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You asked for it, and here it is!  We are now covering Safeway!  Hooray!  (Find your nearest Safeway here)

What a week to start it off with!  Check out the fab deals below!

Buy 5 Save $5.00 instantly!

The following scenarios are assuming you buy 5 in each transaction, mix or match.  You are limited to 20 items per transaction.

You can acquire additional Quaker coupons on ebay.  Kellogs coupons on ebay.  Post coupons on ebay.

$2.00 Products ($1.00 each when you purchase 5)

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8ct. $1.00

Use $1.25/3 Kellogg’s pastries from SS 3/28

Final price $.58 each for 3

$2.50 Products ($1.50 each when you buy 5)

Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.50

Use $.40/1 here or here

or use $.40/1 from SS 3/7

Final price $1.10

Nature Valley Nut Clusters $1.50

Use $1.00/1 from SS 2/21

or use $.40/1 from SS 3/7

Final price $.50-1.10

Kellogg’s Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops , and Rice Crispies $1.50

Use $1.00/3 here

Or $1.00/3 here

Or $1.00/2 Select Kellogg’s cereals from RP3/7

Final price as low as $1.00

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, Cocoa Krispies $1.50

Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Bars 6.5oz., Special K bars 4.86oz all varieties $1.50

Kellogg’s Special K Fruit Crisps $1.50

Use  $.75/1 from RP 2/21

Final Price $.75

Post Honey Comb 12.5oz, $1.50

Raisin Bran 20oz, $1.50

Shredded Wheat 15-18oz,  $1.50

Cookie Crisp, Cocoa Puffs, Reese’s Puffs, Tix,  $1.50

Use $1.00/2 General Mills Cereal Here

Or $1.00/2 General Mills Cereal Here

Or $1.00/2 GM Cereal SS 3/07

Or $1.00/3 GM Cereal RP 3/28

Final price $1.00-1.17

Cheerios $1.50

Use $1.00/2 General Mills Cereal Here

Or  $1.00/2 General Mills Cereal Here

Or $1.00/1 Cheerios Cereal here

Or $1.00/2 GM Cereal SS 3/07

Or $1.00/3 GM Cereal RP 3/28

Final price$.50-1.17

Chex Mix Bars $1.50

Use $.50/1 from SS 3/7

Final price $1.00

Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.50

Use $1.00/1 here

Final price $.50

$3.00 Products ($2.00 each when you buy 5)

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars $2.00

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran $2.00

Use $1.00/2 here

or $1.50/2 from here

or $1.00/2 from here

$1.00/2 from RP 3/7

Final Price $1.25-1.50

Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats, all varieties 16-18oz $2.00

Use $2.00/2 or $1.00/1 here

Or use $1.00/2 here

or use $1.00/2 from RP 3/7

Final Price $1.25-$1.50

Kellogg’s Crispix 12oz, Corn Flakes 14oz,  $2.00

Use $1.00/3 here or here

Final price $1.50-1.67

Frosted Flakes 14oz $2.00

Use $1.00/3 here or here

Final Price $1.67

Post Pebbles 15oz $2.00

Use $1.00/2 from SS 3/14

Catalina Promo:

Buy 3, receive $2.00 Cat.

Buy 4, receive $3.00 Cat

Buy 5, receive $4.00 Cat

Final price as low as $4.00 for 5 (or $.80 each) *Must be all Pebbles

Post Honey Bunches of Oats (all varieties) $2.00

use $1.00/2  from SS 3/14

Final Price $1.50

Proctor and Gamble Deal April 14-20

Receive a $10 Coupon good on your next shopping trip when you spend $25 on participating Proctor and Gamble products with your club card.    Only one Catalina Coupon per transaction.

It does say:  “Purchases exclude Safeway Store Coupons, Club Card Loaded Coupons, Manufacturer coupons and e-Coupons, Sales tax and online purchases.”   I assume that means you have to reach $25 after coupons to receive the Catalina.  Let us know!

Remember to load your eCoupons ASAP

Bounty  Paper Towels $9.99

Use $.25/1 from PG 3/7

Cascade Action Packs, gel or powder $4.49

Use $.50/1 from PG 3/7 or 4/4

or load $.50 from

Charmin 12 pks $7.99

Dawn Direct Foam, dish soap, or Hand Renewal $2.49

Use $.50/1 from PG 4/4

Load $.50/1 here

Febreeze Air Effects, Luminary, Luminary refill

Use Febreeze coupons from 3/21

Load $1.00/1 and $2.00/1 here

Ivory dish soap

Joy dish soap

Load ecoupon here

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Olay Body Wash

Pampers Mega Packs $15.99

$2.00/1 and $1.00/1 ecoupons here

Swiffer products

Use $.50/1 from PG 3/7

Tide detergent (liquid and powder) and Stain Release

Load ecoupons here

Use $1.00/1 Tide coupons from PG 3/7 or SS 3/28

Gain Fabric Softener and detergent

$1.00/1 from SS 3/21

Load ecoupon here 

Cheer Detergent $9.99

$1.00/1 Load here

Bounce Fabric Softener sheets 80 ct $4.99

Use $1.00/1 from PG 3/7

Bounce Dryer Bar 44use $4.99

Use $.25/1 from PG 3/7

Load ecoupon here

 $.99 Sale

Colgate 4.6oz $.99

Use $1.00/1 or $.75/1 here

Use $1.00/1 from SS 4/17

Final price free- $.25

Softsoap liquid hand soap 7.5 oz $.99

Use $1.00/1 here (if this variety is included)

Final price free

Balance and Cliff Bars $.99

Safeway toothbrush 1ct $.99

Suave Haircare 15oz $.99

2-liter Coca Cola Products $.99

Sobe or Sobe Lifewater $.99

Mangos $.99

Safeway bread $.99

Nestle Pure Life Water $3.34

Use $1.00/2 here

Final price $2.84 each when you buy 2

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  1. Thanks!

  2. Thank you sooooo much for adding Safeway! We don’t have Smith’s in Oregon (just Fred Meyer), and Safeway is one of our major grocers out here. Having this info. is SUPER handy!

  3. Yeah, we don’t have Albertsons (well not the same line as yours so different ads), Winco, Smiths, etc. but we do have Safeway, glad you have started this!

    Thanks for your hard work

  4. Oh, I just figured out I had several $1 off printable coupons from Cheerios and Safeway has their $.50 doubler in their ad that will double up to 4 coupons. So you can get 4 out of 5 of the boxes for free if you buy 5 boxes and have 5-$1 off coupons + the $.50 doubler..making your oop $.30 each. Not bad at all. :)

  5. I am confused!! For the mix and match, are you allowed to mix and match items from the different priced categories to make up five items? I thought I could but when I got done ringing up pop tarts and a cereal, the $5 didn’t come off and the cashier said I had to buy 5 items from the same priced category in order for it to work. Is that right? I just figured mix and match meant you could buy 5 of whatever you wanted as long as you got 5.

    • My friend and I went this morning and the items were actually ringing up at the sale price. For example, the Pop-Tarts rang up at $1, instead of ringing up at $2 each and then taking off a bulk discount of $5. Hope that makes sense! This is different than I’ve seen there in the past.

      • Melinda, I thought the same as you, from reading their ad. That you could mix any of the categories as long as there were 5. Did you ask for a manager? Sometimes the cashiers make up their own rules when there is a glitch, just because they don’t know. A manager can usually clear that up. Sorry it didn’t work out for you!!!!

    • I went back today and found out the cashier was wrong the other day. The cashier that helped me today said it worked the way I thought…mix and match anything. Did learn today that you can only use one internet coupon per item. Darn it!

  6. Cristina says:

    Just wanted to remind everyone to double check when they do this deal that you only do 20 items at a time. I did this deal twice today and it wasn’t until I left one of the stores that I realized that $15 was not taken off so they gave me cash back and I have to go back to the other store tomorrow. You would think I would notice $15 instantly, but there were long lines and I was not paying attention. It’s 20 items total, ,not 20 of each kind.

    Also, found a $1/2 coupon for the Nature Valley nut clusters on

  7. FREE KOOL_AID FUN FIZZ. My safeway has them on sale 2 for $3 use the $1.00 off coupon form the 3/28 SS and with doubles they are free. My store also had a tear pad on the end cap with the product for $1 off 1. The SS one expires 4/25 but the tear pad one is good til 12/31 yeah.

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