Win an iPad!!

August 2, 2013 582 Comments | Disclosure


Back to School time is here and the Back to School Deals have been rolling out!

We have partnered with several of the great blogs helping to bring this years Back to School Deals and to offer you this amazing

“The New iPad” Giveaway ($499 Value)! makes it fun to shop online by offering you cash back on your purchases. You can sign up for Ebates now and start earning cash back on your online purchases.

Then just click on the rafflecopter below to enter this fabulous giveaway.

Giveaway ends 8/10/13 at 11:50 PM EST.  Good in the US Only!

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  1. Misty Swearingen says:

    Love it! Thank you!

  2. Mallorie says:

    I buy backpacks and electronics online for school. Recently I purchased my planner for myself for my own school and the kids items!

  3. This is so awesome – I hope I win! Good luck everyone 🙂

  4. Beverly Waters says:

    Always check ebates for online purchases.

  5. School clothes.

  6. I buy clothes online for school.

  7. What an awesome prize! I would love to win this, thank you for doing this 🙂

  8. jennifer says:

    I buy clothes and textbooks online for back to school needs.

  9. I teach, so I buy pencils online in bulk.

  10. I buy kids shoes and backpacks online

  11. I purchased my kids shoes and clothes online this year

  12. everything i possibly can. i live in a small town

  13. Lisa Dion says:

    I buy clothes online

  14. i’m totally jealous of my son, he has an ipad mini. this one would be all mine!! hahaha

  15. Shannon Martin says:

    So excited!

  16. That would be an awesome prize to win! 🙂

  17. Shannon Martin says:

    I buy clothes and shoes online!

  18. I buy back to school clothing online! My son’s school provides all the other stuff, so I don’t have to shop for that. 🙂

  19. I am so excited about this. I purchase clothing mostly, but also a few supplies

  20. I buy most of the kids school clothes online. 🙂

  21. Stephanie says:

    I don’t have kids in school yet but my husband is a teacher and he gets 2 new pairs of pants every year. We buy them at Costco so no need for online shopping yet!

  22. I haven’t bought anything on-line yet. Guess I’m behind! 🙂

  23. Kids out of house but I would love to win

  24. I am new with kids in school and looking forward to the experience of buying what I need and shopping more online.

  25. Would love to win, gonna have to check out this site you mention!

  26. Alison Sullivan says:

    I buy clothes and shoes online.

  27. Of course, I’d LOVE to win an IPAD! 🙂

  28. Kelsea R says:

    Well i don’t have to buy back to school items anymore, but i always usually bought most of my things in stores.

  29. The latest thing we’ve ordered are computer headsets with microphone for their online classes.

  30. Schoolbooks….because they are cheaper.

  31. I don’t buy many school supplies online as it’s normally cheaper if I can find the deals in the store, but I do like to shop for back to school clothes for my little girl. The deals you can find online for clothes and shoes are so amazing that they are hard to pass up! I would think that I also might shop for art supplies or backpacks and other things online as well if I knew where to find great deals!

  32. Backpacks.

  33. Omg! Awesome giveaway!

  34. Sorry! I love buying backpacks online for back to school!

  35. lisa g hansen says:

    just checked it out….looks like FUN 🙂

  36. Debbie Mititelu says:

    School clothes and supplies.

  37. Shasta Parker says:

    Wow what a great prize 🙂

  38. School clothes

  39. Rebecca F. says:

    I purchase binders online.

  40. I purchase backpacks online

  41. I buy as much of the school supplies as I can online, no lines and no hassles.

  42. Nancy Young says:

    I love shopping at Staples for back to school items and always purchase extras for those who can’t afford supplies. Our grocery story has a nice collection box for Veteran’s families who have needs also.

  43. Vickie P says:

    I buy backpacks and lunchboxes online.

  44. Marissa Lassi says:

    I usually buy textbooks online. Thanks!

  45. I’ve purchased a home school curriculum how to and a US Atlas.

  46. would love to win this 🙂

  47. We purchase clothing, backpacks, lunch-boxes and locker stuff online and the actual school supplies in a brick and mortar store. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  48. Great giveaway.

  49. Stephanie Martin says:

    I buy all my home school curriculum online, as well as clothes for the public school child. This would be an amazing addition for both school venues.

  50. Heidi J. says:

    I have started purchasing everything but groceries online after moving to a tiny town.

  51. Debbie N says:

    I could really use this! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  52. I’ve ebates when I shop. I love the amazon giftcard payment.

  53. Michelle Hill says:

    I always buy clothes online for my kids they love to sit by me and pick out what they like. They are still pretty young, as long as I can get them to do this, I will be doing it this way 🙂

  54. Megan M. says:

    I order textbooks and Basic supplies. Yay for amazon prime!

  55. Michelle says:

    My son would love this.

  56. My son is not quite in school yet, but I buy his preschool curriculum we do at home online!

  57. I actually don’t buy any school supplies online.

  58. Misty Jones says:

    I buy electronics for back to school online. And any other good deals I come across

  59. I plan to buy clothes, binders, planners, folders, pens, and all that other school supplies. This giveaway is awesome!

  60. Love deals! You give such great info! Thanks…iPad wld be great

  61. Holly J. says:

    For the past few years, I’ve purchased school clothes online….but when they got to our house this year, most of them didn’t fit right! It looks like we’ll be going into the stores this weekend to try things on. (Thank you so much for the chance to win this!)

  62. ellen beck says:

    I will buy some electronics and school clothes online!

  63. Clothes

  64. Everything. Clothes, notebooks, electronics.

  65. i don’t think i’ve bought anything online for back-to-school yet.

  66. Rachael HW says:

    I like to buy any school supplies online because that means I don’t have to be in a real line in the store. 🙂

  67. Michele P says:

    I would love to win 🙂

  68. Michele P says:

    So far I have done all my back to school shopping in store .

  69. Stephanie says:

    I buy clothes (when there are sales and FREE SHIPPING), some school supplies in bulk (pencils, binders) that are too expensive at B&M stores. I have 6 kids, so buying supplies and clothes is a HUGE deal. So I try to find the best deals before I go out and shop.

  70. Thanks for a great giveaway. 🙂

  71. Stephanie says:

    I forgot that I also buy shoes and backpacks from for school.

  72. This would be awesome to win. 🙂

  73. The only back to school item I have ever purchased online is a laptop computer. All the local stores have great sales and have everything I need, so don’t go online for back to school shopping.

  74. Water bottles.

  75. No school kids, so no need for school supplies this year (still have enough in stock from last year).

  76. I purchased a cute lady bug lunch bag for my girl on amazon! 🙂

  77. Clothes and sometimes backpacks.

  78. textbooks

  79. To date I haven’t purchased much online for school, but I may try paper products, binders, etc. later in the year. School starts Monday for us – too late for online this time!

  80. Colleen Boudreau says:

    school bag.

  81. college textbooks

  82. Elisabeth C. says:

    I always buy books online to prep for homeschooling!

  83. Ardelle Gotcher says:


  84. Melanie H. says:

    We usual buy school clothes online. What a great giveaway!

  85. We buy clothes online. Great giveaway ladies! Thank you 🙂

  86. I plan to buy curriculum! I would LOVE to buy some apps for our new IPAD!!!:)

  87. shoes!

  88. What a turn-on it would be to win an iPad…just from reading a “fabuless” blog.

  89. Melissa Pratt says:

    I buy clothes on line

  90. This would be fabulous for my entire family!

  91. Denise Silva says:

    Flash drives and electronics needed

  92. Betty Baez says:

    Clothes and shoes.

  93. I buy a lot of things online. I always make sure to check ebates before buying.

  94. Thank you for all you do! Great ideas!

  95. Angela Vance says:

    When my daughter starts school, I’m sure I will buy some of her clothes and such online.

  96. We buy all our books online.

  97. I like to take advantage of the online sales to stock up on electronics for my boyfriend and I.

  98. Clothes and printer ink.

  99. Wow, what a great offer. Thank you!

  100. i don’t purchase online 🙂

  101. Mom2BreBre says:

    I buy everything in the store.

  102. jennifer n says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  103. Charlotte A says:

    I would love to win an ipad for my kids.

  104. jennifer n says:

    Definitely would get the electronics for school

  105. I buy clothes, books and other supplies online at back to school time. Great giveaway, thanks

  106. Charlotte A says:

    I don’t shop online. I like to go to stores so I know what I’m getting.

  107. I don’t do a lot of back to school shopping online, mostly gifts and some household stuff. But I’m looking to Amazon this year to price out sandwich bags for school!

  108. Michaeline Fletcher says:

    I pads can survive taking a bath, with a little love and time. I t would be great to win on!

  109. Wow! Awesome giveaway!

  110. I buy computer paper online.

  111. I will probably buy a backpack online for my little kindergartner!

  112. I love ebates!

  113. Nikki Zenga says:

    Clothes! Old Navy has amazing deals and I always get free shipping with my BR card. Hoping to get a new iPad for school this year!!

  114. Candace B. says:

    Place to shop around here are horrendous, there are so many people, it makes it even better to buy online when you can use ebates!

  115. Jessica Lundberg says:

    School clothes and shoes!

  116. I buy school clothes online!

  117. Jessica B says:

    We bought new lunch boxes online this year.

  118. Mette Cowley says:

    I buy sheet protectors and pens online

  119. I hope I win!

  120. Serena B. says:

    I really just buy clothes and shoes online for back to school, unless I need them to try it on. Everything else I go into the stores for.

  121. Laura Pedersen says:

    I have only bought clothes online. I am new to shopping online, and look forward to buying other things.

  122. Laura Pedersen says:

    I am also new to pinterest, and not positive about my user name! It shows up as Laura at the top of the screen, and so I think that is my username.

  123. Karen Bowles says:

    I haven’t bought any school supplies yet.

  124. I shop for clothes for the kids…..Love it!

  125. Shoes and clothes

  126. diana Armendariz says:

    I buy backpacks online

  127. I buy pens, crayons, and other office/school type supplies online.

  128. Laura Pedersen says:

    Some of the pinterest boards were difficult to pick out, and some were not there at all. But I signed up as much as I could.

  129. Kristine Sandy says:

    I buy technology, books, bookings, and other things that are only online and not sold on stores! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  130. Rochelle M. says:

    Textbooks! SOOOO much cheaper online than in the college bookstores.

  131. I don’t buy anything yet because we are not school age yet! I am sure I will buy most of it online when it is that time though! Especially because of all of the deals that FabulesslyFrugal posts!

  132. kathy robinson says:

    Love ebates and would love Ipad. Thanks for chance to win.

  133. Darlene Sullins says:

    Worksheets/ work books and clothes >.<

  134. Janet Wright says:

    I bought shoes online for in store pick-up at REI on clearance. Bought backpack with free matching lunch bag at Toys R Us.

  135. I do t buy much online for school supplies. I would say a backpack would probably be one if I found a good deal & kids liked it.

  136. Sharpened pencils

  137. Name labels so they don’t lose stuff at school, and clothes

  138. Clothes…then binders.

  139. Stephanie says:

    I don’t really buy any school supplies online as there are such good deals at local stores.

  140. I buy whatever is a good sale but mostly clothes! Love Ebates!

  141. School clothes and shoes.

  142. Amber Petersen says:

    Love it I have got some great deals online this year.

  143. Jennifer C. says:

    Love the online deals!

  144. Nicole A says:

    I purchase pens, pencils and accessories online usually because the best deals can be found online if you look hard enough 🙂

  145. mary schuler says:

    I buy my girls backpacks and super cool sneakers online!

  146. Graziela says:

    Awesome, thank you!!!

  147. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I buy my books online

  148. Thomas Murphy says:

    I bought a backpack online.

  149. I buy back-to-school clothes online.

  150. Wouldn’t it be “Fabuless” to win an iPod in this contest? Love it!!!

  151. As much clothes as I can!!

  152. I wanna iPad so bad!

  153. Kelly Aubert says:

    We purchase anything electronic or printer inks online because it is so easy to compare the prices.

  154. Kara Dennis says:

    I purchase as many good deals as I can find . . . I am a teacher, so good deals on classroom supplies are a must 🙂

  155. Karie Caldwell says:

    I buy anything online if its a great deal! But office supplies are convenient to buy when they show up at your door!

  156. We purchase all our back to school clothes online because they are cheaper and have cooler styles!

  157. Sheridan Jacobsen says:

    We buy all our clothes online for back to school shopping:)

  158. susan bailey says:

    We buy electronic stuff online.

  159. Denise P says:

    I buy electronics (calculators, kindle), some clothes, and shoes online

  160. Elizabeth T. says:

    I buy most of our school supplies online. I only wish I could simply ship it to the school instead of having to haul it up there!

  161. I buy supplies, printer ink, even my books online. It’s so easy & convenient to have everything shipped to my door.

  162. what a great giveaway I REALLY hope I win Lol 🙂

  163. I Buy craft items and books, movies and music online

  164. Elaine McDowall says:

    I purchase printer ink online and any other item that is a great deal.

  165. Christy K. says:

    I have been buying clothes and items like book bags and lunch boxes online. All the little things like crayons and glue I find better deals around town and then go price match them all at Wal-Mart.

  166. I have bought border and precut letters for bulletin boards.

  167. Pretty much anything online if it’s a good deal.

  168. As a Homeschool Mom I purchase all our curriculum online and I just purchased a TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator…

  169. Ive never won anything before! Lets start now!

  170. I really need an iPad. It would help with everything I do.

  171. I buy back-to-school clothes online.

  172. Yay ipad!

  173. I like to buy electronics, such as printers and printer ink, online.

  174. I like to buy electronics, such as printers and ink,online.

  175. Kristi F says:

    We bought school clothes online, and used a coupon code from Fabulously Frugal!

  176. Kristl M says:

    I bought clothes for the kids for back to school online..

  177. We’ve bought mostly BTS clothing online this year. I have found some great deals. 🙂

  178. Just did some school clothes shopping today. It’s tax free weekend!

  179. Melanie Wy says:

    Great giveaway!

  180. Christine Harding says:

    So far the only school items i have bought online are school clothes, everything else seems to be way cheaper with in store sales.

  181. Kathi Davis says:

    anything that has a good deal

  182. I’ve wanted one for awhile now so it would be wonderful to win one! Facetime with the grandbabies, yes!

  183. Stephanie K. says:

    Today’s my birthday! An ipad would be nice!

  184. Michelle F says:

    I usually buy whatever I find a good deal on – clothes, toys, printables….

  185. a mac for my on 🙂

  186. Brittany says:

    Crossing my fingers!

  187. Love a good deal !

  188. Ebates sounds awesome! & so does an iPad! 🙂

  189. I buy clothes & shoes for back-to-school

  190. We buy will buy pretty much anything online as long as it’s a good deal!

  191. I purchase printer ink, mostly, but if its cheap I buy other supplies as well.

  192. stephanie says:

    i purchase everything online and it started years ago through ebates!!

  193. Brittany Navara says:

    I am homeschooling my son. Starting Kindergarten this year. With a nine month old baby I find it easiest to do a lot of my shopping online. Most recently our back to school purchases has been the curricula that I am using, wall charts (alphabet & numbers), wall mounting pencil sharpener, printer paper, card stock, flash drives are a few off top hand. My next purchase is a laminator. And my wish list is a new printer that is color, two sided and compatible with my iPhone and of purse an iPad.

  194. Whatever is a good deal I purchase online–clothes, backpack, etc. I also get math books online as I supplement my children’s math.

  195. Erin Sweeney says:

    An IPAD would be amazing 🙂

  196. Would love to win this!

  197. Whatever I find a good deal on. Electronics and paper so far this year

  198. I buy ink and paper for my printer on line.Would love an ipad.

  199. I have found that my laminating supplies are much less expensive online! Such a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. I buy items online if I can find them cheaper than the closest store. If a store is too far away, too much gas, makes sense to purchase online especially when you can get free shipping!!

  201. I’m going to get my school books online 🙂

  202. Great deals on clothes online. But I like to purchase the rest locally. I feel like I need to see it in person before I can decide on it.

  203. deann lagrange says:

    I compare prices and buy whatever is the better deal online.

  204. It’s my first year with a kid in school, and while I’m always comparing prices online and in store, so far I haven’t bought any online.

  205. Amanda G. says:

    The big ticket items like backpack, clothes and printer ink.

  206. Tracy Maesse says:

    I buy my text books online when I can!

  207. Would love to win!

  208. Shoes and clothes.

  209. I buy paper and ink and curriculum and misc items….

  210. Shar Holder says:

    I buy things online that I can’t find in the stores. It has to be a good deal.

  211. Kim Allan says:

    I’d love an iPad!

  212. Becca Allen says:

    I have purchased back packs, clothes and various supplies online. When I shop online I stay on budget!

  213. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    I did not buy anything online this year 🙁

  214. Michelle says:


  215. I purchase almost all the books I need online and dorm room essentials.

  216. ooooh… think of all the savings this iPad would help with!

    • but WHAT would I buy? e-books for my kiddos… they really like the “classics” like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, being a homeschooling mom I would download as many of these types of books as I could for the school year.

  217. Myron K. says:

    I would by enough pens for the year.

  218. Christina DeRose says:

    I love shopping for everything through Ebates

  219. Hannah Roy says:

    I am a first grade teacher. I don’t buy many school supplies online. I usually hit up Wal-mart. I often look at books and leveled readers online though!

  220. I purchase ink for my printer on line and any other personalized school supplies.

  221. I purchase everything online.

  222. Workbooks

  223. I purchase items that I can find cheaper there than regular stores.

  224. Courtney H. says:

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  225. Ipad please!

  226. Karen Rogers says:

    I buy or rent the kids’ books for college online!!

  227. Angela Cardoza says:

    I do must of my shopping still in stores, I look online for ideas but I love the feel of stuff in my hands. I actually get a thrill from the crowds and all “competing” for the same sales. Non school We get stuff for our computer, phones, a few clothes for special occasions – weddings etc. video games, card games etc…

  228. Hope I win 🙂

  229. I buy as much as possible online. Being a single mom with 3 kids…the less I have to buy with the kids in tow the better.

  230. We buy whatever deals we can find online.

  231. We buy our lysol wipes online!

  232. Anna in Idaho says:

    This year just a corded pencil sharpener and some piano books for her piano lessons.

  233. I enjoy the tradition of school supply shopping with my kids. So, I don’t typically buy items online for them.

  234. Allison K. says:

    I actually ordered our laptop for school online.

  235. Suzanne Alexander says:

    Clothes & shoes!

  236. Hope Wilbanks says:

    Awesome giveaway!!!!

  237. Pennie Lewis says:

    I buy almost everything for school online, from computers to clothes. I love using ebates. I have already earned over $400 since I started using them.

  238. Computer ink, lunch boxes and book bags

  239. My daughter could really use this for school!

  240. Marcia Ramirez says:

    backpack, lunchbox, and shoes

  241. Stephanie says:

    I purchase all kinds of things online, but mostly books.

  242. Anna Case says:

    Since I homeschool, I purchase all of my books and a good deal of my supplies online. My favorite purchase was my comb binding machine. With that and my laminator there isn’t anything I can’t make for kids’ schooling!

  243. Charity V says:


  244. Textbooks and clothes 🙂

  245. Purchased new shoes for my upcoming 6th grader!

  246. Anything I can get a good deal on.

  247. I am tired sharing laptop with my husband…I want my own.

  248. Michelle says:

    I buy kids clothes online when I find a great sale along with a coupon code to use and of course free shipping.

  249. Lauren Lamoureux says:

    I try and buy book bags online because i want them monogrammed!

  250. What a great giveaway!!

  251. Adriana Ancheta says:

    Clothes for the kids!

  252. Rachael Werth says:

    glue sticks…the list calls for a WHOLE bunch of them every year

  253. my high schooler would love this! (and so would I!) 🙂

  254. Everything I can find onsale!

  255. So far this year I bought my two teenage boys new shoes and clothing online for back to school.

  256. Clothes, backpacks, and electronics (if needed)! What a great giveaway, thank you 🙂

  257. My boys are grown, I don’t have to shop for school supplies. I have bought office supplies for myself online, printer ink, file cabinet/filing supplies

  258. Dry erase markers

  259. Sandra B says:

    We try to get as many of our books online that we can.

  260. back packs, clothing

  261. Lunchbox plastic containers! Would love to win the iPad! 🙂

  262. Katie Tanner says:

    As many good deals that I can spot, clothes mostly though!

  263. Christel says:

    I buy anything I can pertaining to back-to-school so I can save money.

  264. None, actually. I let school sneak up on me & had to run to the store asap. We’re already a week and a half into the school year!

  265. This would be awesome! School clothes online!

  266. Kristine says:

    We buy clothes and any other good deals we can find.

  267. Jennifer says:

    School clothes and backpacks/lunch bags are usually bought online when we find good deals.

  268. I buy back to school clothes online.

  269. Heidi Woodruff says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! (I buy books and art supplies online.)

  270. Marsha Anderson Corns says:

    thank you for the website & thank you for the giveaway!

  271. I like to purchase paper online when it comes with free rebates 🙂

  272. I bought pretty much most of the back to school stuff online this year.

  273. Shoes and books

  274. I buy school supplies to donate and buy whatever i get a great deal on.

  275. This would be awesome!

  276. I buy back to school clothes and shoes online.

  277. I usually order lunch boxes online!

  278. Jennifer H. says:

    Would love this.

  279. Natausha says:

    Mostly just clothes

  280. Cindy Bazzy says:

    My kids are grown so don’t have the need to shop for school clothes, but would have loved for this to have been a alternative while they were growing up and living overseas. However, I love to still shop online for me. Mainly for my home, and ebates is a awesome way to do it.

    Would love to win this Ipad. How great would this be. 🙂

  281. Dustin Medellin says:

    Shoes and clothes

  282. What an awesome giveaway! Perfect for back to school!

  283. I purchase shoes/clothes online!

  284. Rebecca Gullett says:


  285. Samantha R says:

    I purchase clothing and shoes online.

  286. iPad would be great for school this semester!

  287. I like to buy clothes on line!

  288. I always look for deals on copy paper! 🙂

  289. Emily Nelson says:

    I buy the kids their clothes and shoes online!

  290. I’d love an ipad!!

  291. Christine Berry says:

    Clothes and more clothes!! And shoes.

  292. I sometimes purchase back to school clothes online.

  293. Megan Reiche says:

    Comparing prices and reading consumer reviews is a big reason why I shop online for most things.

  294. I purchase anything I can online! Being able to compare prices and shop from the comfort of my own home is hard to beat! Plus, I get better deals that way!

  295. Amanda C. says:

    We have purchased all our school clothes online this year!

  296. Lisa Reavis says:

    As many clothing items as possible…occasionally basic school supplies if we can get a better price than our local retail stores.

  297. Karen Vaske says:

    I mainly buy clothes and shoes online for back to school.

  298. Stephanie says:

    I buy clothes online and electronics!

  299. Any good deals for supplies, as well as clothes.

  300. Mandy Coomes says:

    I purchase school uniforms online!

  301. Textbooks online for college

  302. All of the kids could use this!

  303. This would be great. I am starting homeschooling my oldest and this would be a great addition to our curriculum.

  304. Backpacks and lunchboxes~

  305. Kellie Trejo says:


  306. Lisa Carr says:

    Shoes & school uniforms, but the kids pick the shoes out before I place the order.

  307. lunchbox

  308. Rachel A says:

    lunchbox and backpack

  309. Hollie West says:

    I have not even started shopping yet. This iPad would be a great start.

  310. Awesome giveaway! This would be great for school shopping!

  311. Storm Buxton says:

    I would love this! The kids would be able to use it too. Lunch boxes.

  312. I don’t buy school supplies because I am done with school!

  313. I buy some clothing that is difficult to find around here.

  314. Jen Medina says:

    shoes, clothing

  315. Books!

  316. We find deals with clothes online, also we buy coupons online to save for lunches.

  317. Carrie Timme says:

    We buy the kids lunch boxes and backpacks online.

  318. Michelle Murphy says:

    We homeschool and all of our books and manipulatives come from online stores. I’ve found some great kits for science online this year too. The iPad would be a great addition to our classroom!

  319. An Ipad would be a great addition to our school supplies!

  320. Rachel Parret says:

    This would be great for our homeschool

  321. Would love one of these, my son just started kindergarten!

  322. Sarah Austin says:

    So far i bought pants for my boy online.

  323. Geraldine Kleber says:

    I would LOVE to win a new iPad!!

  324. Everything!!

  325. Backpacks and lunchboxes

  326. Beverly Tank says:

    We buy textbooks online. I would love to win this ipad as a surprise for my husband!

  327. Christopher Burrell says:

    Books and backpack.

  328. Stephanie L. says:

    I usually look for electronics online when it comes to school calculators.
    Never thought about buying the normal school supplies such as pencils, papers, and etc. online.

  329. I try to purchase as much as I can online! Taking 3 kids into the stores packed with back to school madness shopping is stressful!

  330. Caroline G. says:

    I buy my graduate school textbooks online, but that’s pretty much it. I actually like the chaos of back-to-school shopping at the store!

  331. backpack, USB’s, etc. usually just stuff sold out in stores

  332. Brittany says:

    Never thought about getting back to school stuff online! The kids love to go pick up their stuff. But I do love online shopping, I may have to switch to online school shopping next year!

  333. Backback

  334. I purchase electronics and clothing online.

  335. We bought a few workbooks and the Hooked on Phonics program.

  336. I haven’t purchases any online yet.

  337. Anna Marie says:

    I helped my niece choose dorm room supplies online this year! I would love an IPad!

  338. This would be great!

  339. Becky White says:

    I love watching ads and finding bargains for back to school. I love buying shoes and all the fun accessories!
    I love your blog!

  340. k-cups! I need the caffeine and a lot of it 🙂 I also bought adhesive stickers for sippy cups and food containers.

  341. I buy most stuff in stores but electronics/computers would be more online purchase. I hope to win this Ipad though! Would be really great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  342. Deb Grinaway says:

    This Ipad would be a perfect Christmas present for my son.

  343. Pamela W. says:

    I don’t usually purchase school supplies online. I usually pick them up at the store. I would love to win the iPad for my son, who will be starting college this month.

  344. Paula Hodson says:

    I buy most school stuff in stores but i do buy some clothes online 🙂

  345. I buy textbooks online for my college courses and school clothes for the kids!

  346. I purchase clothes.

  347. Teresa Morgan says:

    College textbooks for my daughter.

  348. This would be very useful!

  349. Would bring me to the twenty first century :o)

  350. Loring Rollo says:

    I need this for school!

  351. Jill Timms says:

    I would LOVE to win a iPad for our home. I’m naturally frugal, but I homeschool my children, and that gets expensive for our family. There are so many educational apps available on the iPad, and would like for my children to have the opportunity to own one.

  352. School clothes and all our shoes, backpacks and school supplies ( back to school kit).

  353. This would be great for work!

  354. Art and writing supplies

  355. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I’ve gotten college textbooks and some clothes so far.

  356. Pretty much everything! Shoes would be the most.

  357. Teresa S. says:

    This would be awesome!

  358. Becky Van Stavern says:

    An iPad would be wonderful for my husband’s classroom!

  359. For school!

  360. Teresa Leone says:

    Thanks for the great opportunity to win !! You guys are terrific !

  361. Back to school online shopping is the best! Just click click and then take the kids out for a fun adventure that doesn’t include a mall!

  362. College textbooks and backpacks!

  363. This is the year of trying on clothes because they are in-between sizes…so no online shopping for me 🙁

  364. Rita Riley says:

    I would love to have an iPad to help me save $$$ for my family. So many things I could use an iPad for. This would open up a whole new lifestyle for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  365. Michaele says:

    Jeans and t-shirts from the childrens place 🙂

  366. Teresa L says:

    Looking forward to reading all these “pins” on pinterest.

  367. Debbie S says:

    The things i buy most online is my college textbooks, as well as some clothes that are on sale.

  368. Uniforms for the kiddos!

  369. emily baugh says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  370. Wendy Hark says:

    I purchase shoes and clothes online for back to school.

  371. Anything I can get online cheap! especially clothing and shoes.

  372. I buy clothes, shoes, food and household supplies

  373. Have bought clothes online!

  374. Textbooks! I have saved so much money buying them online instead of in the bookstore 🙂

  375. clothes and shoes

  376. I buy most of their new school clothes online. It’s not fun taking 4 kids to the mall!

  377. I purchase some clothing on line and some of the school supplies free after rebate items that are only available online (such as the Office Max online only items yesterday). When I can get those items with free shipping, it makes it great to shop from home and save gas and time!

  378. I have 3 in college so I will be buying loads of text books, hoping some are available to download.

  379. It would be handy for traveling!

  380. Peggy Warf says:

    I would use an I-pad to help my grandchildren get ready for school.

  381. Tatyana Hulsey says:

    I buy any back to school things online when there are fantastic deals and sales! 😀

  382. I usually only buy bookbags, luchboxes and clothes online. I also buy coupons on ebay for school supplies, if that counts.

  383. No kids at home, so no BTS shopping required!

  384. I’ve never bought school supplies online. I always thought the deals would be better in store clearances. But this post has got me thinking on checking it out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  385. Jennifer says:

    I need to buy backpacks online.

  386. back to school clothes- with discount codes and free shipping!

  387. Norma Gonzales says:

    I love to buy everything online…I HATE shopping. I am privileged to buy my grandsons all the supplies on their school lists. Our back to school gifts to our little men.

  388. Karen Williams says:

    I look for the best deals for school uniforms and shoes online.

  389. I am a teacher and would love to have an ipad in my classroom.

  390. I purchase books and various teacher materials online.

  391. Kara Harris says:

    shoes and clothes

  392. Theresa Sea says:

    I’m in college and buy my textbooks online.

  393. Chrissy O. says:

    We homeschool so I will be buying most of my curriculum online. An ipad would be great for us to have!

  394. June Lisle says:

    I only ever got my books off line. Everything else I pretty much got from walmart.

  395. So Cool! Would LOVE it!

  396. I bought my son’s Star Wars backpack online.

  397. Rosemary S. says:

    It would be fun to shop for jeans/shirts/coats online. Also to get things like backpacks and other school supplies.
    Thanks for the contest!

  398. I like to purchase shirts and pants online.

  399. Shelagh P says:

    We have purchased backpacks online

  400. Debbie T says:

    I usually don’t get school supplies on the internet. But I do order many household items on line.

  401. This year I bought school uniforms at Old Navy during their uniform sale. I <3 school uniforms… makes back-to-school clothes shopping so much less stressful!

  402. Errin Arnold says:

    Great for back to school!!!!

  403. how exciting! i hope i win!

  404. Everything! My lo is starting preschool

  405. school uniforms

  406. Carol in E TN says:

    Would love to win this and give to my daughter!

  407. Madison Ayar says:

    I’d love to win this!

  408. Textbooks for my husband and PreK stuff for my son!

  409. Would love to win one of these, maybe it would reduce the fighting over our computer during homework…

  410. Much better for reading books than my phone 🙂

  411. Rebecca G says:

    My kids are not school age yet but i would probably get clothes online. I live 75+ miles away from the nearest Target or Wal-Mart.

  412. Courtney Sanphasiri says:

    I buy pens, clothes, and books online!

  413. College textbooks since I am going back to school after 10 years!

  414. I purchase nearly all our back to school clothes online! The kids much prefer to shop that way, too.

  415. Nicole Olson says:

    I love this site! I have found some awesome stuff on here. I would use it when I start my new job as a real estate agent in a few weeks. It would help me greatly with my customers on-site!

  416. Stephanie says:

    An ipad would be an incredible addition to our homelife – it would make everything easier from cooking to couponing!

  417. Kelley Perone says:

    Oh I hope I win!!!!!

  418. I buy clothing when it goes on super-sale or clearance to stock up, since kids are pretty rough on clothes!

  419. Rebekah C says:

    I buy their textbooks.

  420. Backpacks!

  421. Rosemarie E says:

    I purchase school clothes, and some classroom supplies online 🙂

  422. We buy clothes, supplies….you name it….online or at least price check! My son would love to learn and play on a new iPad

  423. Rosemarie E says:

    I’m new to Pinterest…How do I “follow” someone or a page/group?

  424. We purchase school shoes.

  425. Alysia Davis says:

    Shoes and a book bag

  426. I buy school clothes and shoes, backpacks and lunch accessories online.

  427. Samantha M. says:

    I recently purchased my text books for my upcoming college classes online. I also purchased a subscription to for the ability to print worksheets at home for my daughter who starts kindergarten at the end of the month. Once I receive her school supply list, I will be ordering her school supplies online as well.

  428. Since my daughter is in college…textbooks is what I usually buy online.

  429. Debbie W says:

    Textbooks! I’ve been buying them online since she’s been in high school.

  430. Selena G. says:

    My son will be starting school next year so ill be shopping and comparing prices on back to school clothes online but also specific items like backpacks and lunch boxes with his favorite characters, to ease the transition and get him excited. 🙂

  431. Clothing and some textbooks

  432. April Adkins says:

    All sorts of school supplies and backpacks.

  433. Homeschool books!

  434. Great for school….for any of my girls. Plus I love ebates for online ordering!

  435. I have bought water bottles, text books, home school curriculum, dorm stuff

  436. Linda H. says:

    No more back to school shopping for me, the kids are all grown and out of the house! I do however, start shopping for Christmas gifts with back to school sales both online and in brick and mortar stores!

  437. Clothes!

  438. Heather R. says:


  439. This would be awesome! I could write and write and write all day!

  440. Samantha Landay says:


  441. I absolutely cannot have enough filler paper and Ticonderoga pencils on hand! I don’t know where they disappear to!

  442. to buy bookpacks

  443. backpacks

  444. Clothes – my boys hate going to the store!

  445. Lisa Newitt says:

    Haven’t bought anything online yet 😛

  446. Backpacks!

  447. I’ve already bought a backpack online and will probably do the same for clothes and shoes. I like to get paper and others here in town as the sales are often so good at this time of the year.

  448. Jennifer Whipple says:

    I want this so bad!!!!!!!

  449. I have bought mostly clothes, but also books for college for my son and a laptop. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  450. Jill Collins says:

    I buy school books online. I can usually get the best prices online!

  451. Backpacks are what I buy and shoes!

  452. I buy mostly scrap booking items

  453. Ashley Barnes says:

    We sooo want to buy an Ipad but have to pay off student loans first. This would be aWeSoMe!! School supplies…we need to buy a backpack for our little girlie’s first day of school!

  454. Elizabeth says:

    I buy clothes, shoes and gym bags!

  455. notebooks, pens and pencils

  456. Heather F says:

    Oohh my 14year old would love this for his birthday!

  457. Cindy Morris says:

    Online purchases include backpacks and clothes

  458. We buy come clothing.

  459. This would be really helpful for my first semester as a student studying for my Master’s degree. My grandmother actually told me about Ebates, I love the deals! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  460. Backpacks, crayons, and the occasional vintage lunch box.

  461. Heather L says:

    I buy uniforms and back to school shoes for my three kids online

  462. Jan Thorne says:

    I buy things such as binders and pens, as well as other miscellaneous items.

  463. Mitchell Rowan, Sr. says:


  464. Tia Jackson says:

    I hardly ever make any online purchases !

  465. Backpacks, shoes, and some clothes!!

  466. I buy crafting supplies.

  467. Breann Piccini says:

    I buy backpacks, shoes and some clothing online! Makes it easy and there are always great deals!!

  468. I homeschool so I buy all curriculum online. I have everything, but don’t really want to open the boxes, yet!! Not ready for summer to be over!

  469. No kids in school yet, but back to school clothes.

  470. Wendi Lopez says:

    A new iPad would help my kids with school.

  471. sarah o. says:

    anything that is electronic that is needed for school we purchase online.

  472. Andrea Caster says:

    Office supplies and clothes (usually from Old Navy).

  473. We purchase clothing.

  474. I would love to win this iPad!

  475. i bought backpacks

  476. I get pretty much anything that is a great deal for the kids from clothes, shoes, books and electronics. My children are home-schooled so no backpacks are needed however still fun. 🙂

  477. bridget p says:

    My middle schooler could really use this!

  478. Angela K says:

    Just bought a few hats online.

  479. Pens

  480. CherylANV says:

    Gah! I haven’t even started my school supply shopping yet!!!

  481. Teresa Shultz says:

    I always look online for deals and prices before going to the stores! I found a great deal on for lunch containers for my daughter.

  482. I buy clothes online for back to school!

  483. Uniforms

  484. We just ordered a zipper binder. My kids love them and it helps with the problem of loosing papers. Unfortunately, stores carry very few, and they are already cleaned out! Never fear, Amason is here!

  485. Jennifer J says:

    We are mostly done!

  486. I always order most of my sons school uniforms online.

  487. I buy my son’s uniform tops online – other than that, I want to see stuff!!

  488. Chris Ann says:

    Laptop, gift cards to stock away and toiletries on

  489. I buy shoes and clothes for back to school on line. Am always looking online for other great deals though. Thanks.

  490. Kati Turnboo says:

    We buy a lot of markers online!

  491. I don’t buy much online for back to school (maybe an outfit or two)… but once the kiddo’s are gone all day I start my Christmas shopping online!!!

  492. Janiel H. says:

    Whatever I can find cheaper online than in our small selection of stores!

  493. We buy most of our children’s clothing online.

  494. Shalon Bellmore says:

    I buy shoes

  495. Donna Schepers says:

    I buy clothes and backpacks online.

  496. Krishele Jensen says:

    I have a lot of things to buy for school. I have a child in college, two in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary. We would love to have an Ipad to help the kids with their school work but it has not been something we have been able to afford. This would be wonderful!

  497. Michelle says:

    I could SO use one of these as I start my new business.

  498. Laree @ Ever Heard Of Euless says:

    I bought school clothes this year on threadup

  499. shoes

  500. Amanda Tuscany says:

    I try to do most of my shopping online when it comes to school shopping! I bought paper, pencils, pens, erasers, glue, binder, even got some GREAT deals on clothes! No backpack though, just reusing the one my oldest already had 🙂

  501. tiffleeann says:

    I would love to have this for my daughter to help prepare her for school!

  502. I have to buy a backpack, shoes, and clothes.

  503. teri anderson says:

    Laptops And Anythjng Else We Need!

  504. I buy backpacks and shoes online, as well as books for for literature class.

  505. Deborah bobo says:

    I’m a school librarian, so I am always looking for weird things on-line. This year I need a few magnetic poetry sets, some magnetic letters, scrabble and boggle games, and, of course, I am always looking for good deals on tissues, Clorox wipes, markers, and pencils. I am a title 1 school and my students arrive with very few supplies. As the librarian, I usually have to provide my own!

  506. Michelle says:


  507. Stephanie Zoller says:

    I purchase most of my college textbooks online!

  508. Clothing…always

  509. Clothes for our fast growing, 6 ft, 170 lb, soon to be 16 year old son!

  510. What a great giveaway!!

  511. Rhonda Jensen says:

    I buy shoes online! My son’s size is always sold out by the time we get to the store. There is more to choose from online.

  512. I buy mostly clothes.

  513. I buy clothes on-line. Last year I bought 2 very nice backpacks and we are reusing them this year 🙂

  514. Clothes! We have uniforms, so there’s NO need to drag my kid through the stores!

  515. We have our first kindergartener this year! So exciting!! So far we have bought clothes, so we still need school supplies!

  516. Clothes. And this year I bought a waffle iron since that is the number one requested meal for breakfast before school. 😉

  517. This would be great to use with my kindergarteners in my classroom!!!

  518. I have bought construction paper for my classroom!

  519. I love back to school! I buy markers, crayons, pencils, glue, binders, clothes and shoes!

  520. I buy my daughter clothes on the Web.

  521. I use online shopping to buy things that hard to find in the store, like health food and certain toys for my daughter.

  522. I buy binders, bins, and school shoes online for school.

  523. We buy shoes & clothes online

  524. purchased jeans for my daughter at…only 8.50 pair!

  525. We purchase clothes online for back 2 School 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  526. Backpacks on clearance at the end of the previous school year!

  527. I purchase backpacks and school clothes online.

  528. Backpacks

  529. I bought clothing.

  530. Would love to have an IPad!

  531. Shoes and backpacks!

  532. never bought school supplies online but will definitely compare prices this year

  533. Nicole Crow says:

    This iPad would help me in my classroom sooo much! My school can’t afford them so it’s up to teachers to bring in their own technology. I hope I win!!!

  534. Pauline Scurlock says:

    I have never bought school supplies online.

  535. Annetta Graybill says:

    I have never purchased school supplies online before.

  536. Backpacks and clothes!

  537. Haven’t really bought anything but workbooks online!

  538. Mia Marie says:

    I’m a returning college student, and I buy most of my textbooks online, as well as many of my supplies. I will liekly be buying a new PC online this year, as well.

  539. Mia Marie says:

    I’m a returning college student, and I buy most of my textbooks online, as well as many of my supplies. I will likely be buying a new PC online this year, as well.

  540. Caroline Kania says:

    Backpack and lunch bag !!

  541. Tashara Milligan says:

    School clothes and shoes are what we buy online. We catch lots of great deals!

  542. Jessica @Bkeepsushonest says:


  543. Thanks for the contest. Been following your page for a while and you always post great deals~

  544. School clothes! I love Children’s Place deals!

  545. I buy school supplies, pens pencils paper etc

  546. Definitely clothing!

  547. I buy everything from diapers to all my books for college and anything else school related.

  548. I got shoes, clothes, and a few supplies online this year!

  549. Would love this

  550. Clothes and backpacks.

  551. Shoes and cloths

  552. Melanie Cooper says:

    Backpack and clothes!

  553. Clothes and backpacks

  554. Great giveaway!!! Would love to win! I love Ebates and getting rewarded for buying clothes, books, school supplies, crafts and more

  555. I am a teacher, so I purchase many different types of materials for my classroom and students on line. Some items are hard to find in town! Thanks!

  556. Amy Cates says:

    Clothes and shoes

  557. We buy books.

  558. Maranda Allen says:

    We homeschool, so I buy all of our curriculum online 🙂

  559. Textbooks

  560. Clothes and notebooks.

  561. Ginny Edwards says:

    We buy more clothes online than anything else for back to school!

  562. melanie k says:

    everything on my kids list from their teachers

  563. Dalila Moreno says:

    So neat

  564. Jaclyn Monak says:

    No school age kids yet, but my husband takes classes online, so we’ve bought his laptop and books, as well as a few things like highlighters and pens.

  565. School Clothes

  566. I look for backpacks online.

  567. Tina Mayo says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed, Thanks for the chance!!

  568. back to school clothes

  569. Backpacks, clothes are my online buys….. Tomorrows my birthday and it would be a great ipad gift!!

  570. I purchase clothes and college textbooks. Looking up the ISBN at the bookstore and then buying it used or paperback online saves so much! College is valuable but expensive!

  571. Jennifer K says:

    I buy uniforms and backpacks online – usually the easiest and best deals for me.

  572. clothes!

  573. Natalie S says:

    Backpacks and shoes 🙂

  574. Backpacks are what we buy online each year.

  575. I hope I win!

  576. Sandi Maylett says:


  577. backpacks

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