TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Couponing w/out Double Coupons!

June 1, 2011 37 Comments | Disclosure

Extreme Couponing is back tonight for episode #9.

Last week we saw Amber & Amanda putting their couponing skills to the test. This week features Kelly & Rebecca tonight on TLC at 9:30 EST.

Extreme Couponing w/out Doubling Coupons

Reader Comment: I can’t coupon shop like you guys do because I don’t have stores around me that double coupons.

We get a similar version of the above comment all the time! That is why I am so excited tonight’s episode of Extreme Coupon features one of our FAB readers, Rebecca. Rebecca will be shopping at Winco. Yes, Winco! The store that does NOT price match. Does NOT accept competitor coupons. Does NOT double coupons. EVER.

She will be showing you how to save an extraordinary amount of money at a store that doesn’t even publish an ad! That is couponing at its most basic, yet still extreme!

Tune in tonight and watch as she saves hundreds without a single double coupon. She’ll prove to you that regardless of where you live, you can implement couponing on some scale and save a ton of money!


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  1. I am looking forward to this episode. #1- because it is Win-co. #2- because no doubling.

    We coupon at Win-co and although it may not be extreme couponing, it still saves us a ton of money….not to mention all the gas money we save by not hitting 5 other stores looking for the ‘FREE’ deals. My wife just went to Win-co last night on a normal grocery trip (not stockpiling) and got $120 of groceries (which by the way was still way cheaper than any other store would have been) and had $45 in coupons, putting her order at $75.

  2. Mama Bryan says:

    I’m SO excited to watch tonight! I’m in NorCal and don’t get to double either – but I would love to see great savings with my shopping trips.

  3. Carri Ames says:

    I am a big Winco shopper. I do 2 big shopping trips a month because I live 45 minutes from the nearest Winco. I do my Albertson’s and Walmart coupon shopping in between in the little town near me for the free stuff. Last time I went to Winco the total was $400+ and with coupons I spent $230. While not an extreme shopping type savings, I have to consider that if I had gone anywhere else in the area I would have spent more than $100 extra for the same groceries. Factor in all the doubling and price matching time I would have spent on a trip anywhere else and I will never stop shopping at Winco.

  4. Since there are no double coupons this Sunday plan on
    #1 Sleeping in…
    #2 Getting caught up on all the Extreme Couponing Shows via :)

    • Or take a break from couponing and watch the Stanley Cup. Go Canucks!!!

    • Helen in Meridian says:

      Try to catch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding later Sunday. I saw it last Sunday and it truly is an amazing look into another culture.

  5. Aimee in Meridian says:

    I really wish they’d buy everyday living stuff. Not 100’s of cat food and kool aid pockets..But I guess thats why they are on tv. Just wish they’d show more real life stuff. :(

  6. I will admit I was looking forward to seeing this episode to learn how to shop even better at my favorite Winco (which happened to be the location she was at). Yet all I got to learn was how to use coupon incorrectly yet again! The $.75/1 BBQ Coupon she was using was meant for the larger size she bought the 18oz, She used $1/1 Pert Plus coupon that says excludes trial-size and I know for a fact that location doesn’t carry that cat food at all! I asked the manager at that store if I could place an order for it when that $3 coupon was out and he said he couldn’t because they didn’t carry it not even in their warehouse. He said they tried to order it because I wasn’t the only one asking but he couldn’t. I would like to know how she got that cat food there and how much was it, there wasn’t even a price tag on that shelf! Also, in Winco’s Coupon Policy it states that they will not allow overage!

    Copied from Winco’s Coupon Policy:
    Q: If the value of a coupon is more than that of an item, will I get money back or credit towards my purchase?

    A: No, our system will lower the price as much as possible without taking the value to a negative amount. No money will ever be given back due to the use of a coupon.

    • I agree. It is irresponsible of TLC to showcase inappropriate coupons use – such as the Kraft and Pert Plus coupon misuse. It only encourages others to engage in unethical coupon practices.

      • wendygail says:

        I too had several coupons for the Kraft BBQ. Now where did it state the size, that I saw. Many of the coupons I use DO have size restrictions (no trial size, etc), and I get the smallest size the coupon allows.

    • I think that she said the cat food was 2.99

    • Bill,

      The Pert Plus does not state “excluding trail size”. I know that for a fact. It is one of the few coupons that do not state that. When I get that coupon, i use it to get a mini-stock of trial size pert plus for our camping trips. I am not sure about the BBQ sauce but I did have $1.00 off Kraft BBQ sauce and it did not specify a size. It stated “ANY Size”. I thought the Winco trip did great.

    • The one thing I think that is a mistake is what the stores are doing to get their store on the show- they are bending the rules. You can find a statement made by Fry’s online about what they allowed and how so many people are upset about it because they shop there and know that is not how its done for regular customers.

      I really think that we should not judge the coupon use because unless that coupon is right in front of us and we can see all the fine print its hard to say what those coupons were for. There are so many different types of coupons out there with restrictions and without. My coupons from the May All You had fewer restrictions than those in the inserts. Some order off ebay (getting coupons from different regions, etc) so without proof its not fair.

      I dont know about all of you but I am kinda ready for the show to fizzle away so we can get over the drama each week. Its like an addiction I guess even those who really do not like it, watch it-then get upset. We need to see a big banner at the begginning of the show that says “DRAMATIZATION”. Then it needs to say “results not typical”. LOL should cover it :-)

      • Nik Davis says:


      • I am so ready for it to go away also. It’s like a train wreck though, I just can’t look away. Of course by continuing to watch I am helping their ratings, thus making it more likely to continue. OK, just one more and then I’ll stop…..Lol!

    • I work at WinCo and I know this isn’t really possible… Very disapointed that my company even allowed them to film this for people to think it is. =(

      • J,

        What do you mean that this is impossible? I am just curious about this. You work there, what is the norm? What can we do and what can we not do? Thank you for any advice to help us.

  7. Simpleton says:

    omg that was my Winco in Eagle I shop at, I recognized the store and the clerks. I didn’t know you could pre-order and they have never been overly coupon friendly. They also have a coupon limit ( I hit it with 20 coupons for propel) that is probably why the cash register froze. Great to see how you can get deals and pre-order at Winco without doubles since Albertsons is supposedly changing their policy this month. Her stockpile was quite amazing!

    • Aimee in Meridian says:

      What is albertsons changing?

    • Carri Ames says:

      Albertson’s says it is not changing it’s policy but I am seeing that different stores have policies that are not the same as the one we find on their website. .

      • The Albertson’s in Twin told a friend of mine they are not accepting orders anymore, because it’s getting out of hand. They will take orders from custormers that have been doing it there for a long time.

  8. Aimee in Meridian says:

    Well TV is entertainment and we all watched the show and we know tv is not real! hahaha

  9. I don’t like how the program shows women clearing shelves. That’s so annoying!

  10. The last 2 times I’ve shopped at Winco I’ve had to wait for the manager to come over and approve my purchase due to the amount I’d coupons I had. Funny thing though, both times I had less than $20 in coupons. It’s always been less than 5 or so minutes but it sure seems to hold the line up

    • I called Winco before the first time I used coupons at it. It was the Nampa store and they told me they gladly accept coupons but that over $10.00 in coupons just needed approval. My approval only took seconds but I would hope that over time they will adjust that a bit higher.

  11. brotherbugs says:

    I thought it was great and she is super cute!

  12. Does anyone know what iPad app Kelli was using to keep track of her shopping/savings?

    • Simpleton says:

      Don’t know the app but google: coupon savings tracker, it is free and is an excel spread sheet you just enter your receipt info and it does all the work. I use it and it is great!

    • She used numbers.

    • Kelly C says:

      I just ran across this tonight and thought I’d reply – better late than never, right? LOL

      I was using Numbers, but using a template that I created to make shopping easy. I plug in whether the store doubles/triples, if so up to how much, any item limits, etc, and the shopping list does everything for me. It even calculates YTD savings. I had so many requests for it that I made it available on my website –, in both Numbers and Excel format. :)

  13. I also noticed with the one for winco, when they kept panning back to her stacks of coupons it appeared as though she had the entire tear pads sitting in the pile.

  14. Use !! trust me, it’s absolutely without a doubt worth your time.

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