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Hot Lego Deals – Save up to 30%!!

July 7, 2015 8 Comments | Disclosure
Lego deals on Amazon 6-15

Amazon is having a LEGO sale!! My kids just absolutely LOVE Lego sets! For any gift-giving occasion (like birthdays or Christmas), Lego sets are a safe bet and happily received. And really my whole family loves these toys, with Dad in the lead. Lego ... Read More...

Reduce Your Charging Time by 75%!

Charge your phone faster and reduce charging time by up to 75 percent

No Need to Sit Around Waiting for Your Phone to Charge Now! Let me just tell you my two biggest pet peeves: a dead battery and waiting for my phone to charge. Annoying, right? Imagine sitting there and your little one starts walking for the first ... Read More...

Backpacks Under $10 Shipped!

Save now on backpacks for back to school

Save Money Now on Backpacks for Back To School! In just a little over a month, school is back in session here. Summer sure is flying by. I have begun my school shopping by picking up a few items here and there. I found these adorable backpacks on ... Read More...

Magic Balloons Make Summer EPIC

Magic Balloons Really Are Amazing

Fill 100 Water Balloons in Under 2 Minutes! Best invention EVER.  Okay, maybe the wheel was pretty cool.  But this is so awesome!  And they are super easy to use!   And the two minutes?  That includes turning the hose off, adding a new set, and ... Read More...

Why I Love My Bathroom Scale

How one blogger lost more than 30 pounds and this one little tool helped her do it!

UPDATE July 1, 2015... Since I purchased this scale for myself in December, I've lost 34 pounds.  I absolutely LOVE watching not only my body weight go down, but what's been more motivating and exciting has been to watch my percentage of body ... Read More...

IKEA Deals on Amazon!

Ikea online deals

IKEA items and prices on Amazon! Don't live close to an IKEA store? That's too bad. It is a pretty fun place to check out. Not all of us can peruse the huge maze aisles any time soon, so I went searching to see if there are any IKEA deals that you ... Read More...

Best Mixing Bowl Set $12.74!

pyrex mixing bowl set facebook image

I Love My Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowls! I keep an eye on this set and try to share when there is an awesome deal because I use my set all the time. I love my Pyrex mixing bowl set so much that I have two of them! I always reach for them first and am sad ... Read More...

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware up to 51% Off!

Get new cast iron camping cookware up up to half off

Update Your Camping Cookware & Save Up to 51%! Is camping on your to do list this summer? If you are planning on going camping, have you checked out your cookware lately? I know mine needs some updating and we haven't seen deals on the good cast ... Read More...

Beat The Heat: Fun In the Water!

Great deal on this baby pool now

Keep The Kids and Your Wallet Happy With These Deals for Fun in the Water! It's so hot here in my neck of the woods. Looking ahead at the forecast I don't foresee a cool down anytime soon. It seems no matter how hot it is, the kids still want to be ... Read More...