My Top 13 Favorite At Home Educating Resourses – Homeschooling Series: Part 5

Welcome back to the LAST DAY of our Fabulessly Frugal Schooling Series! We have had a week packed full of fun, new info, personal stories, and learning opportunities. I am a little sad this series is coming to an end. I have been able to feel just how passionate you all are about educating your kids! I hope that this series has helped you feel empowered, rejuvenated, and full of new ideas.

If you have ANY ideas on other series that you would like to see from us in the future, PLEASE comment below and let us know. We want to provide content that is in high demand and plump full of things that YOU and YOUR families need. So please, comment below and let us know ANY AND ALL ideas that you have!

I am SO excited to share our last topic with you! But before we get started, if you missed any of our other posts this week, be sure to check them out!

No matter if you are homeschooling or just want your kids to learn something during the summer, these resources are for you! They are for every single mother because let’s be honest, we all have to be teachers! As much as some of us wish we could just have their teacher teach them all they need, that cannot happen. We need to teach our kids and help them grow. At the same time, I realize that as much as we all would LOVE to be the best parents and spend hours with our kids teaching them each day, we just can’t.

So, that is why I compiled 13 of my favorite resources that are MOM PROOF. They are time efficient, affordable (some are even free), and perfect for your kids.

 # 1 : ABCmouse

ABCmouse is a fun “game” software (except you don’t download ANYTHING) that allows kids from ages 2-8 to LEARN while they are PLAYING! All you have to do is log them on and let them play. They learn everything from animals names, to reading, science, history, grammar, spelling, and more! This is a total game changer in my house! I have seen how my kids have grown and to be honest, they don’t even realize they are learning! At plus, there is a parent profile so you can log on and see the progress they are making. Check out my video and blog post reveal HERE!

Check out our deals:

 # 2 : Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics is another program that is AWESOME to help kids learn to read. They follow a 4 step pattern that you probably use in your parenting without even noticing it. First they learn, practice, read, then celebrate! They follow a course that will teach anyone from the ages 3-8 and they are guaranteed to read by the end of the program! On the website they guaranteed progress in at least 30 days! If not, you get  your money back! Give it a try and you’ll love the results.

 # 3 : Educents

In my opinion, Educents is the place to go for ANY and ALL educational resourses. I am going to venture to say that this place provides the MOST discounted rates for all educational material/products. Wow, this place has it all! Whether you are looking for educational games, homeschooling curriculum, help for a child with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or any other possible item that could be used for educational purposes, you can find it here. This place has it all! Because we love you, we happened to get you a 15% code (and right now everything is 10% off so you could get 25%!) when you apply the code FABFRUGAL at check out! You have to check this site out. It is meant for all parents who want to help their children learn in any way they can.

 # 4 : Kids Discover

This place is awesome! You do not need to be a homeschool mom to use these resources! Kids Discover is a website where kids ages 4-12 can find articles, quizzes, info packets, photos, and fictional stories about history, social studies, and science! HOMESCHOOL MOMS: You can even get lesson plans here! And it is all for free!

 # 5 : All About Learning

All about learning is such a great program. It was started by a mother who has a son that was told he would never read due to dyslexia. It is made for parents that are BUSY and just need a program that can show up, they open, and the students start to learn. The thing I love about this program is that it is multiscensory. This is awesome for kids who have struggled with spelling and reading. Check out THIS checklist and it will tell you if your child is ready to begin learning to read! With this program, all you need to do is spend 20 MINUTES a day working on this and by the end, they will know how to read and spell.

 # 6 : Blogs

Okay, before you compleley just skip over this section, I spent about 20 minutes looking up educational blogs/ homeschooling blogs/ etc.  and I was completely amazed at what I found! I will share just one awesome blog that was FULL of cartoon videos describing Art History, tricks to doing math, stories to help with geography and more!! It is called Tree Valley Academy. Just get on the computer and look up whatever you are in need to find. If your daughter is struggling with sentence structure, google it! You will find a blog, with a mom, who has a daughter with the same problem!

 # 7 : Create Daily Routines Ebook/ Parent Toolkit

Now this has nothing DIRECTLY related to the kids and their learning, but it has everything related to you. You can be the best teacher, have the best lessons prepared, but if you and your kids are not in the right state of mind, no learning will get done.  There are so many self help books, training, and blogs out there, but these are just two that I found that are FREE and a huge help.

Create Daily Routines Ebook is FREE and 14 pages full of ways to help you establish a routine. For me, it is so difficult at times just to get going and this book will not just tell you how to establish one but will also let you get in the right state of mind and help you be more positive! If you can establish a routine in your home, you will be able to find the precious time that you need to help your kids learn and grow. For me, I would love to sit down and spend time helping my kids with the things they are struggling with, but a lot of the time I get busy and time just gets away from me. We can all schedule out 20 minutes a day to help our kids with their problem areas! Just think of how much their education will improve!

And Parent Toolkit is just an online data base that is also free PLUMP FULL of articles to help you with every stage of parenting. They have everything from how to prep your child for kindergarten, how to understand why your middle schooler is wanting to date, and how to best prep your teen when leaving for college. I have times where I feel so lost as to how to parent and I love the advice that this site gives. Just click on the age group of your child and you will find article after article to help you with whatever your struggling in.

 # 8 : The Ultimate Language Arts Cheat Sheet

I came across this site and I was 100% ecstatic about what I had found. My kids all struggle with remembering different parts of speech and when to use them! This bundle gives you little cheat sheets to help you always remember the MUST HAVES of grammar! It is so visually appealing that your kids will be so excited when they see it. Not only does it help with parts of speech, but it also goes into sentence structure, essay structure, and common terms that we all need to know! I would recommend this to 4th grade and older! Even in high school/college you’ll need to remember these things!

 # 9 : BrainQuest

My kids love these games! There cards are awesome and will get your kids thinking. There are different decks for different ages and they will keep your kids entertained forever. The deck is full of questions that your child will quickly need to answer. This can be played with siblings or with you leading it! Whatever works! If you’ve never tried this game, you need to! It’s the greatest. The best part is that they are getting asked educational questions! So, while they think they are just playing a game, they are actually learning.

 # 10 : Leapfrog

Since all kids love technology in today’s day and age, I wanted to find some more technology based ways to help your kids learn. I came across this leapfrog tablet and as I read all the reviews done, I came to the knowledge that Leapfrog did a survey and gave Kindergarten teachers all over the States a tablet and asked them if it would be beneficial for pre K – second grade students.. and 98% said yes! So, why not? These are great! There are games available for just about every hobby, gender, age, and personality. They can learn things like math, reading, spelling, and geography!

 # 11 : Cartoons

Cartoons can honestly play a huge part in learning new things! Have you ever thought about teaching your child another language just by letting them watch developmental cartoons in that language! Check out this pin about how to teach your kids Spanish just by letting them watch different Spanish cartoons! Studies haves shown that immersion and exposure like this will help your youngsters pick languages right up! And let’s be honest, they will watch TV anyway, so might as well have them be learning while they do it.

 # 12 : Printables

Printables are SUCH a good option for summer break, homeschool lessons, and even car rides! You can find millions of FREE printables online about any subject at all. Just type into pinterest whatever you are searching for and you will find plenty of info.

Here are a few of my favorite printables:

1000+ Printables from This Reading Mama

200+ Free Printables for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Just get on the internet and find ones that are specific to what you need. You can laminate them so you can use them over and over again! You can even hold on to them and use them with other kids! There are so many options for learning when it comes to printables! Take advantage of how cheap they are and how much they can teach your kids.


 # 13 : Pre Kinders

Pre Kinders is a learning curriculum that is entirely free and all online. You can get on to find lessons, printables, and activities to do in your homeschool class, for fun with your kids, or even to help out a struggling child. All of her items are separated into subject. A few of those are literacy, math, science, art, music, and more! Like I said, everything is free! You can check it out, find what you like and what you don’t like, and then apply it to your child’s study plan!


What are your thoughts? Do you use any of these resources? Or do you have others that you swear by? Comment below, we would love to add your input to the post!

Now, these are just a few of the many products out there! But at the end of the day, the thing that your child needs the most of is your time and encouragement. All of these resourses are just add ons to the love and support that you give them! This week throughout the series I was able to see how many of you mothers and fathers are just working your tails off to provide the best education for your kids. GO PARENTS! Keep it up!

Before we go, I just wanted to highlight a few of those awesome parents and share some of the amazing tips they shared with me:

  • After sharing with me her hard long journey of starting homeschool she said, “It’s not how you start, its how you finish.” – Angela V.
  • “First off, homeschooling IS NOT for everyone. I have many friends who were homeschooled and loved it, but I also know of others who hated it. A lot depends on the child/children, the family, the atmosphere of the home, and the direction in which the schooling is pursued. Secondly, and I cannot emphasize this enough, there MUST be a balance between school and other activities. Get involved in a sports team, pursue a craft or other hobby, engage in 4-H, AWANA, or other similar groups, do SOMETHING that gets the child(ren) interacting with someone other than family members, and especially with peers. Make sure they are spending time and building relationships with people their own age. It is critical.” – Anna H.
  • “Another benefit of homeschooling that you can find studies online about, is test scores. Homeschoolers have a track record of higher scores. Colleges are becoming more aware of this too. Parents need to keep this in mind when considering to homeschool” – Zoë B.
  • “I think it all just boils down to owning their education, no matter what. Don’t settle, and each kid, family and parent are different. Tend to that.” Erin D.

Thanks everyone for your input! I wish I could have shared every single response I got because they were all AMAZING.

I have absolutely loved this homeschooling series! If you have missed any of the days, be sure to go back and check them out. Thank you so much for your input, your advice, your love, and your support during this. I have loved doing this series because I had to educate myself and learn more about possible educational opportunities out there.

Be sure that if you have an idea on a new series, comment below and let me know what you want to see! Happy schooling!

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