2012 Grocery Budget Challenge {Week 4}

How are you doing with your Grocery Budget?

Did you know we have a weekly challenge going?  Lucky for you, it’s not too late to join!  Here are the details about our 2012 Grocery Budget Challenge.

It is time to share how you did last week… did you stay within budget?

I had a pretty good week this week.  Well, my husband did rather… he’s been doing the regular grocery shopping (and I do the coupon shopping).  I’ve been out of town and I haven’t been out to snag deals yet (I hear the round ups at Albertsons have been pretty good!).


Last weeks winner…

Last weeks randomly selected $20.00 Amazon gift card winner is…

Congratulations Nicole! Comment on this post to claim your prize. I will send you an email to get your shipping address!

Here is how the fabs are doing on their budget…

Cathy: Feeding a family of 9

Monthly grocery budget: $600

Spending this week:  65.93
Savings this week: $0 {just did regular supplement shopping}

January Spending:  $382.37
January Savings: $116.47

Year to date spending: $382.37
Year to date savings: $116.47

Mavis: Feeding a family of 4

Monthly grocery budget: $100

Spending this week: $12.85
Savings this week: $56.00

January Spending: $133.10
January Savings: $625.32

Year to date spending:  $133.10
Year to date savings: $625.32

Read more about Mavis’ spending in Monday’s with Mavis

Monica: Feeding a family of 4

Monthly grocery budget: $150

Spending this week: $25.81
Savings this week: $6.50

January Spending: $101.60
January Savings: $186.67

Year to date spending:  $101.60
Year to date savings: $186.67

Becky: Feeding a family of 3

Monthly grocery budget: $200

Spending this week: $58.85
Savings this week: $143.90

January Spending: $224.07
January Savings: $465.25

Year to date spending: $224.07
Year to date savings: $465.25

Amber: Feeding Family of 4

I was only planning on buying produce this week, but I had to go take advantage of the Round Up deals! Those were some FAB savings!

Monthly grocery budget: $250

Spending this week: $28.14
Savings this week: $96.21

January Spending:  $191.37
January Savings: $177.38

Year to date spending: $191.37
Year to date savings: $177.38

So are you ready to track your spending and join our challenge?

#1 – Decide on your monthly grocery budget.

#2 – Complete this form with your #’s… remember, this is you competing with YOURSELF, no one else!  Share your email if you want to enter to win our challenge giveaway… your email will be hidden, but all other answers will be public.

#3- View the results below and see what sort of goals other Fabulessly Frugal readers are setting!

#4 – Come back next week:  we’ll announce a winner from entries on this form AND we’ll give you another chance to submit your spending and saving!

This week the random winner will get a $20 Amazon gift card!


Tools to help you:

  • Here is a grocery budget tracking spreadsheet to help you keep track of your spending/saving each week. It’s nothing fancy, but it will help you track your spending so you can quickly enter in your #’s each Monday afternoon.
  • {NEW!}  We also encourage you to download our Fabulessly Frugal Budget Tool to easily set a budget, track your spending and compare your actual spending to the budget you make.

Enter your goal and spending here:

See how other Fab FruGALs or Fruguys are doing here


  • Nicole

    Wow! I am so excited to use my gift card! Thanks so much!

  • Megan

    We only get paid once a month (on the 20th) so my “month” is from the 20th to 19th. I loved the coupon round up at Alberston’s this week; it really helped me start up my stock pile. My BF loves Mexican food so I took advantage of the great deals on salsa; I’ve never had so much salsa in my pantry! Thank you for all the fabulous tips.

  • Annett


    My monthly grocery budget is $275.

    With all the planning in the world, preparing coupons and lists I seem to fail every week.
    Everytime I make it to the store – be it safeway, walgreens, fred meyer, walgreens or Target
    they are ALWAYS out.

    I actually drove out to a Super-Walmart Store 45 minutes from my house because the one closer is small and never carries the right size products…..so out to Salem I went. Out of 67 items I had planned to pick up that night….I got three. It was rather frustrating.

    I get to the stores as early as possible but they are always out. Same thing with Target this week. I got there within 10 minutes of them opening – they were out of the Iams catfood and dogfood. The shelves were picked clean.

    What am I missing????

    Thank you 🙂

  • Sarah

    Aldi is my favorite grocery store…always stay at budget ($280/month for a family of 5) or under when I do my shopping there!

  • kc ports

    I stayed way below this wk! We chose to clear out the pantry & freezer! Been eating by rotating out the food. I have a budget of $100 this wk, which I will supplement with a $25 gift card from Vons for transferring prescriptions. Will do well.

  • Katrina

    I just want to say a great big THANK YOU – for putting this budget tracker together!! I have always wanted to track my grocery spending for my family but didn’t know how to set it up. This has helped me see what is spent, what is saved and to get a realistic idea of what we spend each month. This month was over due to great sales on some of the items we use in our household that I only stock up on when they go on sale (mainly Tide). I feel that aside from those couple of items that I stocked up on during the sales, I think I did okay with my budgeting. My freezer is stocked well and so is my pantry. Such great tools to use! Thank you again – so very much!

  • Tina B

    I may be overthinking it, but now that we are at the end of the month, and we’re continuing with our weekly and monthly spending/saving reporting, I have a question or two. We are currently in week 5, although today is the last day of January. When we report next week for “spent this month to date”, that is only going to be Wednesday, February 1st through Saturday, February 4th. Is that correct? Then when we report for what we spent during the week in which we are right now, that would be Sunday, January 29th through Saturday, February 4th’s spending, no matter that it is both January and February, right? I have no problem understanding the spending and savings year to date part, at least! ^.^

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