Zaycon Food Delivering Chicken Nationwide!

August 26, 2011 18 Comments | Disclosure

Zaycon Foods has expanded Nationwide!

No doubt you have heard us talk about how fresh, yummy and CHEAP Zaycon chicken. Yes as low as $1.45/lb!  Not only do they offer a stock up price on Chicken they also bring us bacon, lean ground beef, cherries, peaches, apples and more. Grown fresh and delivered to your home town. We are so excited that all of our readers will now be able to take advantage of the Fab deals offered by Zaycon!  {Insert Happy Dance!}

Here are the states they will be delivering to:

Check HERE to see the cities they will be delivering to!

Also you will want to make sure to register on their site so you will receive notifications when they are coming to your area!

You don’t want to miss these prices…




  1. I can’t find anywhere on the website how much it is? Do you know?

  2. Kristen Trappett says:

    YEAH!!! I moved to Ohio from Idaho and was so sad they didn’t come here, can’t wait, hope they are coming to my city!!!

  3. Connie O'Malley says:

    Once you are registered it will show what the prices are.

  4. I’m just curious-Has anyone out there bought the chicken, beef or bacon? On a scale of 1-10 how does it compare. Price, Taste, Quality and Value. Is it really as good as it appears? Thanks for your comments!

  5. Kealey Bird says:

    It is delicious

  6. I have purchased everything and absolutely love it all. I highly recommend it. 10 10 10

  7. I think the chicken and the beef are much tastier than what you buy in the stores, and the prices are awesome. I’m not as sold on the bacon, but I’ll buy hamburger next time they come to town. Filled up my deep freeze with chicken last month :-)

  8. Does anyone know how often the deals come around? We are getting bacon right now, so when will it be available again?

  9. I just received an e-mail from Zaycon letting me know that an “event” is coming to WA. The price for chicken is $1.89/lb. I just recently got some chicken for $1.88 at Albertsons, but didn’t get a ton of it, thinking that the next time Zacon had an event, I’d probably be able to get it for around $1.50 or $1.60 per pound. Do you think that this is the new good price for chicken? or is it likely that Zaycon will have another event with a lower price per pound?

  10. First time Zaycon buyer here in Boise ID area, and I certainly would do it again to stock up the freezer. Trimmings were even gone over to make stir fry strips, chunks for meals, some ground with my KitchenAid attachment, and the final bits frozen for chicken stock making-day. Takes some time to process and seal in bags, but well worth the time. This deal was for 1.69/lb.

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