$20 Shopping Contest!

Update: We’ve had multiple requests to have this start yesterday since some of you already did your shopping.  Sorry for the oversight…we definitely want to let you be part of it!  I have fixed the post.  It still ends Sat. at midnight!

We’re having a contest to see who can make $20 go the furthest! The winner will be the person who gets the most for $20 this week, starting Sunday (yesterday) and ending Saturday night at midnight.

The final result will be measured based on the regular price of each item purchased to see whose items have the most monetary value. If we did it based on number of items, you could just go travel size crazy and make Target hate us forever!

The winner is whoever saves the most, not whoever buys the most items!

The Rules

1. These must be items purchased at a store. You can’t count the free desk your neighbors gave you instead of having to haul it to Good Will themselves as being worth $150.00…lol!

2. The tax you pay is part of the $20. After all, it is money coming out of your budget!

3. If you get Catalinas or Gift Cards for your purchases, and don’t want to use them, we will subtract them from your oop amount. You do not have to spend them this week to make them count.  So, if you end up spending $30 but have $10 in cats and/or gift cards, your final oop will be $20.

If you get something free other than cats or gift cards, like the Redbox rentals at Albies last week, or free popcorn for buying Avatar, it will be counted toward the value of your items, not subtracted from your oop total.

4. We’re not saying ALL you can spend this week is $20, that’s up to you. Just that only $20 worth of oop expenses will be counted toward the contest total.

5. Save your receipts so we can verify prices if necessary.

Here’s an example of how to calculate your savings:

Purchased: CapriSuns, 10 boxes
Regular Price: $2.99 ea
Paid oop: $1.79 (tax only)
Got 3 Free Redbox Rentals ($1.00 ea)
Total Saved: $32.90
Money left to spend: $18.21

At the end of the week, send us your photos and cost breakdowns of the items in your photo with the final savings and oop amounts.

For all that work, what do you win?

You get to take us shopping so we can learn a few tricks from you! Just kidding. You win COUPONS, of course!  And some MAJOR BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!

If you have any questions, leave a comment so we can answer it for everyone! We’re excited to see how many different ways $20 can be stretched!


  • Carrie

    What if you are paying with old register rewards, catalinas, or target gift cards? Does that count as OOP, or reduce the OOP? Thanks!

  • AJ

    To make it fair for everyone to be able to start out in the same place, we would count old ones same as cash coming out of the $20 oop limit. I know some people bought Albies cash cards during tax time, for example, and if you paid with that, it would the be same as cash. Old RRs or Target gift cards would also be counted same as cash. Thanks Carrie!

  • Stacey

    Do mail in rebates count? and if so can your oop be more than $20 before rebates?

    • AJ

      Yes! If you just show us proof you’ve sent in a rebate form (a picture of the stamped envelope would work) we’ll subtract it from the oop.

  • me and my gang

    Awesome, idea Fab Gals! Count me in! Are you guys playing?
    My friend and I did this for a month it was a fun challenge!

    • AJ

      I’m waiting to see what Albies has for us this week…but yes, I’ll play! Don’t worry, I’m not eligible to win.

  • Megan

    Bummer I did all my shopping yesterday!

  • erin

    I did all my shopping yesterday (and got some great deals), can it be a Sunday-Saturday contest? 🙂

  • Joyce

    Hi. Does the freebies count the 110 free prints from Shutterfly that ends tomorrow? I would have to count the shipping cost in the $20, right?

    • AJ

      You would have to count your shipping cost and tax as an oop expense, but as long as you purchase them within the contest frame, that will count!

  • Sally

    What about the FRED MEYER rewards so many of us are getting this week or last week? I suppose that will count as part of the original 20 bucks right?

  • Stacey

    If I spend $32 but will receive a $24 rebate, will my oop be $8? or $32?

    • AJ

      As long as the items were purchased this week, and you send a pic of your stamped envelope verifying the rebate has been submitted, your oop will be $8!

  • Christy

    Where do we send the entries to?

  • Does it have to be at one store or can it be a combination of stores?

  • erin

    can you pull items for different receipts and not use every item on the receipt?

  • myrandab

    When you say regular price, does that mean the sale price or regular retail? for instance the Old Spice bodywash at Rite Aid was on sale for $2.99, do I say that or the regular retail price?

    • AJ

      Regular retail price. In the example, the CapriSuns are valued at $2.99. At the time of the sale, they were $2.00 and then free with double coupons. But the money saved is based on the full retail price. Good question!

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