DIY Homemade Pesticide

July 12, 2014 15 Comments | Disclosure

I love planting a garden, but I hate having to use harsh chemicals to get rid of the bugs eating the plants and produce.  It seems to defeat the purpose of growing a garden for healthier produce if you are just going to use chemicals to get rid of ... Read More...

Gardening & Raspberry Jam

July 2, 2014 23 Comments | Disclosure
raspberry jam

Garden Tips & Tidbits: Turning your Harvest into Jam! My garden is going through a raspberry explosion!! Remember when I showed you how to prune raspberries earlier this year? Well, here are my raspberry bushes now...and HEAVY with delicious ... Read More...

Gardening Tips & Tidbits: Pruning Tomato Plants

June 25, 2014 4 Comments | Disclosure
Tomatoes Start

Tomato Plant & Garden Maintenance My tomato plants have exploded in the last week, and I got to share the first of two pear tomatoes off the vine with my mom last night when she came over to look at my garden. While we were out looking at all of ... Read More...

DIY Garden Trellis!!

June 18, 2014 2 Comments | Disclosure

I don't know about you, but my garden has just been growing like crazy this past week. I have waited to put in a trellis for my beans and peas because I have been working on other projects and have been busy harvesting all of the berries that are ... Read More...

Get Rid of Weeds Easier: up to 57% Off & More!

Fiskars Weeder and root remover

I spent the weekend weeding the flowerbeds and the garden. My Mom brought over some tools that totally made the job so much easier and I noticed today that some of these Fiskar Weeders and other tools were more than 50% off right now!  Fiskars ... Read More...

Gardening: Last Seeds to plant & Garden Maintenance

May 28, 2014 2 Comments | Disclosure

Time to Plant cucumbers, squash and melons! The last week of May is already upon us! The weather is just right outside for planting the last of your seeds. If you live in the Northern States May is the time to plant cucumbers, squash and melons. ... Read More...

Ebook Deals from Chronicle Books!

EyeCandy_GenericFBimage (552x414)

 With Chronicle Books, You Can Get Fab Highly Rated Books For Less! Chronicle Books  features a selection of e-books that are on sale every month.  This month's theme is "Home is Where the Heart Is" in order to welcome spring.  They are offering 9 ... Read More...

Garden Tips & Tidbits: Beneficial Plants & Bugs


Keep Pests Away Naturally by Using Plants and Bugs! Now that you have your garden started and growing it is a good time to start thinking about pest control for your fruits and veggies. While I enjoy working in the garden, there is nothing worse ... Read More...

Garden Tips & Tidbits: Bird Netting for Berry Bushes

Bird netting

Keep the Birds out & your Berries in! Growing season is fully in bloom in Southern Idaho, and I am getting excited about the berries in our box! However, last year we only were able to harvest a hand full of delicious & fresh strawberries ... Read More...