Webkinz Under $8.50 each!

Webkinz Lamb

This little Webkinz Lamb is adorable, and only $5.74

  • No matter what you like to do in Webkinz World, the lamb will be happy to come along and play.
  • At the end of a busy day, be sure to visit the W Shop and get some Leafy Splurge Lasagna for your little lamb!
  • Special Item: Little Lamb Bed
  • Special Food: Leafy Splurge Lasagna


Webkinz Rabbit

This cute Webkinz Rabbit  is only $6.29!

Both of these would make great addition to Easter Baskets!

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Webkinz Velvety Elephant $8.50
Webkinz Polar Bear $5.35
Webkinz Turtle $7.02
Webkinz Persian Cat$5.99
Webkinz Shark $8.54
Webkinz Pinto $6.39
Webkinz Hedgehog $6.91
Webkinz 8.5″ Webkinz Husky $7.50
Webkinz Clydesdale $6.69
Webkinz Pug $6.59
Webkinz Siamese Cat $5.69
Webkinz Bulldog $5.30

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