Target Shopping Trip: $6.88 MoneyMaker!

August 27, 2013 13 Comments

Target Shopping Trip Freebies

Transaction 1

Buy 4 Tena Active Pads $4.99 each (Buy 2, Receive $5 Target Gift Card)
Use (4) $5/1 Tena Stylish, Active, or Anywhere Product, exp. 9/13/13 (SS 07/14/13)

Pay $0.00 OOP
Receive (2) $5 gift cards

Transaction 2

Buy Market Pantry Gummy Candy $1.00
Use $1/1 Market Pantry Candy (Shopkick Coupon)
Stack with 5% off Market Pantry Bagged Candy (Target Cartwheel) – it won’t let you stack this if you buy the $1 candy, but there are some that are $1.25 :)

Buy Snickers Bites $2.66
Use $1/1 Snickers/Milky Way Bites, exp. 9/8/13 (RP 07/28/13)
Stack with $1/1 Select Chocolate Candy Bites Target printable

Buy 3 Gillette Shave Gel $1.72 each
Use $6/3 Gillette Cartridge, Razor, Shave Prep, or Skin Deodorant, Hair Care Product, exp. 9/30/13 (RP 08/11/13)

Buy Bic Twin Razors 10 ct. $2.99
Use $3/1 Bic Disposable Razor, exp. 9/8/13 (SS 08/11/13)

Buy (4) Up and Up Crayons $0.25 each
Use $1/4 Up&Up School Supplies Coupon

Buy (4) Bic Pens 10 ct. $0.99
Use (4) $1/1 Bic Stationery Product, exp. 9/15/13 (SS 08/04/13) Find Bic Coupons Here

Buy (4) Chapstick 3 pack $2.89 each
Use (2) $1/2 Chapstick Pack, exp. 10/26/13 (RP 08/25/13)
Stack with  10% off Chapstick Lip Care (Target Cartwheel)
(Receive $5 Target Gift Card wyb 4)

Pay $8.22 Using Target Gift Cards from Transaction 1
Receive $5 Target Gift Card

Total Before Coupons:  $53.28
Total After Coupons: ZERO!
Still Have:  $6.88 Target Gift Cards
Final Cost:  Moneymaker!!!  (113% Savings!)

What are you finding at Target this week?

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  1. Laurie,

    The tax depends on which state you are in and what you are purchasing. In some states food and grocery items are taxable, in others food and grocery are taxed at a reduced rate, and in others food and grocery items are exempt. Basically the store is required to pay tax on the items it is selling, so by the customer paying the tax, it is basically a reimbursement. If audited, the store is liable for the tax, not the customer.

    Hope this helps! I am a sales and use tax consultant.

    • Thanks KTY.

      I do have to ask though I did have a coupon sent from the mfg for a free can of shaving cream, was I suppose to pay the sales tax on that item? To me free means just that.

      • Laurie,

        Yes, unfortunately as the coupon is a price reduction not a sales tax reduction. As I believe you are in Idaho, here is the sales tax law applied. “Sales tax is imposed on the full amount of the purchase price before subtracting the coupon amount. ( Rule ) A manufacturer’s discount coupon is a price reduction coupon presented by a consumer to a retailer, the face value of which may be reimbursed only by the manufacturer to the retailer. ( IC Sec. 63-3613(a)4 ; Rule ).”

        Hope this helps!

  2. heather e says:

    I went to target today and tried to buy 2 products and use 2 target coupons and one manufacture coupon that was 5$ /2 and they told me that target changed their coupon policy and i could only use one coupon per item. Does anyone know if that is true? I could be wrong but I think he didn’t know, or maybe he isn’t.

    • hausfrauChelsea says:

      That’s not true. It says right on the cartwheel app that you can only stack one manufacturer’s coupon, one target coupon, and one cartwheel offer per item. So the employee was incorrect, because I HIGHLY doubt an application that they’ve recently created is incorrect.

    • Does it make a difference that it was a target printed coupon? I think he was a manager and I think he just didn’t want to deal with it. The computer would not let me use the coupon but it matched the product so I don’t know what the problem was. It was the manufacture coupon that was the problem.

  3. Laurie Shaver says:

    I do have to ask about getting all of that for “free”. Especially here in Idaho when you have to pay 6% sales tax on the item before the coupon comes off. I went to Target the other night and anything that was more than the product didn’t count. I guess to some point I don’t understand since there is NO way around the tax. Here is one that I used. I had an $8 mfg coupon for olay& venus refillable razor and a $3 target coupon. I stacked them together and they only took off $8.48. I paid tax for $20.00 worth of stuff. So from my stand point NOTHING is free. I still got a great deal but I still feel to some point we are ripped off because when you have to pay tax on a coupon for a free item well it goes without saying!

    • hausfrauChelsea says:

      Here’s where you have to have a bit of planning. I have run into the same issue before. It’s because I gave them the coupons right when I handed them the product, instead of waiting until the end. If they scan it right after the product (let’s say you have 2 coupons, one for $3 off and one for $2 off and your total is $4.50), you’ll only get $4.50 off instead of $5. If you wait until all your items are scanned and then give them coupons, you’ll more than likely see that it will give you the full $5 off. That’s because the system will not go into a negative because they won’t give you money back/cash from the till. Order of things matters!

  4. Darn… Tena 4.99 at the Idaho falls target store at all….couldn’t even find a shelf spot for them …..only the 11.98 each ones……..darn again……:(

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