A Word About Shelf Clearing… Revisited

June 18, 2014 51 Comments | Disclosure
empty shelves

Is this what it's come to? Empty shelves? People racing to the store to get the deal? Couponers buying out the stores just for the thrill of the deal? Shoppers who only want 3 or 4 items finding bare shelves? Stores losing money because ... Read More...

The Crazy Diaper Lady

October 31, 2012 1 Comment | Disclosure
don't be a crazy lady

Extreme Couponing Education For this week's Extreme Coupon Education post I am going to re-visit and old post. Because they don't tell you everything on reality television we are here to reveal the secrets of Extreme Couponing. Have you ever ... Read More...

Extreme Couponing Education: Don’t Be A Crazy Lady!

May 16, 2012 44 Comments | Disclosure
don't be a crazy lady

Because they don't tell you everything on reality television we are here to reveal the secrets of Extreme Couponing. Have you ever had a confrontation with a fellow couponer in the store? I have and it was horrible. It was January 09, 2009 the ... Read More...

Extreme Couponing: Our Thoughts

December 29, 2010 33 Comments | Disclosure
extreme couponing

By now you've probably seen something about a special TLC is going to air tonight on Extreme Couponing.  Being a coupon blog and all, we thought we'd throw out a few thoughts: 1. If you don't do anything while couponing you feel the need to defend ... Read More...

Beware of Crazy Shoppers… revisited

September 24, 2010 34 Comments | Disclosure
crazy shoppers

There is some madness going on this week... and it all revolves around some super hot diaper deal at Rite Aid.  That's right... Free. Diapers. In our coupon class, we talk about "the couponer code of conduct".  Simply put, treat others the way ... Read More...

Coupon Tip Tuesday: A little Q&A

July 27, 2010 7 Comments | Disclosure

  Q1. I like the idea of organizing coupons with the baseball cards slots in a binder, but how I'm not sure how to break them down into subjects. A. Check out my how I organize my binder. Later you can also find it under Learn to be a ... Read More...

The Golden Rule Revisited

March 23, 2010 | Disclosure

I know tonight many of you locals were frustrated. Angry, really.  You were all geared up to get a smokin' deal on burritos and chimis and MANY of you left empty handed and annoyed.  I witnessed the madness first hand. As I was putting my ... Read More...

Beware of CRAZY Shoppers!

January 9, 2009 11 Comments | Disclosure

So I have been working out the Albertson's diaper deal this week. I finally had it figured out and went to Albertson's last night. Of course they were all out of the the diapers that were on the deal. I got a bigger pack and went up front to see if ... Read More...