Winco: Guaranteed Lowest Thanksgiving Food and Turkey Prices!

November 15, 2011 33 Comments | Disclosure

If you’re worried about where to go to find the best prices on all of your Thanksgiving fixins’, Winco is the place to shop this year. They are running two main promos:

Beat the Competition price matching!

From 11/10/2011 through Thanksgiving 2011 Winco will not only match, they will BEAT all grocery chain store advertised food prices on a list of select items:
The fine print is very simple:  It must be a grocery chain, it must be in the trade area.  Prices will be reduced in accordance with state law.  Products must be the same brand and/or quality.  WinCo Foods in-store brands will be used to match competitors’ in-store brands. Since we will be beating stores in each area, prices will vary as always.

Turkey Price Promo

Winco is guaranteeing they will beat all grocery chain advertised food prices on U.S.D.A. Grade A Frozen turkeys with $50 dollar purchase, limit 1 (cost of turkey may count towards the $50 qualifier).

They do not have a set discount because they’re actually going to be constantly checking advertised prices and beating them at manager’s discretion. Also, they’ll be going to area competitors constantly and checking their turkey prices. If they have a lower price, Winco will then lower theirs even more (at manager’s discretion). What it comes down to is that from now until Thanksgiving, they should have the lowest priced turkeys with $50 purchase (limit 1).

Well I know where I’m headed for all of my Thanksgiving shopping this year! Stay tuned for this week’s Winco match-ups later this morning!

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  1. Will they also beat the “spend XX amount and get turkey for free” deals like the one currently at Freddy’s?

  2. Would LOVE to see match-ups for this!!!! Been super busy and would love to save the time searching for them…

  3. Safeway has excellent prices on turkey lower than Winco’s .50 cent per pound, plus great service, warm stores, clean stores, excellent produce section and fresh bakery, just get there early they sell out of their good bakery products because they are yummee..they have sales all the way up to and including turkey day, can’t be beat I say, always $5.00 off of $30.00 and $15.00 off of $75.00 and $25.00 off of $100.00 coupons in their ads..happy turkey day to all, most people have to work now, just another work day for many people, good day to shop for groceries early, Safeway will have lots of prepared food from which to select and probably some frozen meals kind to people who have to work, they like to have some time to their families but cannot a job is important to them!!!!!!!!!!!just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I wish we had Safeway stores here in the Boise valley, but we don’t. Winco is a great store tho.

    • The reason that Safeway offers $ off coupons is because their prices are exorbitantly high to begin with. If you don’t use the coupons, you’re getting ripped off.

      The other day I stopped in at the local Safeway because I was right next door to where I was and I just needed a few things. One of the items that I was looking for was a 64-ounce bottle of Langer’s Cranberry Juice. At WinCo the price is $1.99, at Safeway it’s $3.99! Similarly, tomatoes at WinCo were $0.99/pound, at Safeway they were $1.99/pound. After seeing the prices, I left without buying anything and drove down to WinCo. Like most stores, Safeway’s advertised sale prices are usually pretty good. Where they get you is on the items that aren’t on sale. Even their Club Card prices are usually at best only equal to WinCo’s normal prices.

      And, for what it’s worth, WinCo also has “great service, warm stores, clean stores, excellent produce section and fresh bakery.” You sound an awful lot like a Safeway commercial…do you work there?

      • Chas,

        I totally agree with you. Safeway regular prices are way too high. Don’t buy there unless the item is on sale. Our Winco is good except the produce department. The manager of the produce department in Roseville, CA should be fired. Often times there is rotten fruit and vegetables on the shelf with fruit flies buzzing around. In the summer when they are selling strawberries many of the packages contained moldy strawberries. Other than that the store and the prices are great. That’s why it’s always so many people shopping there.

    • Do you work for Safeway?

    • Retail Sucks says:

      Was this a commercial written by the CEO or VP of Safeway? Maybe a store manager looking for a promotion? Go wipe off your nose and get back to work!

  4. Do you know if this is for Idaho, or does it extend to other states? We’re in OR/WA.

  5. Do we have to bring in the ads to get the “we’ll beat their price” cost, or will they be adjusting their prices accordingly? (For example in Wal Mart I had to bring in the ads and even then it wasn’t always easy to get them to abide their own policy…) This is exciting!! Thanks for the news shared, bcz today is Thanksgiving grocery shopping day and I was NOT going to head to Winco until I saw this great news!! Thank you ladies!! :)

  6. Winco in Orem, UT gives a free turkey with a grocery purchase of $100 or more.

  7. I have a few leftover $1.25/3 Philly cream cheese coupons — looks like Winco will be a great place to use them!

  8. Will this turkey promo run until Thanksgiving or longer?

  9. QFC has their turkey for .39 lb. (16-24 lb.) with only a $25 purchase!

  10. I am so excited, I need to stock up on pumpkin!!!

  11. Today is the last day to get a Norbest turkey for $.29 a pound with a $25 purchase (price of turkey not included). I am planning on going there tonight and using the $10 Norbest coupon that I received months ago so the turkey should be free. On top of that, today is the last day to get a discount if you are a veteran.

  12. Oh Winco, you beautiful souls. :) My already favorite place to shop for food just made itself so much better. Prices are hard to beat there anyways, but if you find something to price match to Winco, you know you’re getting a good deal. I’m excited to go to Winco now.

  13. Turkeys at WinCo in the Portland/Vancouver area are at $0.26/pound with a $50 purchase. I read that Albertsons was at $0.27/pound w/$50, so that’s what has brought WinCo’s price down.

  14. Our Albertsons in Marysville, WA. has turkeys for $0.31/lb w/$50 but Haggen has them for $0.29/lb w/$25. Safeway is $0.59/lb w/ $50, $0.39/lb w/$100, or free w/$150

  15. I am glad to see you start to match some items on your ad to the competion. Althougt,
    Walmart will match any of your items.. I just am a very comservative shopper.

  16. Jeremy Slaughter says:

    Hey my mother and dad used to shop the Cannned food store and they would give free turkey’s away with a lot less purchase prices. In addition, they differently had the lowest and I mean lowest prices in the whole entire world. It was located in Clearfield Utah… I remember the sloan they used. “Where People Love to SAVE money… What a store we would get several carts full of thanksgiving items for far less than $50.

  17. your full of crap – no such offer in utah for norbest at .23/lb if you spend $25

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