When To Stock Up?

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One of the questions we repeatedly get in our inbox is, "At what price do you stock up on item X?"  Or, "What are you willing to pay for toothpaste, toilet paper, cereal, etc.?"  The truth is, there is no magic number. It depends on how brand specific you are and how big your stockpile is. Obviously, if you aren't in desperate need of an item, you can wait for a better deal before you buy. But here are just a few of the items we are asked about most frequently. For a more extensive... Read this post

Thank You Campaign Reminder

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Just a quick reminder that the Thank You Campaign is in full swing. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go HERE for all the details. A HUGE thank you to all those who have emailed us your "thank yous." We will compile them and get them delivered... Read this post

$1/1 8th Continent Soy Milk Coupon

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UPDATE: IT'S BACK! At coupons.com, there is a new coupon for 8th Continent Soy Milk.  It says redeem at Walmart, but is a manufacturer's coupon and should work anywhere.  Click here to print yours! At Walmart in Nampa, ID, this is priced at... Read this post

New Coupons to Print

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The coupons at coupons.com are starting to reset. I am starting to see some new ones pop up. In fact 2 hours ago they had some Darigold coupons that I printed and now they are gone! So go check it out and see if there are any new coupons you love!... Read this post

Reader Tip: FREE Dog Food

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Thanks fab fruGAL Mel for emailing us this tip! In Sunday's inserts there were some SUPER coupons for Mighty Dog 5.5oz can dog food. One FREE product and one that is$3/5.  I was at Walmart tonight and the price on these is $.57. Buy 5 at $.57... Read this post

Free Gameworld Gift Card

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*Again, this is a locals only deal. So if you live in another state, might I suggest you come visit the land of  potatoes to take advantage of some of the great deals we've found lately! In all fairness, I did go on a hunt for similar deals throughout... Read this post

40% off Hobby Lobby Coupon

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I could seriously spend hours in Hobby Lobby and I'm not even the crafty type!  But obviously I would NEVER pay full price for anything I buy there. That's why THIS coupon comes in handy! It's good on any regular priced item and you can use one coupon... Read this post

Insert Lists for March 28th

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Here are your insert lists for March 28th! {pdf} {webpage} {excel} as always, we thank fab fruGAL Sophie for all the work she puts in to these!  You can find all the past lists if you click on "Learn to be a fruGAL" on our menu bar, then go to "Get... Read this post

How Much Is Too Much?

Before I wrote on this blog I was kinda a reality TV junkie. Don't judge me. I really do not have much time for TV anymore. A few weeks ago I was sitting having lunch with some friends and they were raving about the new NBC show," The Marriage Ref." So... Read this post

Coupon Preview 3/28

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Look for THREE inserts in your Sunday paper..... 2 Smart Source 1 Red Plum Plus Albertsons Twice the Value Coupons aka doublers Check out the Sunday Coupon Preview to see what is coming! If you are not getting the paper, you can find some fabulous... Read this post
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