10 Tips For Cleaning Your House Faster {Spring Cleaning Series Pt. 3}

Speed clean your house with these easy cleaning tips

Hello everyone! We are now on DAY 3 of our Spring Cleaning series and I am loving it so far. How about you? If you’ve missed out on anything check out our Fabulessly Frugaler’s Spring Cleaning Checklist from Day 1 AND tips on How to Get your Family Involved in Spring Cleaning on our Day 2 post! I have loved focusing on Spring Cleaning this week because it is something that is a necessity in my house. According to our survey, 75% of our readers do a spring cleaning! Because of that, today I wanted to give you a few of my favorite tips on how to SPEED CLEAN your home. I know that most of you are always crunched for time, and as much as we would like to just spend days organizing and cleaning, we just don’t have that kind of time. My theory is that if you do a good spring cleaning, you can do a quick speed cleaning the rest of the year! And, you can apply all of these tips not only to your weekly cleanings, but also on your spring cleaning schedules! Trust me, they will all come in handy!

Here are 10 of my FAVORITE tips on how to SPEED CLEAN your house:

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1. Have an Established System and Routine.

Do a little cleaning, but do it regularly. The consistency keeps the house from getting too trashed in the first place, so it shaves a lot of time off your cleaning routine. Schedule the time to do it! In the case of your yearly spring cleaning, schedule a good amount of time, deep clean, and then take care of it! Because you spent the time cleaning, you should be able to do quick weekly clean ups and your house should stay in tip-top shape! Recommended cleaning pattern from the pros: Start each room to the left of the doorway, at the top, and moving clockwise and down. Finish each area before you move on, you don’t want to waste time going back and forth between areas.

2. Move Quickly

…and don’t let yourself get distracted. Stay off your phone or whatever might take your attention away from the task at hand. (My phone can be a huge distraction for me!) Set a timer for each area and go, go, go! You can probably get your whole house clean in an hour or less if you keep yourself moving. Make every moment count!

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3. Load and Start

…the washing machine and the dishwasher, then clean other areas while they run. Get those dirty dishes out of sight! I don’t know about you, but I am sure grateful for machines that can do the work for me. As soon as you hear the buzzer go off, change the load and go back to work!

4. Let Cleaning Products Do Work for You

Spray it on and let it sit while you clean the other surfaces in the area. When you come back to it, the mess will be easier and faster to wipe clean. Another way to put this idea to work is to pour toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet before you go to bed at night, then just brush and flush in the morning. It works for you, while you sleep!

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5. Remove Clutter

It’s one of the best things you can do to make your house look cleaner. Grab a laundry basket and start putting any out-of-place items and clutter in there. Then find a nice, tucked-away home for those items. Keep the surfaces as clear of stuff as you can – tables, desks, kitchen counters, whatever. The emptier the kitchen counter, the better it looks.

6. Focus on the Big Picture

If you do a good job during your spring cleaning going behind the furniture and reaching those hard to get to areas, your cleaning will go by SO much faster for the next few months! On your weekly cleanings you can skip cleaning behind the furniture and any other places that people cannot see, along with the little stuff and details. You can just vacuum  the high traffic areas where dirt may be visible. It is like you’re spot cleaning the floor and more!

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7. Disposable Cleaning Wipes

Keep containers of disposable cleaning wipes around the house, like under sinks, for quick cleaning jobs. ($0.03 per wipe is decent, but I like to stock up at $0.02 or less per wipe.) Quickly wiping up a mess soon after it happens is usually easier and faster than trying to clean it up later. It also makes it easy to routinely wipe down the surfaces in that area.

8. Get Smart with Storage

Store all of your usual cleaning products and tools together so they are easy to find. I like to keep my regular cleaning products in a caddy with a handle, so I can just grab and go. You could use a cleaning tote, caddy, bucket, or whatever you want to call it! By doing this, you aren’t wasting time trying to gather up your stuff. Consider creating one for each level of the house, if that makes it more convenient for you.

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9. Simplify

Simplify your cleaning products. Just stick to the most effective, multi-purpose cleaners. You should be able to fit everything you need into your storage caddy, or whatever container you use. 😉 Be sure to check out our favorite DIY cleaner recipes.

This is my favorite Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

10. Use a vacuum for all floor surfaces

Skip the broom! Along with that, it is helpful to get a 50-foot extension cord for your vacuum, so you can just cruise through each space without having to move the plug around to different outlets as much.

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Bonus tip:

Don’t let kids into your house. 😉 But if you must…get them to do vacuuming and other simple chores that will be helpful while you work on other cleaning tasks. My young kids think vacuuming is fun and they actually do a pretty good job. They are also easily motivated, so it works out great!

Spring cleaning can be quite the job, I know! But, just make it fun! Have your kids help out where they can. You could even assign them to clean up the outside while you are cleaning inside! It really is just a matter of getting started. Once you get going, you will love the feeling of your clean house and will finally be able to get rid of the winter grunge in your home! I love this advice from our reader Savannah H:

Spring cleaning can be FUN! Just enjoy it and make some memories with your family. Once you are done, your family will feel new life and be ready to take on the sunshine! And trust me, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine even more as it shines through your CLEAN, STREAK FREE windows!

Ways to Win Big this Week

Just to remind you! We have two different ways that you can win a prize this week! First off, head on over to our survey to share with us your favorite spring cleaning tip! If I quote you in the series, you will be entered to get a $20 Amazon Gift Card. I will announce the winner on Friday!

And the second one, we want to invite you all to ACTION! We would like you to get a start on your spring cleaning! You have ONE WEEK. The contest opens today! I would like you to take a picture of your home and show me the BEFORE and AFTER of your spring cleaning. Please send the pictures in an email to hello@fabulesslyfrugal dot com and the winner will be announced NEXT Monday! You have from today until Sunday night to get some cleaning done and send in your photos! The winner will be awarded a $20 Amazon Gift Card as well!  

Coming Tomorrow:

Get ready for tricks on how to DECLUTTER YOUR HOME! I know that Spring Cleaning is a necessity, but sometimes cleaning just isn’t enough. Time to declutter and make your space in your home! Come back tomorrow to read all my tricks on how to live in a clutter-free home!


10 easy tips for speed cleaning your home. There are some good ones that really make a difference!

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  • Thanks for the tips! I think #9 (simplify) is especially important. I can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten bogged down just looking for the right cleaner and lugging multiple bottles around. Not only will switching to powerful multi-surface cleaners save you time… they also save space!

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