Shopping With The Fabs {Jessica’s Walmart Trip}

December 29, 2011 24 Comments | Disclosure

 More Ebay coupon LoVe. {Final Price: $4.32!}

Some of you might have received the $1/1 Duck Brand Packing Tape coupon in your 11/20 SS. Sadly, our area didn’t get them but I didn’t want to miss out so I went ahead and bought (10) on Ebay for $2. A few days later they arrived. Yay! It’s like Christmas opening my mail box to beautiful coupons! I highly recommend it :)

*UPDATED* Sorry fab readers! The K-Y price was a typo.  I’ve updated the info :)


(10) Duck Packing Tape Single Roll $1.00
Used (10) $1/1 Duck Brand Packing Tape 11/20 SS (exp. 1/31/12)  I found on Ebay!
Final Price: FREE!

(2) K-Y Jelly 2 oz. $2.84
Used (2) $3/1 K-Y Brand Product, excluding trial sizes (exp 01/02/2012) NLA
Final Price: FREE + $.16 overage each!

(2) Rayovac Flashlight (small) $1.00
Used (2) $1/1 Rayovac Flashlight NLA
Final Price: FREE!

(4) Star Red Wine Vinegar 12 oz. $1.66
Used (2) $2/2 Star Products
Final Price: $.66 each

Total OOP: $4.32 ($2.32 in the store + $2 I paid for coupons on Ebay)
Total Saved: $20.00!

What would you do with an EXTRA $20.00?


  1. If each of the vinegars were each .66 how did you only spend .28 cents?

  2. Sakyroh, I didn’t do the math, but it appears there is a typo on the KY. The overage would be $1.12/ea, not $.12, which may explain the $.28 total.

    Awesome shopping trip Jessica! Thanks.

  3. Dang! I want the K.Y. prices you have! Ours was $2.82.

  4. You must have paid something for the tape coupons you bought on ebay, so the tape wasn’t actually free. Must have been worthwhile, though, or you wouldn’t have purchased them.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Is it worth it to put out the extra money for the coupons? I have to drive an hour to get to wal-mart.

  5. Looks like the Duck coupons on Ebay are about $3-$4. So that would make these 30-40-cents each. Not a great deal IMO….but then I don’t need them anyway. If you have need for them, do a lot of shipping or whatever else, sure.

  6. Over the last few weeks at Wal-Mart I have gotten 6 packages of Schick razors (3-$2 off + B1G1 Free), 2 Rayovak flashlights ($1 off FB) and 3 packages of Duck tape for FREE HURRAY

  7. My local Wal-Mart likes to raise the shelf sticker prices on any products that have coupons on them making them free! When I went in to get the Duck tape the sticker on the shelf said “$5.88” !!! The four pack was less than a single roll ! I decided to do a price check and it scanned $1.00 so I got one with my coupon! They did the same thing with the Nexcare bandages, marked them up to $1.88 (when they were really only $1 making them free with a coupon!) I don’t get the logic, I think they are loosing sales by deliberately posting false prices! People are going to choose a different brand of packing tape that’s closer to $1 not pay $5.88, even with $1 off that would be way too much! Anyone else finding this out there?

  8. When you post these Wal-Mart shopping trips are you mainly shopping at Super Wa-Marts? Because I can never find the items or prices at my Wal-Mart that you post. Even this Duck tape my store had but it was over $2.

    • Jessica fab frugal says:

      Gina I do shop at a Walmart Superstore. Sadly prices and products may vary by store. Don’t give up! You’re bound to find some good deals :)

  9. I guess this FAbulessly hasn’t read the new ALL YOU mag. Jan 2012..Talks about do’s and dont’s and the Dont was purchasing coupons off Ebay. Hmm..YOU SHOULD READ IT..

    • How is paying for coupons on ebay any different than paying for the coupons that come in your sunday paper… I’ve never bought extra coupons, never needed to, but just saying.

    • Most coupon subjects are highly subjective to the person. If you don’t like the actions of this blog don’t read it or post rude comments. Just because you have been couponing a week and read one article and obviously know everything doesn’t mean anyone wants to read your snide comments. Keep your opinions to yourself.

    • so, since you purchase sunday paper , all you mag… and use the coupons that is in your paper… and you have read the whole article of do’s and don’t … does that mean you commited something also or you will stop couponing all together…hmmmm…..keep it to your self if you do not have anything positive to say….

    • I agree that coupons should not be bought on e-bay, they could be FAKE!!

  10. Yeah, you need 10 things of duck tape, really? Shelf clearer. I love how Fabulessly Frugal goes on and on about ethical couponing, then turns around and clears shelves.

    • At the Wal Marts I’ve been to, the shelves have been filled with this item; plenty of room for more than 10 rolls. So why don’t you jump down off that imaginary high horse of yours before you fall off and embarrass yourself.

      • Freak no kidding! Don’t you just love how people jump to conclusions on things when they have no clue! I bought 9 nesquick packs today according to this lovely commenter i must be one too (we’ll just forget the fact that there were still about 40 more packs left on the shelf. Also one of my daughters friends and her brother bought about 9 rolls of duct tape between the 2 of them (without coupons) because they wanted to make things with them…..should they be called out as shelf clearers as well???? Some people need to remember the meaning of assume……… makes an a** out of u and me!!!

    • Jessica fab frugal says:

      We do not encourage our readers to clear shelves, however, we do encourage stocking up on what you will use at a great price. The tape was actually purchased for a specific organizing project and I can asure you I left MORE than half on the shelf :)

      • I too bought a bunch of the tape, only 6 rolls though since there were only 8left on the shelf at my store…I also only got 2 of the ky since my store only had four in stock…what must my checker have been thinking I was up to?!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing! I love to see the deals other people get! I buy coupons from eBay often for items we use a lot. I think it is a great way to get extras of just the coupons I want instead of buying an entire paper and having lots of coupons I don’t intend to use.

  12. fancy face says:

    I have never voiced my thoughts on this before but here goes First off the coupon clippers on e bay and such are basiclly charging for s/h not really for the coupons. I have ordered coupons off e bay and have never had a problem and they didnt cost much at all. Now there may be some on there that are over charging not real sure. As for shelf clearing oh don’t get me started there. What IF there was only 1 pack, box or package of something left and you needed it really bad like diapers or baby milk cough medicine or ect. Would you buy it. I am sure you would so that means your a shelf clearer too. As long as your getting product you need or will use what does it matter if you get 10 come on grow up because I know that everyone has bought the last 1 or 2 or 3 of something Who cares really. Sorry that my family needed something and they only had 1. Oh wait you want me to drive to the store with my GAS to pick up some items for ny family and say oh my they only have 2 left I better leave those there for someone else to be a shelf clearer and waste my GAS to drive to another store and get these items for my family. Well I say Bull Crap. So I will continue to shop and use my coupons and buy from e bay and if by chance that the store only has 1 or 2 or maybe 3 of something then I guess Ill be a shelf clearer too. and by the way why do you care what she needs the duck tape for. She invested her time into finding the deal, getting her coupons and wasting her GAS to get the tape I guess your one of them that thinks if you didin’t get it then it is not right. GET A LIFE>

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