Zaycon: 2 Days Left to Order Peaches & Ground Beef!

August 16, 2011 13 Comments | Disclosure

Zaycon Foods is Coming AGAIN!

Tomorrow (August 17th) is the last day to get your orders in for farm fresh peaches and super lean fresh 93/7 fine ground beef!

  • Their ground beef is fresh, flavorful, 93/7 super lean fine ground beef and is only $2.79 / lb for a 40 lb case. This is a FAB deal for meat this lean!
  • Their FRESH Peaches are $.79/lb for 48 lbs (2 cases of 24 lbs each).

Here are the Locations for this event:

(new areas in red):

Here’s How to Take Advantage of these prices:

  • Register on the Zaycon site.
  • Place your order for any/all of the fruit or Beef.
  • Don’t wait because they sell out quickly.
  • Make sure you will be in town to pick up the order on your cities delivery date. Deliveries will begin August 19th.
  • If you can’t pick up your order, consider finding a friend to pick your order up for you.


  1. All this ground beef will go great with the Hamburger Helper everybody just bought at Albies :)

  2. Does anyone know how often they come around in Boise. I can’t get the beef this time but will be on the lookout next time.

    • Britta McNish says:

      They seem to come about once every month or 1 1/2 months. We got the ground beef in about May in Boise. We still have A LOT and it doesn’t leave ANY grease to spoon out! VERY pleased with it! (And the chicken too!) The blueberries were huge! And I waited from Tuesday (when it was picked up) to Saturday to sort it out and I seriously found TWO that were molding. There were about 5 gallon bags worth! They have AWESOME quality! 😀

  3. How does the ground beef come packaged? In one 40lb block or in smaller amounts? Thanks ladies!

  4. How are the peaches from there? Ordered some and am very nervous about the quality & price. Totally want to get the ground beef too, but it is soooooo much money to spend in one chunk.

    • Maria-

      We got peaches this last round from Zaycon and it was the first time I was ever disappointed with an item from them. I’m not sure what happened, but Zaycon was great about taking care of the situation. They really are a great company. I ordered the peaches with the intent of canning them, and am really sad that I wasn’t able to. Unfortunately when we got them, the peaches were frozen from the truck. Even after sitting in my home for over 24 hours( we keep our house about 76-78 degrees), many of the peaches were still between 35-40 degrees. They also were supposed to be freestone but were not. Although most of the peaches were still rock hard and not ripe (which was fine), many of them were bruised.

      Like I said I’m not really sure what happened, but we are getting peaches this time around to try again and hope that for some reason the ones we got last time were just a fluke.

      I’m not sure if this round of peaches is coming from the same orchard or not, so it is hard to say anything about whether these will be the same type, but they are supposed to be freestone as well. We will see!

      • Thanks for the feedback Sophie. I had heard similar comments about the last round only after I ordered for this round. I too have been really impressed with their deliveries in the past -chicken and the bacon. We wanted to can these peaches as well. I really hope they are freestone as it makes canning much easier. So, what did you end up doing with them?

        • We ate the ones that we could, but ended up tossing most of them, which KILLED me to do. By the time the they were ripe enough to use, most of them were rotten or really bruised in multiple spots on the peaches. It was really weird because they went from rock hard with some soft spots to this “ripe” stage in 2 days! It wasn’t like we left them out for weeks!! My mom suggested making jam, but it wasn’t even worth it to do that when I started prepping them all. I was really sad :(

          Hopefully these ones this round are great though!

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