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August 2, 2013 582 Comments


Back to School time is here and the Back to School Deals have been rolling out!

We have partnered with several of the great blogs helping to bring this years Back to School Deals and to offer you this amazing

“The New iPad” Giveaway ($499 Value)! makes it fun to shop online by offering you cash back on your purchases. You can sign up for Ebates now and start earning cash back on your online purchases.

Then just click on the rafflecopter below to enter this fabulous giveaway.

Giveaway ends 8/10/13 at 11:50 PM EST.  Good in the US Only!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. backpacks

  2. Sandi Maylett says:


  3. I hope I win!

  4. Backpacks are what we buy online each year.

  5. Natalie S says:

    Backpacks and shoes :)

  6. clothes!

  7. Jennifer K says:

    I buy uniforms and backpacks online – usually the easiest and best deals for me.

  8. I purchase clothes and college textbooks. Looking up the ISBN at the bookstore and then buying it used or paperback online saves so much! College is valuable but expensive!

  9. Backpacks, clothes are my online buys….. Tomorrows my birthday and it would be a great ipad gift!!

  10. back to school clothes

  11. Tina Mayo says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed, Thanks for the chance!!

  12. I look for backpacks online.

  13. School Clothes

  14. Jaclyn Monak says:

    No school age kids yet, but my husband takes classes online, so we’ve bought his laptop and books, as well as a few things like highlighters and pens.

  15. Dalila Moreno says:

    So neat

  16. melanie k says:

    everything on my kids list from their teachers

  17. Ginny Edwards says:

    We buy more clothes online than anything else for back to school!

  18. Clothes and notebooks.

  19. Textbooks

  20. Maranda Allen says:

    We homeschool, so I buy all of our curriculum online :)

  21. We buy books.

  22. Amy Cates says:

    Clothes and shoes

  23. I am a teacher, so I purchase many different types of materials for my classroom and students on line. Some items are hard to find in town! Thanks!

  24. Great giveaway!!! Would love to win! I love Ebates and getting rewarded for buying clothes, books, school supplies, crafts and more

  25. Clothes and backpacks

  26. Melanie Cooper says:

    Backpack and clothes!

  27. Shoes and cloths

  28. Clothes and backpacks.

  29. Would love this

  30. I got shoes, clothes, and a few supplies online this year!

  31. I buy everything from diapers to all my books for college and anything else school related.

  32. Definitely clothing!

  33. I buy school supplies, pens pencils paper etc

  34. School clothes! I love Children’s Place deals!

  35. Thanks for the contest. Been following your page for a while and you always post great deals~

  36. Jessica @Bkeepsushonest says:


  37. Tashara Milligan says:

    School clothes and shoes are what we buy online. We catch lots of great deals!

  38. Caroline Kania says:

    Backpack and lunch bag !!

  39. Mia Marie says:

    I’m a returning college student, and I buy most of my textbooks online, as well as many of my supplies. I will likely be buying a new PC online this year, as well.

  40. Mia Marie says:

    I’m a returning college student, and I buy most of my textbooks online, as well as many of my supplies. I will liekly be buying a new PC online this year, as well.

  41. Haven’t really bought anything but workbooks online!

  42. Backpacks and clothes!

  43. Annetta Graybill says:

    I have never purchased school supplies online before.

  44. Pauline Scurlock says:

    I have never bought school supplies online.

  45. Nicole Crow says:

    This iPad would help me in my classroom sooo much! My school can’t afford them so it’s up to teachers to bring in their own technology. I hope I win!!!

  46. never bought school supplies online but will definitely compare prices this year

  47. Shoes and backpacks!

  48. Would love to have an IPad!

  49. I bought clothing.

  50. Backpacks

  51. I purchase backpacks and school clothes online.

  52. Backpacks on clearance at the end of the previous school year!

  53. We purchase clothes online for back 2 School :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  54. purchased jeans for my daughter at…only 8.50 pair!

  55. We buy shoes & clothes online

  56. I buy binders, bins, and school shoes online for school.

  57. I use online shopping to buy things that hard to find in the store, like health food and certain toys for my daughter.

  58. I buy my daughter clothes on the Web.

  59. I love back to school! I buy markers, crayons, pencils, glue, binders, clothes and shoes!

  60. I have bought construction paper for my classroom!

  61. This would be great to use with my kindergarteners in my classroom!!!

  62. Clothes. And this year I bought a waffle iron since that is the number one requested meal for breakfast before school. ;)

  63. We have our first kindergartener this year! So exciting!! So far we have bought clothes, so we still need school supplies!

  64. Clothes! We have uniforms, so there’s NO need to drag my kid through the stores!

  65. I buy clothes on-line. Last year I bought 2 very nice backpacks and we are reusing them this year :)

  66. I buy mostly clothes.

  67. Rhonda Jensen says:

    I buy shoes online! My son’s size is always sold out by the time we get to the store. There is more to choose from online.

  68. What a great giveaway!!

  69. Clothes for our fast growing, 6 ft, 170 lb, soon to be 16 year old son!

  70. Clothing…always

  71. Stephanie Zoller says:

    I purchase most of my college textbooks online!

  72. Michelle says:


  73. Deborah bobo says:

    I’m a school librarian, so I am always looking for weird things on-line. This year I need a few magnetic poetry sets, some magnetic letters, scrabble and boggle games, and, of course, I am always looking for good deals on tissues, Clorox wipes, markers, and pencils. I am a title 1 school and my students arrive with very few supplies. As the librarian, I usually have to provide my own!

  74. I buy backpacks and shoes online, as well as books for for literature class.

  75. teri anderson says:

    Laptops And Anythjng Else We Need!

  76. I have to buy a backpack, shoes, and clothes.

  77. tiffleeann says:

    I would love to have this for my daughter to help prepare her for school!

  78. Amanda Tuscany says:

    I try to do most of my shopping online when it comes to school shopping! I bought paper, pencils, pens, erasers, glue, binder, even got some GREAT deals on clothes! No backpack though, just reusing the one my oldest already had :)

  79. shoes

  80. Laree @ Ever Heard Of Euless says:

    I bought school clothes this year on threadup

  81. Michelle says:

    I could SO use one of these as I start my new business.

  82. Krishele Jensen says:

    I have a lot of things to buy for school. I have a child in college, two in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary. We would love to have an Ipad to help the kids with their school work but it has not been something we have been able to afford. This would be wonderful!

  83. Shalon Bellmore says:

    I buy shoes

  84. Donna Schepers says:

    I buy clothes and backpacks online.

  85. We buy most of our children’s clothing online.

  86. Janiel H. says:

    Whatever I can find cheaper online than in our small selection of stores!

  87. I don’t buy much online for back to school (maybe an outfit or two)… but once the kiddo’s are gone all day I start my Christmas shopping online!!!

  88. Kati Turnboo says:

    We buy a lot of markers online!

  89. I buy shoes and clothes for back to school on line. Am always looking online for other great deals though. Thanks.

  90. Chris Ann says:

    Laptop, gift cards to stock away and toiletries on

  91. I buy my son’s uniform tops online – other than that, I want to see stuff!!

  92. I always order most of my sons school uniforms online.

  93. Jennifer J says:

    We are mostly done!

  94. We just ordered a zipper binder. My kids love them and it helps with the problem of loosing papers. Unfortunately, stores carry very few, and they are already cleaned out! Never fear, Amason is here!

  95. Uniforms

  96. I buy clothes online for back to school!

  97. Teresa Shultz says:

    I always look online for deals and prices before going to the stores! I found a great deal on for lunch containers for my daughter.

  98. CherylANV says:

    Gah! I haven’t even started my school supply shopping yet!!!

  99. Pens

  100. Angela K says:

    Just bought a few hats online.

  101. bridget p says:

    My middle schooler could really use this!

  102. I get pretty much anything that is a great deal for the kids from clothes, shoes, books and electronics. My children are home-schooled so no backpacks are needed however still fun. :)

  103. i bought backpacks

  104. I would love to win this iPad!

  105. We purchase clothing.

  106. Andrea Caster says:

    Office supplies and clothes (usually from Old Navy).

  107. sarah o. says:

    anything that is electronic that is needed for school we purchase online.

  108. Wendi Lopez says:

    A new iPad would help my kids with school.

  109. No kids in school yet, but back to school clothes.

  110. I homeschool so I buy all curriculum online. I have everything, but don’t really want to open the boxes, yet!! Not ready for summer to be over!

  111. Breann Piccini says:

    I buy backpacks, shoes and some clothing online! Makes it easy and there are always great deals!!

  112. I buy crafting supplies.

  113. Backpacks, shoes, and some clothes!!

  114. Tia Jackson says:

    I hardly ever make any online purchases !

  115. Mitchell Rowan, Sr. says:


  116. Jan Thorne says:

    I buy things such as binders and pens, as well as other miscellaneous items.

  117. Heather L says:

    I buy uniforms and back to school shoes for my three kids online

  118. Backpacks, crayons, and the occasional vintage lunch box.

  119. This would be really helpful for my first semester as a student studying for my Master’s degree. My grandmother actually told me about Ebates, I love the deals! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  120. We buy come clothing.

  121. Cindy Morris says:

    Online purchases include backpacks and clothes

  122. Heather F says:

    Oohh my 14year old would love this for his birthday!

  123. notebooks, pens and pencils

  124. Elizabeth says:

    I buy clothes, shoes and gym bags!

  125. Ashley Barnes says:

    We sooo want to buy an Ipad but have to pay off student loans first. This would be aWeSoMe!! School supplies…we need to buy a backpack for our little girlie’s first day of school!

  126. I buy mostly scrap booking items

  127. Backpacks are what I buy and shoes!

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