Updated: Rite Aid 9/30-10/6 {Carefree, Dawn, Lysol, Herbal Essences and MORE}

September 30, 2012 17 Comments | Disclosure

Please note that this week’s ad scan includes 4 pages of regional deals.

Please (always) check your local ad before you shop!

★– means the price is better than  generic/wholesale/mass store prices!
– means this is when we stock up!!!
If we don’t star an item but it’s listed here, that means it is still a better deal than you would get at a superstore on any given  day.



  1. Half these deals aren’t in the ad! Nor will they work :( out of what I TRIED the Herbal Essence, goldfish, carefree, chapstick, and half the dawn werent on sale / didnt print the +ups! :( :(

    • Same here. I wanted the goldfish, the soda, and chapstick…but they weren’t in the ad and didn’t ring up like it shows above at the register.

    • @J – what region do you live in?

      • Something is wrong with the post, I live in Meridian Idaho. 99% of the time you guys are totally accurate (and don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate the work you guys do on this website) but this time there was some sort of error.

      • I live in the Tri-Cities, WA (eastern wa). I definitely check the ad before going up to the counter, didn’t see them in there, so I warned her they might not ring up, and we checked each time. But I defended you cause ive been following for almost 2 years now and this NEVER happens! Lol! Im like, “theyre never wrong! Especially not Thiiiis wrong!” Haha! Not to worry, trust is still there! I know you work very hard, and like I said this really never happens. No more posting regionals though haha!

      • Central Oregon didn’t get the “regional deals” on all those items. Darn you Rite Aid! lol

        There were still sweet deals. Hormel Chili ($.25) Nutella ($.49) Bumble Bee White Albacore ($.25)…after coupons and +UP. Free Centrum if you printed the $3 RA coupon. Free Dial body wash with $2 coupon. Free Robitussin & MM on Gas X (to go along with all the cheap chili!!).

        • Yes I was disappointe with all the “regional” deals we didn’t get here in oregon too, but there were some really great other deals. Sadly, I had to get like 5 rain checks though.

  2. It was a total mess today at Rite Aid because I also went for the Goldfish, Chapstick,Herbal Essence, etc. It took more time to put the stuff back on the shelf than to initially get it.

  3. I live in Western Washington and I had all of the deals in my ad.

  4. Oh dear…. hang on peeps…. I am checking into it….

  5. Ok Fab-friends. I am sooo sorry for the headaches some of you have experienced with your Rite Aid trip today. Here’s what I have learned….

    The ad scan I used for the matchups this week has 16 pages, unfortunately the last 4 pages are regional and we (Idaho) didn’t get them. I have gone back though the post to update any deals that are regional. Sorry for the confusion and frustration folks.

    If you want to view the full ad including regional deals you can see them at http://ads.iheartriteaid.com/2012/09/0930-1006.html (so you know I am not totally crazy!)

    I have seen regional deals from ad scans before, but never 4 pages (Ugh!) Thanks to all who brought this to my attention, and again, sorry for any confusion/frustration you encountered on your trip.

    • My mother in law brought us Oregonians from Portland. It looks like all of Oregon didn’t get these deals. Kind of a bummer but hey, fruit and veggies are healthy and about the same price of all those snacks. Rite Aid is just looking out for the health of us northwest folks 😉

  6. The last 4 pages in an ad scan I saw contained the deals that people are having trouble with. It looks like either those pages were very regional, or they were from a different week. Hope that helps with some of the confusion!

  7. Im in so Cal and we got the extra regional pages and the deals worked for me, sorry for the places that didn’t get them!

  8. I am in San Diego and all but one worked for me too, FOR ONCE!! I feel like we have lost out because there are no doubling coupons but these were some great deals and I really needed to stock up on crackers for snacks. Thank you!!

  9. No carefree coupons here in Bellevue, WA.. ;( or Robitussen.

  10. Emily Anne says:

    Found 2 pairs of No Nonsense Low Cut Colorful socks in the 75% off area, i think they came to 2.49 ea set and each set gave me a 2.00 + up, so keep an eye out for a deal like that in your area!

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