Shopping with the Fabs { FREE Razors at Albertsons }

June 4, 2012 46 Comments | Disclosure

Coupons & Doublers & Catalinas oh’ my!

It was like I walked into my favorite dream…… I get to shop until I drop, supply my family with great food (& some fun snacks), all while saving money. Now to just get it all put away! haha


Here’s what I got today!

Today I also received tickets that said Free Instant winner.
1 for a head of lettuce, 7 for doughnut or bagel, and 1 for coffee filters

Transaction 1:

Bought 10 Cap’N Crunch cereal $28.80
10 Lunchables $10
Bought 2 M&M’s $5.98
Bought 6 Gillette Disposable Razor Packs $59.14
Bought 4 Kraft Dressings $7.96
Bought 1 Covergirl Eye Liner $2.99
Bought 4 Homelife Storage & Freezer Bags $7.96
Bought 2 Carlita Tortillas $4
Used 2 $.50/1 M&M instant win store coupons from tickets I got on last shopping trip
Used $1.50/2 M&M’s (5/6 RP)
Used 3 BOGO Gillette Male Disposable Razor (6/3 P&G)
Doubled 1 $1/1 Covergirl Product (6/3 SS)
Doubled 2 $1/2 Kraft Dressing or Sizzling Salads Dinner Kits (5/20 SS)
{cashier doubled only to $.99 so no overage}
Saved $29.57 with BOGO Gillette Male Disposable Razor promo {making the 6 razors all FREE!}
Saved $3.98 with BOGO Homelife Storage & Freezer Bags promo
Saved $3.98 with BOGO Kraft Dressing promo
Received $10 Instant Savings {off Cap’N Crunch}
Used $4 catalina from Ocar Mayer meat from Saturday’s shopping trip
Final Price: $35.25 plus received $1 Store catalina coupon {from Carlita Tortillas}

Transaction 2:

Bought 6 Jolly Rancher Crunch & Chewy’s $17.94
Bought 2 Carlita Salsa $3.98
Bought 2 Breyer’s Ice Cream $7
Doubled 3 $1/1 Jolly Rancher Crunch & Chewy (4/22 SS)
Used 3 $1/1 Jolly Rancher Crunch & Chewy (4/22 SS)
{So 6 coupons and 3 doublers total}
Used $1 catalina {from last transaction}
Received $3 instant savings for sweet snack mania
Final Price: $8.92 plus recieved $1 Manuf catalina coupon {from Breyer’s} and $1 Store catalina coupon {from Carlita Salsa}

Transaction 3:

Bought 2 Simply Potatoes $5
Bought 4 Kraft BBQ Sauce $9.16
Bought 2 Pink Lemonade Canisters $5.98
 (didn’t realize my kids snagged 1 to make drinks before I took the picture there really were 2!)
Bought Sure Jell pectin $2.99
Bought 4 lbs Sugar $3.69
Bought 2 Breyer’s Ice Cream $7
Bought 2 Carlita Salsa $3.98
Doubled 1 $1/2 Simply Potatoes (6/3 RP)
Doubled 2 $1/2 Kraft BBQ Sauce (5/6 SS)
Used 2 $2/1 Lemonade Canister wyb 2 Kraft BBQ Sauce Peelie
Used Free Sugar (up to $2) wyb Sure Jell Pectin Peelie
Used $1 catalina {from last transaction}
Saved $4.58 with BOGO Kraft BBQ Sauce promo
Final Price: $22.22 plus received 2 $1 Manuf catalina coupons {from Breyer’s & Simply Potatoes} and $1 Store catalina coupon from {Carlita Salsa}

Transaction 4:

Bought 2 Breyer’s Ice Cream $7
Bought 1 Angel Soft 24 ct single roll toilet paper $5.99
Bought 1 Sparkle Paper Towels 8 ct $5.99
Doubled 3 Manuf catalina coupons {from transactions 3  & 2}
Used $1 Store catalina {from last transaction}
Final Price: $11.98 plus received 3 $1 Manuf catalina coupons {from Breyer’s & Angel Soft & Sparkle}

Transaction 5:

Bought 3 Kraft Sizzling Salad Dinner Kits $8.97
Doubled 3 $1/1 Kraft Sizzling Salad Dinner Kits peelie
Final Price:$2.97

Transaction 6:

Bought 2 Welch’s Juice $5.38
Bought 2 Kikkoman Sweet & Sour $3.78
Doubled 2 $1/1 Welch’s 64 oz Refrigerated Juice (6/3 RP)
Doubled 1 $1/1 Kikkoman Product (6/3 SS)
Final Price: $3.16 plus received 1 $1 Manuf catalina coupons {from Kikkoman}

Transaction 7:

Bought 10 Maruchan Yakisoba $13.90
Bought 2 Kikkoman Sweet & Sour $3.78
Bought 6 Kraft Mayo Sandwich Shops $12
Doubled 1 $1/2 Kikkoman Product
Doubled 2 Manuf catalina coupons {from transactions 4}
Used 6 $.55/1 Kraft Mayo or Sandwich Shops (5/13 SS)
Saved $6.95 with BOGO Maruchan Yakisoba promo
Final Price: $13.43 plus received 4 $1 Manuf catalina coupons {from Kikkoman & Kraft Mayo}

Transaction 8:

Bought 1 Ricotta Cheese $5.99
Bought 2 Kikkoman Sweet & Sour $3.78
Doubled $1/2 Kikkoman Product
Doubled 1 Manuf catalina coupons {from last transaction}
Doubled $1/1 Precious cheese (5/6 SS)
Final Price: $3.77 plus received 1 $1 Manuf catalina coupons {from Kikkoman}

Transaction 9:

Bought 3 Ball Pectin $12.87
Doubled 3 $1/1 Ball Pectin (6/3 SS)
Final Price: $6.87

Transaction 10:

Bought 1 Sweet Pickle Relish$1.99
Bought 2 Ball Pectin $9.18
Bought 2 Doughnuts $1.58
Doubled 2 $1/1 Ball Pectin (6/3 SS)
Used Free Albertsons Sweet Pickle Relish instant win store coupons from tickets I got on last shopping trip
Used 2 Free Doughnut instant win store coupons from tickets I got on last shopping trip
Doubled 1 Manuf catalina coupons {from transaction 4}
Final Price: $3.18

Transaction 11:

Bought 2 Rump Roasts 4.45 lbs total $22.21
Bought 1 Loaf of Bread $1.49
Doubled 3 $1 Manuf catalina coupons {from transactions 6 and 7}
Saved $10.88 with BOGO from Rump Roast
Final Price: $6.82


Total OOP: $118.57
Total Saved$167.80 plus I still have $3 in Manuf catalinas! {I will be going tomorrow to use them and get my milks} and TONS of tickets for Albertsons Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaway!

Also I have been asked by a few Fab Readers about the Ocar Mayer Catalina:  if you can not get any Ocar Mayer meat (the 2 oz pks) you can get a rain check and put in a special order. The catalina runs until June 10th but the sale ends June 5th.

What are you finding at Albertsons this week?

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  1. can you please clarify how you got the razors ALL for free? I see you had coupons to get b1g1 but that would only make 3 of them free. is there a store sale for b1g1 also? HELP!?!?

    • Yes, there is a store sale of b1g1 so with the coupon they are both free. The stores in Idaho falls are all sold out as of last night, so good luck.

      • Thank you Shay – yes they are on sale BOGO and the coupon that came in Sundays P&G is BOGO. If your store is sold out don’t worry! Ask for a rain check and then place an order for them. The coupon is good for a month but, the sales never last.

        • actually i was told that the BOGO sale on the razors is going until July 3rd!!!!!!

          Lots and lots of time to use them razor coupons so excited :)

          • That’s when you get a raincheck :)

            Awesome shopping trip :)

            I’ve been in the last 3 days in a row (love that in WA we got 5 days of doublers!!) and total OOP I’ve spent $65.21 for a total of $270.41 and I only got 4 of the razors! :)

            Albertsons was awesome this week!!

  2. There are tons of the Oscar Meyer lunch meat at the 16th and State store!

    • Thanks Stacey!

    • The Albertson’s on Fairview and Meridian wouldn’t let me even get a rain check for them the manager said that they were told they are not aloud to give them out for the 1.00 price because the manufacture was mad about the catalina making them so cheap. I am not a cussing women but “Bologna”. I think they just don’t want to deal with it. I went to Fred Meyer and got mine instead. It seems like every week I find a problem with Albertson’s. I want to shop there but they just make it so hard. Oh well lots of other places to shop in the Treasure Valley.

      • That’s odd that they wouldn’t give you a rain check. It shouldn’t matter what the catalina printing is. As long as it’s not a “while supplies last” they should be giving rain checks. I will try to look into this today for you!

  3. TracyFl says:

    Do your cashiers mind that you are doing so many transactions? I know at several stores around where I live, they get kind of irritated. I try to use the self check out when I am doing multiple transactions, but it always seems like I have to call someone from the the help desk to scan my coupons properly. Do you do them all at once or get back in line again?

    • Janette says:

      At the 2 stores that I go to the cashiers don’t mind at all if you do 3 transactions in a row and then go back and get in line to do 3 more. They especially like it if you are prepared ahead of time so you can just hand them the coupons. I try to do my shopping and then take a few minutes BEFORE I get in line to organize my coupons so I take the least amount of time possible. The cashiers are extra happy about this and I often get pointers on other items for sale or easy over rides if something goes wrong!

    • Albertsons policy is that you can only do 3 transactions at one time. Then you have to get out of the line and go get back in line. Even if no one is behind me I always walk out of line then go around the registers and get back in line. This way everyone is treated the same. Sometimes it does take a lot longer to check out, but hey if I get to double my coupons it’s worth taking longer to check out in my book! Money back in my pocket!

      • My thoughts exactly…I saved almost $200 this weekend and today at Albies with doublers and their awesome sales and the checkout time and following the rules is MORE than worth it :)

        • This week was super awesome!!!!!! The interesting looks from customers was worth it to get the deals I got. My cashiers are pretty friendly but the other shoppers are not. I usually move after 1 or 2 transactions because because get so antsy and make mean comments. Oh well.

      • TracyFl says:

        Thanks for all the great tips. This will definitely help me going forward!

  4. Why am I not finding the Gillette razors BOGO in the ad?

    • I didn’t notice it in the ad either. I think there are actually more BOGO sales in the store then are listed in the ad. I found out about it from my cashier on sunday morning when i was making my DBL purchases. Can I just say i love my cashier lol She works almost every sunday, is also a couponer and lets me in on all the deals I may have missed :)

      • I’m still soo bummed out that MT doesnt get the dbls anymore!! :(

        • Mindy I am crying with you! There are still so many great deals without doublers! The razors, the Ocar Mayer meat, and all the store catalinas can’t be doubled. Good luck

          • michelle says:

            Ang, thanks for your sympathy for us MT shoppers! Sometimes it’s just nice to hear that :) I’m also glad that there are some fab deals without doublers.

            • Oh’ your welcome Michelle! My siblings all live in an area where doublers are unheard of just a dream. Doublers are great but, couponing alone can still save so much money. I figure if I’m saving at least half of what I was spending on food I’m doing good! Good luck!

        • Im bummed that they put the ttvs in friday paper instead of sundays like they said on here. Makes me not wanting to trust this site.

          • I am sorry to hear this…… what area are you from? You may call your local newspaper and see if they can sell you Friday’s paper. I have done that before after doublers come out, sometimes you even get them at a discount. Have you checked into how much a subscription in your area would be? Tell me what your local newspaper is and maybe I can help you for next time.

            • Is that what happened to the doublers? I get the Seattle Times and no doublers. How do we find out for next time? Thanks!

              • It was something that Albertsons did so, we can try to know ahead of time but, sometimes they like to surprise us all!

            • The area that im from is Bellingham. Yes I have checked out how much a subscription is. it costs less for me to go the store to get the seattle times

          • I’m pretty sure that the ladies at Fabulessly Frugal didn’t intentionally mislead you. How were they supposed to know that the Washington papers would have TTV coupons in a Friday paper? These ladies are here to help you coupon – why on earth would they intentionally mislead anyone when they’re making an income off of keeping you (and every reader) informed of the best deals? Be upset with Albertsons, if you want to, but these ladies didn’t do anything wrong.

            • Thanks for understanding that we have no control over what Albertsons chooses to do. I am grateful that we sometimes get a heads up for doublers and they aren’t a complete surprise. We try our very best to keep in to loop of what’s coming out but, sometimes we just don’t know. We are so sorry for anyone who missed out on TTV coupons because they came out on Friday. It’s my understanding that Albertsons is to.


    • Your right, it’s not in the ad. When I went to the store today I thought, man we got a ton of razor coupons I wonder what they would cost with these new coupons……. walla like magic they were there and on sale! These razors ranged from $9.59 to $9.99. Be sure that you get 2 exactly the same for the store BOGO to work.

  5. Heather says:

    Just finished going to three Albies to get 20 packs of razors. You are awesome. My new favorite fab fruGAL.

  6. Thank you so much for this!! This was one of the best, most “real” shopping trips I’ve seen posted online. :)

  7. Brandy ragus says:

    You look very familiar Ang, are you the same Ang that always helps me at Walmart? Gave me the scoop on raising teens too? Priceless knowledge you’ve got there!

    • Advice on raising teens, I hope it was good! I am always handing out advice to strangers! lol As for couponing I will talk to anyone! I think I am who you are talking about. Do you have a new baby?

      • Brandy ragus says:

        @ Ang, yes I do, havent taught him to hand out coupons though. LOL, that shall be his first trick;) U just had a grad correct? See you at the store. Take care and thanks for all of your help and advice! Im still a newbie;)

        • Give him time Brandy! I’ll help you teach him when I see you around the store! I did have one graduate! lol You saw me when I was couponing food for the party! See you soon I am sure! Give that cute little boy a kiss for me.

  8. Helen in Meridian says:

    I was on an asian kick with my coupons. If you have bought 3 Kikomans with your coupons you would have received a $2 catalina plus $2 off fresh beef. I did this 3 times with marked down beef yesterday and I got some of those asian sauces like lettuce wraps that were BOGO and .60 coupons attached. I am marinating my steak in some of that Kikoman teriyaki sauce right now to do some shishkabobs with yellow and red peppers and pineapple tonight…indoors on a grill pan. Anyone else lose their power from 7:30 last night until 8:30 this morning? Aaah I am appreciating my dishwasher, stove, lights, computer and TV. Missed the early part of the Queens event this morning, but made it in time for the flyover and gun salute.

  9. Mamalala says:

    Thanks again for great and reasonable matchups. I got in on the cookies and milk deal Kraft dressing kikkoman and mayo deals.

  10. Just went to albertson’s today. Thanks for all the great deals! As I was shopping I came. Across a deal that I didn’t see listed here:

    KC Masterpiece BBQ on sale 2/$3
    $1 store Catalina web 2
    $1/2 kc BBQ sauce mfq (believe it was last week or week before that)

    Final cost: 2/$1 or free if you double your coupon

    Thanks for all the great sales.

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