Zaycon Foods: Farm Fresh Peaches and Ground Beef

August 3, 2011 20 Comments | Disclosure

Zaycon Food is Coming AGAIN!

Today 8/03 at 6:00 pm MST, Zaycon will begin taking orders for farm fresh peaches and super lean fresh 93/7 fine ground beef!

  • Their ground beef is fresh, flavorful, 93/7 super lean fine ground beef is only $2.79 / lb for a 40 lb case. This is a FAB deal for this lean of meat and it is wonderful.
  • Their FRESH Peaches are 79 cents per lb for 48 lbs (2 cases of 24 lbs each).

Here are the Locations for this event: 

(new areas in red):

Here’s How to Take Advantage of these prices:

  • Registeron the Zaycon site.
  • Place your order for any/all of the fruit or Beef.
  • Don’t wait because once they are gone they are gone and they sell out quickly.
  • Make sure you will be in town to pick up the order on your cities delivery date.  Deliveries will begin Aug. 19
  • If you can’t pick up your order, consider finding a friend to pick your order up for you.



  1. To bad we do not get deals like this near Houston, TX. If you ever hear of any please let me know!

  2. can anyone tell me how the ground beef is packaged? is it in chubs or one big 40-pound lump?

  3. Jennifer Caldwell says:

    Does anyone know if this is feed lot grainfed, or grassfed? Thanks!

  4. From the Frugal’s experience, what does extra/super ground beef usually run? I saw ground beef today at Ridley’s (not lean) for $1.99/lb and I usually buy lean ground beef (although I REALLY prefer extra lean!) for around $2.49/lb. Know this is a good deal, but just don’t know if it’s a good deal for me, ya know!? Thanks for your help!

    • Oh, and has this beef ever been frozen, or does it come frozen? Hoping not. Know their chicken isn’t, but couldn’t find anything on the site about the burger. hmmmm….

    • Normally, for 93/7, it’s about $3 per lb that we consider a good deal :) Considering how much the price of beef has gone up, I’m LOVING this price!

      • Hooray! Thank you sooo much! I talked to my cousin who says he gets lean hamburger at Jensen’s in Rupert, Idaho for $1.89/lb, and that’s the regular price!! I don’t know if she’s bought it in a while, but after I heard that, I was sort of regretting my Zaycon order! :( But I have high hopes again, and am excited to try it!!

  5. I just went to the Zaycon site to pre-look, and it seems they are having a delivery of peaches and berries this Friday to the Puyallup area (among others). Not sure how I missed this one when it came out??? Bummed.

    Anyone know if they sometimes carry extra on those trucks that they might sell on site? :) (hoping, hoping, hoping…)

    • i KNOW! i’m in monroe and i didn’t hear about the peaches and berries either. soooo bummed! not sure if i got dropped off their email list or what… :(

      anyway — i’m having trouble finding where this event is listed on their site. still navigating, but not having any luck so far. anyone have any suggestions?

    • Simpleton says:

      I asked one time at pick up when I wanted 1 more if they had any extras and they said they might have 2 packages but I would have to wait until the end to see if it was picked up, which I did. They even called the people who did not pick up and I did get the extra one I wanted, so ask when you pick up..

      • Simpleton- thanks for the info.
        Heidi- it took me a while to find it too. It’s mixed in with all of the berry events when you click the log in button on the left side bar.

    • You can also call them and get on a waiting list… if they know people in a certain area are looking for leftovers, they’ll be more likely to put them on that truck :)

  6. I thought the event was sold out to for Lynnwood – so I had my techy son find it – he scrolled down past the older events. Got the peaches and Ground beef – very excited!

  7. Is anyone else having problems? The Zaycon website said that the sale was “currently closed” for Boise.

    • I wondered the same thing. Make sure you scroll down past the “old” blueberry/peach/cherry event to the “new” ground beef/peach event.

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