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May 4, 2011 15 Comments | Disclosure

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Zaycon Foods is coming back to Boise with Beef! The last time they were here we did not blog about the beef price because we were not sure we considered it a stock up price! Since then we have had a chance  to try the 93% lean beef and we are sure it is worth the money!

Areas for this lean ground beef event:

  • EASTERN OREGON — Hermiston, Pendleton, John Day, La Grande, Baker City, Ontario
  • EASTERN WASHINGTON — Pullman, Colfax, Spokane Valley
  • NORTHERN IDAHO — Sandpoint, Lewiston, Kamiah, Grangeville
  • BOISE IDAHO AREA— Boise, Caldwell

More Details about the Beef

A LIMITED QUANTITY of high-quality, farm fresh, Super Lean 93/7 ground Beef IS NOW AVAILABLE for $2.89 per lb.

• No chemicals, additives or water added to meat during processing

• Beef is 100% raised in USA

• Processed at a USDA-inspected, state-of-the-art plant employing strict operating protocols (including HACCP) and the highest in food-safety standards

• The plant pursues a complete monitoring program to test and verify that the meat contains no antibiotics and hormones when processed and that all USDA standards are met

• Comes factory packaged in 10-pound tubes (or chubs) encased in clear plastic sleeves and is sold in units of 40 lbs.

How Do You Get Some Beef?

  • Go here to Zaycon Foods
  • Register with Zaycon Foods
  • Order your beef
  • Pick it up or arrange for a friend to pick it up on the delivery date in your town!
  • Enjoy!

Note: Unless you have a lot of people to feed you are going to want to package up your beef and freeze it. The same way we prepared the chicken.  I used my FOODSAVER® to package up my beef. If you do not have one you can get Free Shipping online on Orders Over $100!

FoodSaver - Web Exclusive + Free Shipping

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  1. I got some last time and really liked it. FoodSaver is a must! This time Id like to make some hamburger patties to freeze but I am worried that they will be too dry when cooked because they are so lean. Any thoughts? Has anyone tried them for hamburgers?

    • I just got my order in April and I got the lean beef. It is awesome and not dry at all for the low fat content. You will love this hamburger. There is nothing like it and I recommend it to everyone. I think you could package and not worry because it is so moist and yummy!


    • We’ve done hamburgers!!! They are amazing!!

      • i just called winco and the 7% ground beef is $3.98 per pound – $3.78/lb if you buy the family size. so – GREAT deal!!! :)

        • Zaycon’s beef is antibiotic, hormone, and chemical free, I doubt Winco’s beef is. I have bought the beef and chicken from Zaycon and I am very pleased. Yeah you have to re-package it but the quality is so much better it is so worth it! The pick up is so ridiculously easy you don’t even have to get out of your car, you pull up, hand them your receipt and they load in right into your car and they are super friendly.

    • I ordered the lean beef and made the hamburger patties from here:

      They were excellent! I made 10# of the meat (one tube) into patties and stacked with a piece of freezer paper between them (wax paper is NOT the same!). They were frozen when I placed them on the grill. The patties stayed together and were moist and tasty. No need to buy patties from Costco anymore! :o)

  2. Isn’t 7% ground beef $2.89/lb at winco? Is the quality that noticeably different? I would like some but am hesitating over the upfront cost as well as the packaging need… but if it’s really better…

    • You could package in freezer bags, I just prefer the foodsaver bags. I am not sure of the current price on the beef at Winco. Anyone else been there lately? I usually buy the 20% for $1.99 or less, but after trying this beef I thought it was worth posting for the readers that prefer the lean meat. Plus I really liked it. :)

    • About a month ago, I was shopping for our freezer meals, and it was $2.89 for 15% fat hamburger at Winco…
      It’s amazing beef!!

  3. We made taco’s from this meat the first day we got it… the meat was so lean that we got less than 2 TBSP of fat from 2 LBS!! of hamburger!! So amazing and SUPER yummy!

  4. Just a few comments:
    1. Burgers made of this are fantastic! We did not miss the fat at all, and kids were asking for more!
    2. In Spokane at least, $2.89 for extra lean ( 7%) is a steal. And this is really lean.
    3. Processing is not that difficult. I just used quart size ziploc freezer bags for 2 lb portions. Flatten down like a pancake before “final” sealing and air inside bag is not a problem. PLUS, it is easier to stack in you freezer.

    I purchased my first case just a little while ago, and I am looking to buy more. I was also hesitant, but now I am a believer!

  5. This meat is really good! Even Costco is $2.89lb for 7%. Theirs is probably the best meat around here, but ZAYCON is better, hands down! Very tender, very fresh!

  6. Any idea if these are grass-fed cows?

  7. Gaylene says:

    Does anyone know how long hamburger will stay good for while frozen in freezer bags? I am trying to determine if I can eat the whole 40 pounds before it goes bad. Thanks!

  8. janette says:

    I got the beef! It is delicious!!!!

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