Money Saving Tips: Shop With Purpose

Have you ever heard the phrase "walk with purpose"?  Walk with a mission, you have something to do, somewhere to be, your goal is specific, etc.  How about shop with purpose?  Shopping just to shop might just be the most dangerous strategy for your pocketbook.  Unless you have an insane amount of self control, going to the store for the sole purpose of looking around and "shopping" almost always leads you to buying things you wouldn't have …
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Money Saving Tips: Control Your Impulses

Are you looking for some simple ideas to save money? We have simple solutions that you can easily apply to your lifestyle to save money! When you want to make a big purchase, don't just buy. Impulse shopping is driven by emotions and instant gratification, so if you wait a few days for that to wear off, you'll make more objective purchases! Here are 5 simple ways you can avoid the impulsive trap: 1. Give yourself a rule to wait at least …
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