Walmart Deals as of 12/19/11 {Cheap Gum, Crackers, Chips, Soup, Pie, Pepsi, Coke and More!}

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Walmart Key

Because Walmart IS the generic/mass/superstore, the brown star on this match-up represents items on sale or (Rollback). These items are priced lower then the everyday price.

No star- Means ok price, pick it up if you’re there and you need it.

★-Means item is currently on Rollback (sale). Grab a few, but wait for a better deal to stock up.

– Means awesome price! Stock up, buy only what you know you and your family will use :)

Walmart Price Matching Deals

UP2U Gum Single Pack
Price match the Rite Aid ad to: $1.00
Use $1/1 UP2U Gum 10/09 SS
or $1/2 UP2U Gum Packs 10/9 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: FREE

Hot Wheels Vehicles (limit 5)
Price match the Walgreens ad to: $.59 each

Coca-Cola Products 12 pack 12 oz. cans
Price match the Target ad to: $2.79 (border line stock up price)

Nabisco Snack Crackers
Price match the Fred Meyer ad to: $1.67
Use $1/2  Nabisco Crackers printable coupon
or  $1/2 Nabisco Crackers printable coupon 
or Buy 2 get 1 free Nabisco crackers coupon (zip 33433)
Final Price: $1.11 each   (better deal at Fred Meyer for only $.78 each)

Oregon Chai Concentrate
Price Match the Fred Meyer ad to: $1.99
Use $1/1 Oregon Chai Product
Or $1/1 Oregon Chai Product (IE) Rolling 
Final Price: $.99

Lay’s Potato Chips (limit 4)
Price match the Fred Meyer ad to: $2 .00

Marie Callender’s Fruit or Cream Pies
Price match the Fred Meyer ad to: $3.99
Use $1/1 Marie Callender’s Dessert Pie, 26 oz+ 11/13 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $2.99

Price match the Fred Meyer ad to: $.49/lb.

Pepsi Soft Drinks 12 pk
Price match the Albertson’s ad (until Tues night) to: $2.60 each (Must buy 5)

Walmart Produce

Dole All Natural Salad Kits $3.28
Use $2/2 Dole All Natural Salad Kits 
Final price: $2.38 each

Raspberries 6 oz. $2.48
Cranberries 12 oz. $1.68
Red Grapes $1.88/lb.
Red Delicious Apples $.68/lb.
Gala, Fuji, Granny, Golden Apples $.97/lb.
$2.28 each
Oranges $.33 each
Lemons $.33 ea
Limes $.15 each
Bananas $.52/lb.
Asparagus $2.98/lb.
Cauliflower $1.88 ea.
Leaf Lettuce $1.44 ea
Cabbage $.68/lb.
Red/Orange Bell Peppers $1.14 ea
Green Bell Peppers $.55 ea
Broccoli Crowns $1.18/lb.
Green Onions $.89 each
Cucumbers $.58
Yellow Onions .46/lb.
Celery $1.38/bunch
Carrots 3 lb bag $1.98
Baby Carrots 1 lb bag $1.18
Avocados $.74 ea
Zucchini Squash $.84/lb.
Roma Tomatoes $.88/lb.
Tomatoes $1.34/lb.
Idaho Potatoes 5 lb. bag $1.77
Yams $.74/lb.

Walmart Frozen

New York Brand Original Texas Toast $2.38
User $.50/1 New York Brand Frozen Products 9/18 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
or $0.40/1 New York Brand Frozen Product 
Final Price: $1.88

Pillsbury Egg Scrambles $2.50
Use $1/1 Pillsbury Frozen Egg Scrambles 10/2 GM (Exp 12/24/11)
Final Price: $1.50

Totino’s Crispy Crust Party Pizzas $1.25
Use $1/5 Totinos Crispy Crust Party Pizza Products 10/2 GM (Exp 12/24/11)
Final Price: $1.05 each

Walmart Grocery

Ritz crackers 15.10 oz. 2.50
Use Buy 2 Get 1 Nabisco Crackers (9oz-16oz) Zip 77477
or $1/2  Nabisco Crackers printable coupon
or  $1/2 Nabisco Crackers printable coupon 
Final Price: $1.66 each

Pace Salsa 16 oz. $1.98
Use $.50 off any 2 Pace Products Zip 33433
Final Price: $1.73

Coke Zero 20 oz. $1.48
Use $.99/1 any Coke Zero Product
Final Price: $.49

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup $.58
Use $1/5 Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking Soups printable  coupon 
Final Price: $.38 each

Sunbelt Granola Cereal 16 oz. $2.27
Use Buy One Get One Free Sunbelt Granola Cereal (facebook coupon) NLA
Final Price: $1.14 each

Torani Syrup  12 oz. $3.98
Use $1/1 Torani Flavored Syrup
or $1/1 Torani Flavored Syrup 8/28 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $2.98

Libby’s Canned Vegetables $.75
Use $1/4 Libby’s Canned Vegetables 8/28 RP (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $.50 each

S&W Canned Beans $.68
Use $.50/2 S&W beans 9/11 RP (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $.43 each

Fraschetta Artisan Pizza Crust $3.77
Use $1/1 Fraschetta Artisan Pizza Crust 9/25 RP (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $2.77

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice 64 oz. $3.78
Use $1/1 Welch’s 100% 64 oz. Grape Juice, Juice blend or 10 oz. 6 pk. 9/25 SS (Exp
Final Price: $2.78

Juicy Juice 64 oz. $2.98
Use $1/3 Juicy Juice Products
Final Price: $2.64 each

La Victoria Salsa 16 oz. $1.78
Use $1/2 La Victoria Products 10/23 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $1.28 each

Trident Gum Single Pack $.96
Use $1/3 Trident Gum Single Packs 10/30 SS (Exp 12/25/11)
Final Price: $.62 each

Werther’s Original Caramels 5.5 oz. $1.88
Use $1/2 Werther’s Original Caramels 10/2 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $1.38

Walmart Dairy/Refrigerated

Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls $1.98
Use $.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls
or $.40/2 Pillsbury Pizza crusts, breadsticks, loaves or dinner rolls
or $.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 10/2 GM (Exp 12/24/11)
Final Price: $1.73 each

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 8 ct $1.50
Use $.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits 10/2 GM (Exp 12/24/11)
or $.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands
or $.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands
or $.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands
Final Price: $1.30 each

Hillshire Farm Lil Smokies 14 oz $2.50
Use $.55/1 Hillshire Farm Lil’ Smokies
Final Price: $1.95

Redi-Wip 6.5 oz. $1.98
Use $.25/1 Redi-Wip 6 oz. or larger 11/13 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $1.73

Walmart Household/Cleaning

Duck Brand Packing Tape Single Roll $1.00
Use $1/1 Duck Brand Packing Tape (still available!)
Final Price: FREE!

Lysol Botanical Disinfecting Wipes 35 ct $2.48
Use Buy One Get One Free Botanical Disinfecting Wipes (up to $2.50)
Final Price: $1.24 each

Pledge Armstrong Floor Cleaner 32 oz. $4.26
Use Buy any Pledge or Armstrong floor cleaner, get any Fantastik cleaner free (up to $2.99)
Final Price: $4.26 for both or $2.13 each

Bissel Stomp N Go Pads 5 ct $4.98
Use $3/2 boxes Bissel Stomp and Go carpet cleaning pads zip 90210
or $1/1 Bissel Stomp N Go 11/6 SS
Final Price: $3.48 each wyb 2

Ziploc bags 20 gallon or 120 ct sandwich $2.88
Use $1/2 Ziploc products 11/13 SS (Exp 12/24/11)
or $1/2 Ziploc products 12/4 SS
Final Price: $2.38 each

Walmart Baby/Kids

Beach Nut Baby Cereal 8 oz. $1.42
Use $.60/1 Beach Nut Baby Cereal
Final Price: $.82

Goodnites Underwear (count vary by size) $9.47
Use $2/1 Goodnites Underwear, excludes trial size 11/27 Walmart Insert (exp 12/31/2011)
or $2/1 Goodnights Underwear, excludes trial size 11/06 Walmart Insert (exp 12/31/2011)
Final Price: $7.47

Huggies Pull Ups (counts vary by size) $9.47
Use $2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups, excludes trial size 11/06 Walmart Insert (exp 12/31/2011)
or $2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups, excludes trail size 11/27 Walmart Insert (exp 12/31/2011)
Final Price: $7.47

Walmart Beauty & Personal Care

Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes 50 ct $2.47
Use $.75 off any Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes
Final Price: $1.72

K-Y Jelly 2 oz. $2.84
Use $3/1 any K-Y Brand Product 
Final Price: FREE + $.16 OVERAGE

YES TO Carrots Super Rich Body Butter $12.97
Use $3 off a YES TO natural skin care product purchase $10 or more
Final Price: $9.97

Axe Body Spray 4 oz. $3.97
Use $1.35/2 Axe 4 oz. body sprays, 2.7 oz. anti pers. and deodorants or 3 oz. deodorants ETS
or $1/1 Axe Body Spray 4 oz.+ Deodorant & Antiperspirant 2.7 oz.+ or deodorant 3 oz. 12/11 RP
Final Price: $3.30 each

Biore Blemish Fighting Facial Cleanser 6.7 oz. $5.97
Use $2/1 Biore Products 08/14 SS (exp 12/31/2011)
Final Price: $3.97

Oral B Complete Toothbrush 1 count $2.47
Use $2/1 Crest Complete Toothpaste, Scope Dual Blast, Oral B Complete Floss or Oral B Complete Toothbrush 9/11 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $.47

Aveeno Active Naturals Shampoo or Conditioner $5.96
Use $1/1 Aveeno Active Naturals Product excludes trial and 2.5 oz. 10/30 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
or $3/2 Aveeno Active Naturals Product excludes trial and 2.5 oz. 10/30 SS (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $4.46 each

Fixodent Denture Cleaner Tabs 36 count $3.47
Use $3/1 Fixodent Cleanser 11/27 P&G (exp 12/31/2011)
Final Price: $.47

Walmart Healthcare

Advil Congestion Relief  10 ct $5.98
Use $1/1 Advil Congestion Relief
Final Price: $4.98

PediaCare Fever Reducer 2 oz. $5.47
Use $1/1 PediaCare Product
Final Price: $4.47

Excedrine PM 24 ct $3.78
Use $1.50/1 Excedrine PM Product
Final Price: $2.28

Delsym Cough Suppressant 12 hour 3 oz. $8.97
Use $1/1 any Delsym Product
Final Price: $7.97

Tucks Ointment 1 oz. $4.83
Use $3/1 any Tucks Product (excludes Take A Longs)
or $1/1 Tucks Product 10/2 SS (Exp 12/31/11 SS)
Final Price: $1.83

Triminic Children’s Day Time/Night time Cold & Cough 4 oz. $4.97
Use $3/2 Triminic Products
Final Price: $3.47 each

Walmart Pet Supplies

The Good Life Recipe Cat Treats 3 oz. $2.50
Use $1/2 The Good Life Recipe Cat Treats
Final Price: $2.00 each

Purina Kit N Kaboodle 3.5 lbs. $3.68
Use $1/1 Purina Kit N Kaboodle, 3.5 lb+ 9/11 RP (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $2.68

Whiskas Dry Food For Cats 3 lbs. $3.98
Use $1/1 Whiskas Dry Food For Cats 11/6 RP (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $2.98

Whiskas Wet Cat Food Trays 3.5 oz. $.49
Use Buy 3 Get 1 Free Whiskas Wet Cat Food Trays 11/6 RP (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $.37 each wyb 4

Walmart Other Deals

Halle Berry Fragrance Set $14.84
Use $5/1 Beyonce or Halle Berry Fragrance, single item or gift set zip 90210
Final Price: $9.84

Ferrero Rocher 7 oz. (16 count) $5.27
Use $1/1 Ferrero Rocher or Ferrero Collection Package 5.5 oz.+
Final Price: $4.27

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas DVD $15.00
Use $3/1 Barbie: A Perfect Christmas DVD
Final Price: $12.00

Pyrex Glass 13 x 9 Dish with easy snap on lid $12.34
Use $1/1 Pyrex Glass Storage, includes Basic Storage & No Leak Lids 9/25 RP (Exp 12/31/11)
Final Price: $11.34

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  1. How is the Nabisco Crackers a better deal at Fred Myers if you are price matching to the Fred Myers coupon? Or did you mean it was better at Albertsons for .78 cents. I did it at Walmart since I can not use the BOGO at my Albertsons.

    • you can now use BOGO at albertson’s. check out there new coupon policy.

      • Jennifer L says:

        The b2g1 free coupon has the name walmart on it so Albertsons wont take it. Walmart won’t let you use the b2g1 and the 1/2 (tried it with 12 boxes of ritz – 4 @ $1/2 and 4 b2g1 free and they said I was using 2 mfg coupon for same product. Tried to explain I wasn’t but they refused to take their own coupon. Nice, huh?)

        So, I took my self and the last of my coupons home to Middleton, Idaho and did the transaction at Ridleys. With my advantage card and my silver medallion status, the crackers were only $1.46 a box and they let me use the B2G1 free and $1/2 coupons together. Got an amazing deal! Ridley’s rocks and I’m going to try and give them as much of my business as possible.

    • At Fred Meyer, they will let you stack the $1/2 coupon with the B2G1 Free coupon to get each box for $.78 but Walmart won’t let you do that. They will only allow you to price match to the $1.67 price and then use either the $1/2 OR the B2G1 coupon but not both which means you’ll pay as low as $1.11 a box at Walmart. The $.78 is a better deal but if you’re just wanting to go to Walmart $1.11 is a pretty good price. Hope that makes sense :)

      • Jennifer L says:

        Walmart (near the Idaho Center) won’t let you use the B2G1 and the $1/2 with 3 boxes of Ritz. Claims it’s stacking mfg coupon for same item and you can’t do that. Too frustrating to shop at Walmart. Every time I go and take another chance on them I leave disappointed.

        • i price matched the kmart at ad walmart. i think they were 1.88. i bought 3 and my cashier took the b2g1 free and the $1/2 coupon.

  2. Coke is $2.60 for 12 oz 12 packs at Albertsons WYB 5 until 12/20 (tonight). Stock up price for Coke, too!

  3. Coke Zero 2 lt
    Price match Wags 4/$4, use Coke Zero .99 Q from Facebook making them .01

    Price match Wags 2/$4. Use B2G1 Q makes them $1.33 wyb 6

  4. I clicked on the link to see the K Y coupon. Doesn’t show. WHat happened?

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