The Double Coupon Report

August 14, 2011 39 Comments | Disclosure

Wow!  What a great week to stock up! There were so many choices this week at Albertsons it was hard to decide which coupons to use.  Here’s a few more double coupon match-ups to add to your list! :)

Snuggle Fabric Softener is only $.99 a bottle when you use the $1/1 coupon found in the new Safeway MD booklet+ a double.

Free StarKist Tuna when you double the $.50/1 coupon found HERE or the $1/1 All You (Sept.) coupon

Thai Kitchen Noodle Bowls are only $.59 WYB2 and use the $1/2 coupon found HERE + a double.

Use (2)$1/1 Kettle Chips coupons 8/7 RP + 2 doubles and pay $2 and receive FREE Culinary Circle Dip!

Ball Bread & Butter Pickle mix is FREE when you double the $1/1 coupon found HERE.

Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce only $.50 when you use the $.50 coupon 8/7 SS (regional) coupon.

Lindsey Olives only $1.09 when you double the $.75/1 coupon found HERE.

*Thanks happymoneysaver

Keep your eyes peeled for $1/1 coupons for Mission Artisan Tortillas (I found them next to the sliced cheese section) and pay only $.50 for a pack of 8 Multi-grain tortillas.

And let’s not forget about all those FAB double coupon match-ups Becky & Cathy wrote about HERE and HERE.

Did you go shopping today?  What was your favorite combination of 10 items you purchased to take advantage of the FAB $5 GM Catalina/Box Top offer…  It’s fun to see what kind of scenarios everyone came up with. :)

Step2 Little Helper’s Grocery Cart


  1. Isn’t the $3 Splenda for the Essentials brand only?

  2. Campbells Cream of Chicken condensed soup was 1.29, Bonus Buy right now for .99, I used the $1.00 off 5 cans Q/ and dbled.=.60 each. Yeah for me, since I missed out on the V=8 Tea.

  3. My store had peelies on the chips ahoy cookies, $1.00 off 2. They are on sale for $2 ea… so, double that coup & pay $2 for 2 packages. Yummy.
    That was the only doubler I didn’t use on V8 Fusion… man that stuff is good. Wish I could have had a few more doublers, would have liked to get a few more things.

  4. Teresa Scott says:

    Both of our stores were out of the Totino’s pizza’s and Progresso soup, however we got the Hamburger Helper, Dryer’s Icecream deals. Which was great, but the best part, was watching my husband’s face when I walked out paying under $15. He wanted to come home and find more deals! LOL :)

    • That’s funny hubby was ASTONISHED when we got soooo much for soooo little.

  5. I am just curious and hoping that none will take this personal, but to those of you who shop on Sunday – Do any of you attend church with your families?

    • Teresa Scott says:

      Yep, we sure did! Went to 2nd service at 9:30 and then shopped late afternoon/early evening. It was a good day!

    • Yep and spend time with family too. However, I do work full time and use most of my coupons to shop for our Church food bank. Sunday evenings are when I can fit shopping in.

    • Funny, you ask everyone a pretty personal question, and hope none of us will take it personal. I think the answer you will get from just about everyone is yes. And remember, not all church is held on Sunday silly…….

    • So long as you don’t take my answer personally, I will not take the question personally.
      First let me say that I am a believer, born again of water from my sin. However over the years I have come to see mainstream worship as quite a bit of bunk. While I cannot denounce the need for believers to gather together both for accountability and strength of community, I stopped attending any kind of ‘church’ a long time ago. To commune with God does not require a designated building, it doesn’t require rising early on a day of rest to dress up and spend time ‘keeping up with The Joneses’.. which is sadly what I seemed to experience most often when attending ‘Church’.

      Since charity begins at home.. I take it as blessing to be able to spend Sunday morning shopping. Via worship music on my MP3 player I can even make it an even MORE joyful experience as I seek and find the bargains that will serve my family in future meals.

      Now of course, being that it’s just me and my husband.. that’s a bonus too.

    • I do not attend church anymore. I really do not need to go to a building once a week to understand or strengthen my relationship with God. Not saying that I will not go to church again but I have not found one here that I love. Churches have become very business like to me wanting your money(sad but true).
      I homeschool my children with christian curriculum so they learn about God everyday. I am so proud of the love that they have for God and I am blessed that they are such great kids. My daughter could not be a better role model for teens her age.

      To be honest why did you ask this question? It really is not related to coupons unless you feel you miss out on deals because you are at church.

      • I pray that you will find a community of believers that will become a family to you; to encourage you, give you hope, friendship, love, accountability, to wrestle with biblical teachings, and to just share your life with. It’s not easy to find a place of belonging, so good luck!

    • Nope.

    • Sure do. Sing in the choir too.

    • Ah, what is your point?? This question has nothing to do with this website.

    • Lovecoupons says:

      Yep…go to church and then shop or the other way around. Many churches have multiple services and my church has a Saturday service! All depends on what your beliefs are and what church you go to.

    • We don’t attend church on Sunday. But then again that’s typical of agnostics :-)

  6. Chelsea a. says:

    My store was out of the totinos pizza rolls is it possible to get a rain check for ten minus the 5 dollar cat? I’ve done it before with the store catalina but is the GM manufactor coupon?

  7. wildwoman4Qs says:

    I took a picture but I can’t remember where I can share it… Anyways, I did 5 transactions. Used 55 coupons = 15 doublers, 31 manufactured, 5 store Q’s, 4 catalinas AND I have 1 $5 catalina left for next time:) I got 57 items for only $36.44. I ended up saving almost 70% on this shopping trip and it’s all stuff would’ve eaten anyways:) Yogurt, pizza, milk, turkey hamburger, balance bars, etc. The store on Meridian & Cherry Lane had lots of almost everything – and was even stocking some stuff as I left. They were running low on the yoplait and v-8s though.

  8. Took my doubles to Walmart in Garden city when I kept reading about how the deals were cleared from the shelves by 6:30 am on Sunday at Albertsons. did pretty well :

    My total was $30.22 for
    1 watermelon
    6 bananas
    1 1b bag lentils
    9 activia yogurt parfaits
    2 lb brick tillamook cheese
    1 gallon milk
    1 24 ct. box of fruit snacks
    3- 10 0z packages of turkey lunchmeat
    4- 6pks of seneca applesauce
    2 boxes pepp. Farm baked naturals crackers
    1 package oreos (no coupon husband request)
    2- 16oz jars la victoria salsa
    5- totinos party pizzas
    1 bottle soft soap hand wash
    1 infant toy (reduced from $8 to $1)

    The best part is that I got healthy items, items I use everyday, didn’t have to buy a buch of hamburger helper just to catalina to buy my produce, and didn’t have to do a buch of separate transactions. Don’t get me wrong I’ll probably go to albertsons later this week to see if they have any progresso soup, but when it comes to what my family really needs I think I’ve seen the light. 😉

    • *bunch* . N key is not working well

      • Lovecoupons says:

        Nice job Amber! I love that you didn’t buy HH just to buy it. We don’t eat it in my family either. I was not to excited about the doublers this week. So much un healthy things!!

    • Great job! I always take all my doublers to Walmart and find that I get alot for free or near free on things that my family eats anyways (healthy). And the shelves are never cleared…….even if I don’t get there until Tues Am.

  9. Albies had the Johnson chicken sausage on sale for $3.99. After doubling my $1.00 off coupon, I got several packages of sausage for $1.99 each!

  10. Carolyn H. says:

    My store has WhoNu cookies on sale again for $2/5 so using a $1 off and a BOGO I got a few more boxes as my man loves theses! :)

  11. I was so frustrated yesterday shopping at the Alb on Five Mile and Ustick in Boise. They were out of Progresso vegetable soup and the Totino’s …well…everything. I bought the cake mix and frosting as I had five coupons for 75 cents off the two, and it did not give me my catalina. I squawked and the manager gave it to me which was awesome. But it didn’t happen until I was on the way out, and I could’ve used that catalina on the second transaction (out of three).
    So I bought five cake mixes and five frostings and spent $11.45 on one transaction.
    I bought four things of ice cream for the second transaction and spent $ $8.60.
    I bought two things of Jamba smoothie mix on the third transaction and spent $1.16. Alas, they aren’t doing the free apple juice at that store.

    I did not do more than three transactions last night because I was tired out after a weekend of camping with my family, cleaning out the camping stuff, mowing the lawn with my family, going to church and then out to eat, and then shopping. I am grateful that I have two more days to use the 9 more double coupons I have, and I hope to get a bunch of Hamburger Helper to donate to the church food bank.

  12. Im a little worried to go to Albertsons as the last few times I’ve gone, they’ve never had what I wanted.. the shelves are cleared on Sunday morning/afternoons. It seems that near me, I must have a few shelf clearers. :(

    I love the sales but its not necessarily the closest store to me, so driving up and seeing every item I wanted cleared out just makes me want to scream.

  13. I had a great trip sunday I haven’t broken everything down but i did 16 transactions (got a wonderful surprise one of the 10 extra papers i bought had 2 dbl sheets in it yippee haha) I had 330.00 worth of groceries and spent only 67.00 i was very happy and my husband was very impressed! I’ve learned a new trick to make my shopping easier first on saturday afternoon (if i’m not busy) i’ll go in to albies with my list to check on the availability of the items i want, at this point i haven’t had big enough orders to preorder, alas my fav albies was out of all totinos on saturday but the one across town still had them! 2nd ive started doing my shopping between 530 and 6am mainly because at that time my store is pretty much empty, the 2 times i’ve done this there have only been 2 other people come into the store for a small item or 2, makes the checkout process go much quicker since i don’t have to do 3 come back do 3 come back. As long as it’s just me i can keep on going has cut tons of time out of my shopping trips!

  14. my favorite was 6 boxes hamburger helper and 4 cans progresso soup, use 2 of the 0.75/3 coupons for the HH, and 1 $1/4 for the soup. With the Catalina, they are free. You can just roll, and roll, and roll

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