Smith’s Match-Ups

July 1, 2012 83 Comments

We have decided to take a break from writing Smith’s match-ups for a while. We do not have the time, or money to cover every single store, so Smith’s was put on hold. If you miss having Smith’s match-ups and they were really useful to you please leave a comment below. If we get 300 comments on this post we will bring Smith’s match-ups back.




  1. please bring it back!!!!

  2. I came to your site because you were one of the few who did smith’s and you definitely did it the best! Bring it back! :)

  3. Please add Smith’s back!

  4. I do 80% or more of my shopping at Smith’s so seeing matchups are very convenient.

  5. Maybe you can bring it back even with 75 replies. Please?!

  6. I have been shopping at Smith’s exclusively since I started couponing. And your website is one of 3 that I check regularly for deals.

  7. Please bring Smith’s back! They have the best deals :)

  8. Please bring Smiths match ups back, I miss them so much!

  9. bring back Smiths

  10. Stephanie says:

    PLEASE PLEASE bring smiths back!

  11. I just found you guys and I really like the way things are set up on here. I shop at Smith’s a ton and would love to see your match-ups.

  12. I just moved where there is a Smith’s and would love to have match ups!

  13. I only shop at Smiths because it’s one of the only stores in my city :( Bring it back please!!!

  14. Please bring Smith’s back. It is the only grocery store in NM that you cover

  15. Julie Potter says:

    I would love it if you brought it back. It’s the only store I go to.

  16. really miss the smith’s match ups would love to see you bring them back and thank you for all you do

  17. I loved the Smith’s match ups. But I understand you can’t do it all!

    I live in a very remote town. Major grocery stores are an hour drive one way. Smith’s is my main store, second to that is Albertsons (but no doublers, ever), Raley’s and Walmart. I do have CVS but it’s hit and miss when I shop there. I only shop once every 3-4 weeks, so, I don’t check FF every week for match ups, but when I do plan my big shopping list I love that the match ups are there for me.

    If possible, Smith’s match ups would be great to have back!
    Thanks for all you do!

  18. Please bring it back!

  19. Please bring Smiths back…….

  20. bring smith’s back.

  21. I am missing the Smiths matchups

  22. Please bring back Smith’s – its one of our better stores- other than that we have 2 Albertsons (no doublers anymore), 3 IGA’s (no match ups for them), 1 walmart, 1 Target (limited supply), so pretty please :)

  23. i need smiths! that store has the cheapest deals for me!

  24. Please bring back smith’s. Like, this week during case lot!

  25. Please bring back Smith’s! That’s the reason I use this site!

  26. Please bring back Smiths

  27. I shop smiths!! Please bring it back!

  28. I shop at smiths!

  29. We need Smiths back please ………

  30. Bring Smiths BACK PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Stephanie says:

    I’m so disappointed to see that you have taken the Smith’s match ups off! Please bring them back…..

  32. Katiemarie says:

    Some of our best deals had come from Smith’s thanks to you. We where almost using your site exclusively but are left searching elsewhere now. Please bring back your Smith’s match up. And thanks for all of the others you are doing that most sites are not – like Ridley’s.

  33. Amen!

  34. I really miss having Smith’s. If you could bring it back, I would really love it. Thank you, you guys do a great job.

  35. PLEASE PLEASE start doing Smiths again! We are moving to a town where that is the only grocery store and our food budget needs to be reduced. I need help figuring out all the deals with couponing. PLEASE!!

  36. I shop at Smiths!

  37. Love smiths. Pease bring back.

  38. Please don’t take away smiths!

  39. Sarah Stiles says:

    Oh no! Bring it back!! Smith’s is the only store I shop at anymore. I really depended on this site to help me get the best match-ups.

  40. Bring it back

  41. Jennifer Kearsley says:

    I’m missing Smith’s as well! It was so nice to have the match-ups.

  42. I love smiths! Great sale this week!

  43. Jill Magnesen says:

    help….I go to smiths!

  44. Smiths is the main store i shop at and you are site i turn to for deals. Please bring them back :(

  45. Man i sure am missing the match up with smiths!!! Hope to see them back soon!

  46. Love Smith’s!

  47. Lisa Brown says:

    please bring smith’s back I do not have access to many other grocery stores!

  48. I would love to have Smith’s match ups. I am new to your site, and Smith’s is right near my home.

  49. I want Smith’s too. It’s my favorite store.

  50. I much prefer Smith’s over FredMeyer. I miss my Smith’s.

  51. N Snyder says:

    Wow, so missing Smith’s, will be hoping to see its return!! Thanks

  52. I Like Smiths!!

  53. Cheryl Simpson says:

    Smiths is the only grocery store I use. We do have an Albertsons, but they don’t have Double the Value coupons, and their prices are always 10-20% higher. It would be great to have Smiths back, but I understand. Thank you for all you do!

  54. Tamara Clark says:

    I miss the Smiths match-ups!

  55. I miss it. :(

  56. Miss smiths!!!!

  57. Bring smiths back!!!! Please!!!!!

  58. Bring Smith’s back please

  59. Please bring Smith’s back!!!!!

  60. Really missing the Smiths match-ups!!!

  61. Please….all I have is Walmart and I hate going there!!

  62. Missing Smiths!

  63. New in nm says:

    Smiths please!

  64. idaho falls mom says:

    I miss the smiths matchup.

  65. Brittany F says:

    Please bring Smith’s back! Can I post this 285 more times??? haha.

  66. I would really like to see Smith’s back up here!

  67. bring back smiths! Please!

  68. bring smiths back! its all we have besides walmart!

  69. I would love to see the Smith’s deals again. We don’t have Rite Aid or Fred Meyer so it is nice to have these deals to look at.

  70. Mary Jane Ricks says:

    Smiths is my main store…please bring it back

  71. Darina Silvaz says:

    I love smiths.. hopefully you can bring it back soon :)

  72. Smith’s is my main store. My only other choice is Walmart and I can’t stand going there. Please bring them back!

  73. I MISS Smith’s deals!! In my town all we have is Smiths, Walmart, or Dave’s Jubilee! I NEED these match-up! PLEASE bring them back!!

  74. Smiths is my main store.

  75. Jessica says:

    Please, pretty please…. bring Smith’s back! :)

  76. I would love to have Smiths back. Where I live I have three associated foods stores, two walmarts and one smiths. It is nice to have variety.

  77. PLEASE I NEED SMITHS DEALS BACK !!!! where I live we only count with 1- Walgreens 0-Rite Aids 0-Target 0-CVS we have 2-Walmarts and 3 grocery stores that give problems with coupons the stores are more than a hour away, so I need my Smiths deals please…

  78. bring smith’s back!

  79. Dang I Love smiths, considering when Fred Meyers ends smiths has the same deals for an extra 4 days!

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