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May 25, 2012 11 Comments | Disclosure

Safeway Just For U has gone mobile!

Safeway has launched their new e-coupon program, Just For U in the NW.  Recently Fab FruGal Tara got the inside scoop for us and today I tested the mobile app on a shopping trip.

The program has three separate sections, the Coupon Center, Personalized Deals, and Club Specials.

Coupon Center

The coupon center contained both store and manufacturer’s coupons.

The store’s in ad coupons are located as e-coupons.  They are price point coupons and have an each at the end.  These are stackable with manufacturer’s coupons. You need to load them to your card, it is not done automatically.  This is done by clicking the red add to my card button.

This Gain coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon because it says Save.  It is already added to my card, as evident by the little red one on the my card icon and that the red bar has changed to brown and says add to my list.  (The add to my list is optional, once you see the number the coupon is loaded and ready to use).  Manufacturer’s e-coupons can only be used once.

I just noticed these today.  There are special price point (store) produce coupons that are NOT listed in the ad.  I am going to start including these in the matchups.

Personalized Deals

Personalized Deals are just that, personalized.  They are based on your last 6 months purchase history, which is refreshed every 30 days, so you will see items start or stop appearing based on what you are buying right now.  These are price point (store) coupons and can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons.  New ones are added every Wednesday with the weekly ad.  Some last a week and some last a month, most are unlimited in their usage, unless otherwise stated.  You do have to load these to your card, by clicking the red bar.

This is one of my personalized deals, since I have already added it to my card, every time I purchase Oreos between now and 6/19/12 they will only $2.52.

Club Specials

Every week between 5,000-6,000 items are on sale, but only 300-500 make it into the ad.  The only way to find these other items is by the yellow tags in store or on the Club Specials section.  It is again arranged by your purchase history with items important to you at the top.  The Club Special section is not available on the mobile app.

My List

The my list option allows you to take your e-coupons and any other items you wish to type in and add them to a printable/emailable list or it can be sent to your phone.  This list can be shared/synced with other phones, someone else shopping in the same store or someone updated the list from home.

Things to Remember

  • Stacking: you can use any combination of a price point (store) and $ off (manufacturer’s) coupons.  paper/paper, e-coupon/e-coupon, or paper/e-coupon.
  • E-coupons do not double.
  • Safeway will always offer you the “Best Deal”, meaning if your paper coupon beats the e-coupon or vice versa, you will get the better of the two.  This also goes for Personalized Deals, if a sale offers a better price, you will get that sale price and if that item is on sale, but your Personal Deal is better, you will still get the Personal Deal price point.
  • Remember to have your current phone number tied to your card.  If you have changed numbers and someone else gets your new number, you might have access to the same personalized deals, so if you load them and they get to the store first, they can use them.
  • Staff training has been extensive.  They really are promoting this, there are signs everywhere, greeters offering to help at the door, and the cashiers explaining it to you.  If you have any questions, ask in store, they are there to help.
  • Please provide feedback to Safeway, they want this to be a customer driven program and are looking for your ideas and suggestions.
  • If you are a home delivery customer, you can also load and use the e-coupons.

How did I do?

Honestly I haven’t been a fan of e-coupon programs in the past because it seems like there are higher value paper coupons, or they don’t come off when I need them too, etc.. I downloaded the mobile app just a couple of days ago and it is super user friendly. (Free for iPhone or Android users)   I wanted to try out the load coupons in store option.  As you can see by my phone time bar on the screen shots above,  I loaded coupons from about 12:50-1:00.  I checked out at 1:35 and all the coupons came off.  I really liked being able to add coupons right there in the store, so convienent.  Safeway’s receipts are easy to read and you can instant tell if you got the right price.

Buy 1 Gain $4.99
Buy 1 Heinz $1.49 (with e-coupon)
Buy 3 Peppers $2.64 ($0.88 each with e-coupon)
Buy 2 Oreos $5.04 ($2.52 each with Personalized Deal)
Buy 1 Bananas $1.25 ($0.49/lb with Personalized Deal)
Use $1/1 Gain e-coupon
Use $1/2 Nabisco Cookies
Use $0.25/1 Heinz Tomato Ketchup (SS 05/20/12)
Use Safeway Double $0.25
Final Price: $12.91

Total Saved: $11.64 or  47%, great for factoring in fresh produce


Remember to check your Just4U Coupons and load them to your card.  Learn more about Just4U, personalized coupons based on what you buy most!

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  1. michelle says:

    I too have preferred paper coupons just because it’s easier for me to keep track of. Hard to remember which brands and sizes I have discounts on when I can’t see it right in from of me. The app would help but I’m too cheap to get a data phone/plan! :)

    What can we do if we load a discount on our card and then it doesn’t come off at check-out? Cuz that happened today. I think that will be more problematic with the produce deals (which mine was) cuz if the checker doesn’t get the right variety keyed in it probably doesn’t trigger the deal. Just a guess. (sorry so long winded!)

  2. Michelle, the app works on any mobile device, so if you have a tablet or iPod it would also work.

    That is what the my list feature is for, add your coupons to the list and then print it out and take it with you. That way if you have a problem, the information is right there.

  3. I have recently been using this (though not by mobile). It is REALLY great. I have been getting gallons of milk for $2.50 and $3.00 worth of produce for free one of my personal deals was Yoplait for .50 each plus I used a coupon on top of that.
    I love this new Just 4 U program. BTW Vons (which is what we have instead of Safeway here) is not my regular store. I love my Albertsons.

  4. I have been using just4u, every week i go online and add every deal just in case my hubby goes to buy something he won’t have to take the coupon cuz he always forgets to give them at check out.

  5. Carlita says:

    I love Just4U!!! I recently got watermelon (my favorite food ever) for $.53 each. It was supposed to last til the 29th, but I checked my account today and they changed it to $4.99. Maybe it was a mistake and they just realized it? Either way, I did get 2 watermelons for $1.06!

  6. Charlotte says:

    A hitch with Just For U is that coupons cannot just be loaded once for the week. Even if something is marked “unlimited,” I have just found out by chatting with the store manager that they need to be reloaded each shopping trip. Always check your receipt also, because there are glitches–our customer service at my local Safeway is kind about “fixing” mistakes.

    • Thanks for the info Charlotte, I will have to watch.

    • michelle says:

      I have not had trouble “re-using” my unlimited deals. Definitely something to watch, but so far, they have worked fine for me. The only problems I’ve had are with the produce. I’m glad to see that they are including the PLUs for that now so that I can make sure to get the right variety.

  7. william grimm says:

    I have been using the app in Phoenix AZ for a couple of weeks now and I do like the simplicity and ease of use – HOWEVER – Today, for laughs and giggles I decided to compare the register receipt to my grocery list (I write down the JFU savings next to each item I put on my list after adding it via the app). Not that the loss of savings was “significant” – Only $2.21 for three items – but it was time consuming to recover the loss. A total of 5 minutes on the phone with the store and then 12 minutes with Safeway HQ/customer service. They were both apologetic and SafewayHQ gave me a $4.00 credit on my card good for my next purchase. Like I said – I compared for laughs and giggles – Safeway really should re-design their receipt to separate JFU coupons from JFU pricing discounts instead of combining them into one amount. That would have made it easier to spot the discrepancy

  8. Can we get a raincheck on a personalized deal price? I’ve gotten a yes and no from my store and don’t see anything in the coupon policy about it, probably because Just for U is a new program?

    • M,

      I am not sure, it probably varies by store and what your manager can do. I would think you should be able to. If I get a clear answer I will let you know.

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