$1.00 off Smucker’s Sugar Free Spreads

Print this coupon now… before it’s too late! $1.00 off Smuckers Sugar Free or Low Sugar Spreads.  Yumalicious!

I spotted this under zip codes 90210 & 83719.


  • Susan

    What zip? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Colleen

    I can’t find it either????? the link doesn’t take you to it… and the coupons on that link do not have it…

  • Kris

    Help Mavis!! I don’t see it!

  • mavis

    Try Zip code 90210 or 83719 under “Food.”

  • Dena

    87713 works too

  • I tried all three suggested zip codes and my own. No luck.

  • kim

    So what is the trick. Why can some find this and some can’t. I’ve tried the three zip codes you all mentioned and another 20 random ones and can’t find it anywhere! Bummed because we use the sugar free jelly often but rarely find a coupon for it.

  • Yeah I’ve been trying random zips for 15 min with no luck. Maybe it’s out already!!?? 🙁 bummer. My kids eat jelly like crazy.

  • Missy

    I can’t find it either, but Coupons.com seems to have SLIM pickin’s this month.
    Only 8 pages. What’s up with that!?

  • Sheri

    I’m curious, why do they only have certain coupons in certain zip codes? If it’s something you can get everywhere, I don’t get why not just put it on every one.

    • It is their way of targeting certain areas in their marketing. 🙂 Sometimes you will find that your area does not even carry an item if you get a coupon from different zip codes, but many times they do.

    • Susan

      Sheri, it’s all marketing. Companies will make coupons available in areas where they want to increase sales. Some coupons at coupons dot com are available everywhere — if you leave the zip code blank and many coupons will show up.

      On a somewhat related topic, here’s a little tip for couponing newbies. When I see coupons for items I’ve never heard of listed under a zip code that is not near me, I disregard them. But if I see a coupon for an item I’ve never heard of listed under a local zip code, there’s a good chance that it is new, at least new to my area, and a promotion to go along with it will come along very soon.

      Not saying that I’m familiar with every product out there and can always spot new products — I’m not and I can’t. But I’ve seen this lots of times. For example, that Oscilliscums (however the heck it’s spelled or pronounced) kids cold medicine that many of us made money on last winter. Saw the coupon, never heard of the stuff, but sure enough, along came ads for this “new product” with RR’s and +UP’s.

  • Susan

    Okay ladies, I couldn’t find it when linking to coupons dot com from this blog post, but I did find when I went directly to coupons dot com in a new fresh browser. It defaulted to my Boise-area zip, and there it was.

    It’s weird, but not completely unheard of . I’ve seen this happen before where a coupon will be available if you go to coupons dot com directly where it will not appear if you get there via an affiliate link.

    The sad news is that the limit appears to be one per computer. But I’ll take what I can get because we love this stuff and these coupons are pretty rare.

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