100 Magic Sponge Erasers Just $5.89!!


Get 100 pieces of Magic Sponge Eraser for only $6.66!

Woot!  I got my package of 100 Sponge Erasers! Yay! These work great! And they are so inexpensive I don’t mind my kids using them! A year’s worth of Magic Sponge Erasers for about $7 is a Fab  Stock Up Deal! 100Pcs/lot ERASER CLEANER MAGIC MELAMINE SPONGE CLEANING for only $6.66  That is only $0.07 each!!  If you don’t want to get 100, you can still get a fab deal on 50 or 10!

 Magic Erasers Art Project

People always ask what we use these Eraser Sponges for and if they really work, so I thought I would tell you the top 10 ways my family uses these:

1. Clean up “Misplaced Artwork” created by our kids on walls and more! As one of the adorable “Little Fabs” displayed so well this weekend, you never know when your little artist will feel inspired!  It is a lot easier to keep our cool when these things happens when we know it can be easily cleaned up with these Sponge Erasers! Often it can even be cleaned up by the little artist themselves!

2. Remove  dirt, grass stains and other things that I just don’t care to investigate from shoes. I can’t tell you how many expensive pairs have been saved with just about 10 minutes with these!

3.  Clean the inside of the microwave! So no matter how many times I teach my kids to cover the soups, chili, and other things we warm in the microwave, it seems like every day it is just so gross!  Cleaning it up used to be the worst job in my family!  Now it is so easy my kids do it.  They know they have 3 choices, cover it, wipe it off immediately, or clean it with the Eraser Sponge later.

4. Get the outdoor furniture and toys ready for spring! Our Swings, Slides, and Plastic Patio Chairs really get ugly over the winter.  These Sponge Erasers quickly and easily make them clean and shiny and ready to provide many hours of family fun!

5. Clean walls, outlets, doors and more! I get so many fingerprints, smudges, and just dirt on my walls, doors, and outlets!  I’m amazed at how easily and quickly these Eraser Sponges remove these!

6. Clean stained and cooked-on pots and pans. One of my favorite pots is a big stock pot that I use for soups, stews, and to making huge amounts of pasta for my big family.  I love that pot! My husband took it with us one year camping. My favorite silver pot became an ugly black pot and I thought it was going to be like that forever! I tried every cleaner and scrubbed it but nothing worked!  Then I decided to try the eraser sponge.   These Eraser Sponges have given me my beautiful silver pot back!

Eraser Sponge Saves My Pot

7. Clean out the inside of  plastic food containers. These little Eraser Sponges remove stains from tomato sauces and other food that never seems to come off!

8. Cleaning out coolers,and thermoses. Our family does a lot of camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities and these little Eraser Sponges are so great to help us easily keep our coolers, thermoses and other gear looking good and staying clean!

9. Clean your grill. Our grill is used very often and we are blessed to have a Traeger Smoker Grill!  I love it but boy does it get dirty!  It is so embarrassing to have friends and family over for BBQ’s and have a dirty, stained grill!  These Eraser Sponges easily glean smoke, grease, and other stains from the inside, outside, and grates of the grill!

10. Clean the tub, shower, and toilet. These Eraser Sponges are just magic when it comes to removing hard water, mildew, and other stains from tubs, showers and toilets!






Eraser Sponges

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  • Jen

    Magic Eraser works AMAZINGLY on soap scum! A few years ago I was hospitalized, and even when I came home, I was very weak. I wanted to take a shower, but noticed that no one had been keeping up with the cleaning, so there was soap scum all over the bottom of the shower; it looked nasty. I didn’t think it would do much good, but I grabbed a Magic Eraser that was in there, and just very LIGHTLY wiped across the bottom of the shower; it came off like I was wiping up water! (Or, should I say, it came off like MAGIC!) I was in love from then on. THANK YOU for the notice of this deal!

  • Cheryl H

    I purchased these “magic erasers” a year ago. They were horrible. I would never buy them again. The product feel apart as soon as you started using it. I would recommend not purchasing these but stay with the authentic magic eraser.

    • Becky

      I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with the magic erasers!! I’ve been using them for a long time now, and haven’t ever experienced that!! But I bought like 300 of them, so I’ve still got a ton! I hope you had a bad batch, and their quality hasn’t downgraded that much!! 🙁 This makes me sad!

  • Shellie

    I just got my 100 magic erasers in the mail. They are horrible. They start falling apart when you add the water and only last a few minutes.

    • Seriously?! That stinks! Send them back!! I bet they switched suppliers. Until we figure out what’s going on, we won’t be promoting these anymore… Thanks for letting us know!!

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