toy is this quadcopter w/ a camera. I’ve got to try it out a few times and after seeing it in action, I am dying to try one out myself.  Super fun!

#2: A Good Wallet:

This is no joke at all, even though it won’t have any money in it simply due to my wife (haha) I still need to be a man and have a wallet. I don’t like buying them often because they aren’t easy to break in and can make the left or right cheek hurt! I’ve discovered that if I buy a good quality one then I don’t have to replace them as often.

WalletWallet 2

#1B: Neckties:

Yeah just like most men, I’m not following the rules here Ha Ha! Or it could be that I just think the world of neckties. It’s important to look good at church, or on the job! I love when I have a good tie on, and someone asks me where I got it or who gave it to me.


#1: Sports Gear:

Just like your husband and father, I too have my favorite sports teams. Mine just happen to win a lot! I love getting a new team t-shirt, hat or jacket anytime of the year. We all know that many of us men have many different sports teams that we root for. We likely have a favorite basketball team, football team, baseball team and maybe even hockey! Regardless of what that team is, we want to represent it on the weekends and any other opportunity that we get!



So that is that, thanks for helping out, hubby! All of us ladies struggle finding the perfect gift so I hope these 10 ideas help you out. No matter what gift you get, let them know how much you care about them. The most important thing is that they know you thought about them and that they are important to you. So, get to brainstorming and try out one of our ideas! I am sure your man will love it!

Happy ALMOST Father’s Day!


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