Walmart Deals As Of 9/17/12 {CHEAP Farm Rich Snacks, Truvia, Jell-O, Herbal Essences, Pantene, Halls Drops and MORE!}

September 17, 2012 19 Comments | Disclosure

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Because Walmart IS the generic/mass/superstore, the brown star on this match-up represents items on sale or (Rollback). These items are priced lower then the everyday price.

No star- Means ok price, pick it up if you’re there and you need it.
★ -Means item is currently on Rollback (sale). Grab a few, but wait for a better deal to stock up.
 – Means awesome price! Stock up, buy only what you know you and your family will use :)

Please read…

Thank you reader Rae for the heads up on this notice that was posted at every register in the Nampa ID 12th Ave/Greenhurst Walmart store. This is not the case in all stores but it soon could be if we all don’t do our part to protect couponing!


Attention Valued Coupon Customers:

Effective immediately we will no longer honor any internet coupons printed in black and white or photo copied. To comply with the manufacturer’s rules regarding our redemption of these coupons, they will need to be printed in color with the distinguishing marks. For example, coupons printed at will have a green dot on the borders. This will be required for us to accept these coupons going forward. We will not accept any of these coupons NOT printed in color or photo copied.

Thank you for your understanding and continued loyalty. I appreciate every one of you. If you need further clarification, please ask.

The Manager


*Soap Box Alert*


I was a little shocked to see this sign at my store. But then again… I wasn’t. During the last round up week, a Walmart cashier told me that she had just had a woman come to her check out with THREE shopping carts full of items and a stack of more than 100 fraudulent and photo copied coupons! When the cashier realized they were fake, the woman quickly left the store and they were not able to find her. I talked with another cashier today who said this change is due to the increasing amount of fraud and misuse of coupons.

This makes me sad :(

I have been couponing as a lifestyle for several years now. Over those years I’ve watched the coupon values get smaller, the limits set lower, the rules made stricter and hot deals harder to come by. Some weeks I entirely give up because the shelves remain empty the entire week. I am sure many of you feel the same way. This is frustrating for all of us. What I am really wanting to say is, those of you who are knowingly bending the rules, clearing shelves, photo copying, using fraudulent coupons and being dishonest, PLEASE reconsider your actions and how they will effect everyone else. Integrity is not worth sacrificing for a couple of dollars.

Let’s all do our part and give couponers a good name! :)

Now on to the deals!




  1. Walmart should have had a better coupon policy all along. I’ve seen couponers going crazy there getting carts of deals too good to be true or legitimate, if they have a huge stack of internet coupons for the same product that may be a tip off that they are copied! appreciate storecracking down on coupon fraud and doing limits so that everyone can get in on the good deals, not just the greedy and extremists. how frustrating it is to do your research, have your deal planned out and coupons cut to go find empty shelves and then hear from the cashiers that it was one or two who wiped out the entire stock. how many people will waste their gas to go find the empty shelves, and the store just need to learn how to set your rules and limits to keep it fair for all.

    • I could use, rather you could use, the term “extreme couponer” when descibing me. However, being that I have a Large family and a Large garage and being that I make my purchase decisions based off needs and storage capacity (consideration given to use and expiration dates) well, this doesnt mean that when I go to buy 100 rolls of paper towels with coupons and get them for free that you should look down on me and say I am wasteful, hoarder or whatever else you might assume. Really you should look up to me becuase instead of using government hand outs I am using my skills, time and knowledge to feed my family of 7 all for around $300.00 per month, toiletries, sundries and the such included. Just a thought 😉 P.s. yes, I try not to clear the shelves, but the stores don’t help when they don’t stock well enough for the great deals.

  2. just wanted to let you know at walmart they marked down the big herbal esscene for 4.97 with the coupon you get both for that triple the shampoo and cointioner

  3. Helen in Meridian says:

    Walmart Meridian has their house brand of real butter for $1.77 a lb.

  4. Helen in Meridian says:

    I used yesterday’s C&H 2# sugar coupon doubled to get brown sugar and confectioners sugar for $.68 after doubler for two lbs.

  5. Another change that’s happening:
    Walmart on 12th and Greenhurst in Nampa used to double all coupons- unlimited after spending $25. Now after Saturday they won’t be doing this anymore! I am so bummed! Does anyone know of another Walmart that will double unlimited?

    • what is the new policy after sunday? I’m trying to stay on top of all the new policies, thanks for your help

      • Yes, the 12th Ave. Walmart has a sign posted saying they will honor the Kmart double deal EXACTLY as Kmart does it: spend $25, then they will allow you to double up to 5 coupons. I have no problem with this policy since it is a much truer ad match than the unlimited doubles. I never understood why they did that in the first place, since I believe it contributed to SO much of the shelf-clearing we’ve seen and heard about lately, even in this post alone…

  6. I live in Skagit County WA. I NEVER see empty shelves, at Fred Meyer or Wal Mart. I do see empty shelves at Rite Aid but I’m not sure that is from couponers. I don’t know anyone that coupons (except my BFF in TN, who got me started). Maybe once in a few months will I see someone couponing. There are no stores that double coupons either.

    • I’m in Bellingham and shelves are never cleared at Fred Meyer and rarely at the Rite Aid that I shop at. I’m not a huge fan of Walmart, although I’m heading there tonight. Hoping not to run into the black/white coupon issue. That’s is what the majority of my coupons are as my printer only does black/white.

  7. I agree that Walmart has needed a better policy. It makes me sad that a few ruin it for all. A more locally owned store by me just quit taking internet coupons altogether. They had way too much fraud.

  8. It bothers me that this is happening. I’ve couponed for years now and it’s getting worse and worse!

    But I really have to ask if this policy is going to help them? In today’s technology world, people can photocopy colored coupons too! This is just a thought – I have NEVER copied coupons, but this thought scares me to think that if one can copy black or color coupons, would a store quit taking both… Meaning no printable coupons? YIKES!!!

  9. I work at walmart and no word at my store that this is happening. As a cashier I do know this can be a problem. If I get mulitple printed coupons for the same item I check the numbers on them to make sure they aren’t copied, but I know that most of my coworkers don’t know to do this, and don’t understand when I show them how to check. We don’t have a huge problem with this because my store doesn’t honor the double coupon promotions, but there are always a few customers who are thieves, and try this sort of thing. And that’s what they are-thieves-they aren’t unethical, they are intentionally defrauding walmart.

  10. Can Nampa Walmart 12th Ave. really say only color coupons when their corporate coupon policy says black and white coupons are accepted?

  11. I have had problems using printed coupson at my local Walmart, they were in color and the cashier questioned them. I just told her I got them from online, I only had one for each item. I rarely use coupons unless I find one that is really worth the effort. I live in So Cal, we have very few stores that will double coupons.

  12. I absolutely HATE it when I have to stand in line at my local CVS for couponers that have to be scamming and double dipping! They have multiple orders rung up over and over again as I and everyone else waits for them to finish. I don’t believe that this is what couponing should be about or what the manufacturers ever intend.

  13. Very interesting about the Nampa Walmart and black and white coupons. I bought some of the Huggies Pull-Ups. The ones that are the cool alert. The activator is menthol and it burned my great-nephew so I called Huggies and they sent me 2 high value coupons in BLACK AND WHITE. I would have liked to see them decline taking them when I also had the letter in which they were sent.

  14. Disappointing. I know the coupon world is constantly changing with store policies, etc., but this just gives me another reason to avoid Walmart. A suggestion: Train employees so this doesn’t happen in the first place. I’ve never seen more clueless employees in my life than in walmart. I feel punished when I have to shop there.

  15. Walmart has become a nightmare for me, I live in Louisiana and our Walmarts have never doubled which is fine with me. I find that I get muh better deals on just about everything except coke at kroger,albertsons and market basket including my toiletries and make-up ! Walmart employees are ignorant to their own stores products,policies,knowledge of sales etc….it aggravates me to even find a deal good enough to go there,I usually go once a week run into the garden dept put.gas on a gift card and run out !

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