Preserving Produce: How to Can, Freeze and Dry Your Favorite Foods

Enjoy Fresh Produce Throughout the Year! Preserving fresh produce can save you quite a bit of money as you add up the cost of dried fruits and other foods sold in store. Below you'll find tips, tricks, and advice for preserving foods, as well as great recipes to inspire you throughout the process! Get started now and check out our favorites below! How to Save Money on Produce My biggest and most frugal tip is preserve your food when fresh …
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Money Saving Tips: Increase Freezer Efficiency

freezer copy
Are you looking for some simple ideas to save money? We have simple solutions that you can easily apply to your lifestyle to save money! Saving power when it comes to your big appliances can make a huge difference on your monthly bill. Here are 4 easy steps you can use to improve your freezer's efficiency: 1.  Defrost and dry your freezer.  This can be done about once a year. 2.  Vacuum and clean.  It's good to keep the vent …
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Easy Ways to Preserve and Prepare Produce {Extreme Couponing Education}

5 Ways To Enjoy Apricots 3
Because they don't tell you everything on reality television we are here to reveal the secrets of Extreme Couponing. TLC's Extreme Couponing is really not about education it is more about entertainment. Our goal is to educate you and empower you to save money for your family. We have been talking about how one of the myths of couponing is that coupons are only for processed foods, junk food or food my family does not eat. I also told you we …
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