Zaycon Foods Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.49/lb: More Chicken Added in ALL Areas!

October 1, 2011 26 Comments | Disclosure

They heard you loud and clear. You want more chicken! They sold out quickly in many areas, so they’ve secured MORE chicken! If you were on a wait list-you get chicken now! If you couldn’t get the site to load-you can get chicken now! Yipee!

You can start place orders for their upcoming chicken events NOW!  If you have yet to register, now’s the time. REGISTER HERE. Hurry though as we suspect they will again sell out quickly!

Why We Zaycon Foods:

  • The chicken is SUPER FRESH and tastes SUPER FAB.
  • The ordering process is easy (1 box is 40 pounds of chicken. Watch video to see how we easily bag it)
  • The pick up process is streamlined and slick
  • We love saving money on chicken
  • It’s nice to have a freezer full of chicken that lasts me 6+ months.
  • They’ve got a rockin referral program ($1 Zaycon foods credit for each person you refer)

So if you live in any of the continental states, now is the time to stock up on your chicken!

  • Register NOW at Zaycon Foods.
  • Watch your inbox for an email to let you know exactly when and where Zaycon will be in your town.
  • Place your order!
  • A few weeks later you’ll be able to pick up your chicken and store it just like we show you in the video!

Is Zaycon Foods Coming to Your Town?


  1. Have they released dates for either Idaho locations or Nevada locations yet? I know it will be in October, but I’m planning a trip so I’d like to know the dates.

  2. Im so excited about this deal :)..I just bought package at Winco for 2.28 per lb..

  3. The website is not working. So disappointing.

  4. Just ordered my chicken!!! Can’t wait til the 15th of next month to pick it up! Thanks ladies for letting us know of this great deal. I had never heard of this before!!

  5. Not to sound completely dumb 😉 but is this the only ordering day for specific locations or for all locations?

  6. Slow is not the word for it and when I registered the other day they sent a confirmation. I know what my password is and it says it invalid. And they would send me a new one have been waiting now for over 15 minutes more than likely I will miss out on the deal this time around :(

  7. Aaaaghhh! Have been trying to order chicken for the past half hour and the website keeps crashing!!! I’m afraid I’m going to miss out this time around.

  8. I can not even get there home page to load… shame i have been planning to order 3 boxes, any thoughts on weather Wal-mart would price match?

    • Keep trying! They have plenty of chicken and I suspect they won’t sell out tonight. But I doubt their inventory will last until the Oct. 1st cut off date!

  9. Does anyone know if they’re staggering the sale of the chicken for the rest of the country? I have family members in other states who are wanting to order but no dates have been released for them yet and their website specifically says they will be doing this for ALL 48 states.

  10. Ahhh! Have been attempting to order since 5pm……their site must be bombarded!


  12. Ashley Swigart says:

    You can send someone but they need the conformation number … you can just forward the email they send you and have the person picking it up print it or have it on there phone.

  13. Keep trying everyone. The site is still running slow this morning. I did get chicken ordered and it looks like all the time slots for Boise still have chicken.

  14. I am in Utah. I tried to order today but it doesn’t look like it is available to order in my area yet??

  15. I’m wondering about packaging the chicken.  I watched the video on how to package it, and I’m wondering if I need to do that as soon as I get the chicken from Zaycon.  If I have someone pick up the chicken for me in the morning, and I get it from them after work in the evening, would that still work to package and freeze the chicken?  If so, should the friend store my chicken in the fridge?  I don’t think it would be good to freeze it and then thaw it enough to trim and package, and then re-freeze.  How important it is to take care of the chicken as soon as it gets picked up?  I can take time off work if I need to. 

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Esther! Let me try to give u a visual…..the chicken is going to come in a big shipping-like box lined with plastic. Inside will be four 10lb packages of beautiful and tasty chicken. When I got my first box, I was a lil overwhelmed bc I hate the sight of just raw meat like that. So I pulled my big girl panties up and worked it out just like they do in the video. Since I was the only home at the time I only worked on half of the box and refrigeraterated the rest until the next day. It was fine and we enjoyed our chicken! This time I order two boxes and am enlisiting hubby to help :)

    • It will be fine to wait until evening as long as your friend puts it in the refrigerator. Or if it’s too big, put it in a cooler full of ice.

  16. Cicely Lundberg says:

    Working great for us ordering today.  Just wondering how often to the sales come along?  I ordered one box, perhaps I should order another…..

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