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I'm a garden killer. It's what I do. Every year we plant. Every year things die. We've tried planting seeds, using starters indoors & transplanting, planting starters outside & using raised beds. No luck. We know how frugal (and YUMMY) growing your own fruits and veggies can be, so... We water. We fertilize. We get the best soil. And then all of our plants die. Well ALMOST all of our plants die. Last year we had tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes.... Read this post

Fabulous Coupon Tip Tuesday: How to Avoid Leaving the Store Without the Deal

Coupon Tips
Occasionally we get emails like this one below. So I thought for this weeks Coupon Tip Tuesday post we might need a little reminder. I don’t live near an Albertsons, so I have to specifically go out of my way to get to one. (Sorry, but yes, this... Read this post