Money Saving Tips: Save .24-.49 Cents Per Gallon on Gas

Did you know that driving the speed limit will actually save you money? Besides saving yourself the a hefty fine for speeding if you get pulled over, you can also save 7-14% of your gas!  That's between .24-49 cents per gallon.  For most vehicles, driving over 50 mph causes the car to lose efficiency in its gas use.  So, for ever 5 miles you drive over 50 mph you're essentially paying .24 more per gallon. What tricks do you use to save on …
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Money Saving Tips: Get Better Gas Mileage

Are you looking for some simple ideas to save money? We have simple solutions that you can easily apply to your lifestyle to save money! With Gas prices the way they are these days, I can't afford to waste a drop of it! Did you know that your tire pressure can affect your gas mileage? In honor of Pi day, I'm going to make sure those round rubber wheels on my car have the right tire pressure! I check my tires to make sure my four wheels are …
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