$20 Contest Photos

You asked, and here they are!  Thank you for being patient in waiting for these photos.  I’m excited to show you the rockin’ deals some of the Fab FruGals came up with!  I hope these photos inspire you…they always do me!

Asia Spent $7.45 and Saved $67.98

Melissa Spent $6.78 and Saved $85.58

Christin Spent $12.87 and Saved $112.25

Dawn Spent $18.87 and Saved $117.17

Tara Spent $18.65 and Saved $141.60

Erin Spent $19.63 and Saved $142.39

Myranda Spent $16.83 and Saved $197.62

Stacey Spent $19.99 and Saved $203.10

Megan Spent $19.05 and Saved $218.68

Jacqueline Spent $18.36 and Saved $284.08

Bev didn’t send a photo but Spent $4.23 and Saved $214.27

Thrifty Queen wasn’t able to download her photos but Spent $13.61 and Saved $152.08, plus has 2 $25 Gift Cards to use, so chalk that up as a $202.08 Savings!

Brittany didn’t send a photo but Spent $9.81 and Saved $237.73.  She said, “I’ve only been couponing for 3 weeks now!  Maybe I’m still in the obsession/stock up stage.” Way to go Brittany, I wasn’t nearly that brave when I started!

Check back in a few hours for the winner’s photo and item/coupon list!


  • Michelle Roan

    YOU GO GIRLS! That is so awesome!!!!

  • Nanell

    Thanks for posting. I love seeing other peoples pix of deals. I post mine on facebook for all my friends to see. I love to share and get and give tips to help others.

    • Michelle Roan

      I’m just a newbie to the coupon/savings stuff but I’ll tell ya….it is SUCH a great feeling when you save a ton of money! I love seeing what people can get for such low prices!!!!

  • Tasha

    It amazes me sometimes how Little $150 Will get you…I often come home telling my Hubs how much I saved, He askes me what I bought and it just doesn’t sound like much. But when I told him I only spen $10 then i feel better. Its amazing how much $ I wasted before.

  • Michelle Roan

    I need to learn from you guys! My problem is that my printer runs out of ink so fast from printing coupons 🙁

  • leah

    this is so inspiring! i love these photos, please show more coupon clippers kicking booty!

  • mjssssss

    I think of lot of your readers are hoarding items just for themselves, shame on them, in the town where I live on the front page of the newspaper they show a grown woman crying, homeless, it rains a lot here and it is shameful a grown woman can only access the place to get food, shelter, clothing only a few hours each day..if some of the people who sent you their photos of buying so much food and haba items would donate just a wee bit of their loot to the homeless our world would not have so many in dire straights…just a thought, I donate lots of time and my own shopping purchases with coupons only…too many are suffering..just a wee bit would help those in this depression the worst since 1929, it isn’t getting any better in this town or other places as wellllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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