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November 5, 2013 24 Comments | Disclosure

A BIG Thank You to Ang for providing the Ridley’s list this year! Ridley's

We will no longer be posting Ridley’s match-ups. We just have not had enough interest in them to be able to justify the time and cost that it takes to offer them. We are so sorry if this is a store you love. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want the Ridley’s matchup to come back. If we get a big enough response we may reconsider. If you love Ridley’s and would like to provide a deal list to share with the community please contact us.

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  1. Sad day:( I do appreciate your website and being able to get lists to all of my favorite stores in one place and create one shopping list, but without Ridleys, I will not be able to do that, since it’s my main store… I love your star system since it makes it easier but I’ve been couponing long enough, I will know when something is a decent price.
    Thank you for providing Ridley’s matchups for as long as you have:)

  2. Abby'sMom says:

    So sad to see the Ridley’s list go, it is our main store as well… But I understand the delema. Thank you for all the work you do for us!

  3. So sad, I live in cascade so Ridleys is my main store to follow from here! More reason to get excited about the family dollar coming!

  4. Bummed to see ridleys is gone 🙁 I live in weiser and that is pretty much the only grocery store.

  5. stephanie says:

    So sad to see Ridley’s go! They were the last one’s in our area to do doublers & I love to shop there. 🙁

  6. Sad to see Ridley’s go. I live in Ely, NV and this is our only grocery store. I was so excited when I found your site a couple of weeks ago and told all my friends about it.

  7. I too love to shop at Ridleys and am sad to see this go.

  8. loved Ridleys. They usually have the best prices in my area. 🙁

  9. Please Ridleys match- ups come back!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ridley’s is one of my favorite stores. Loved that you had match-ups for them.

  11. Will you still keep us updated if or when they have double days???? Please:)

  12. This is the first thing I go to on the computer for Ridleys deals for the week. It would be great to still know when the coupon doubles are. Thanks for the Fubulessly Frugal blog it is great!

  13. Christy Franklin says:

    I was super sad when you quit the first time and was so pleased it came back. I live in Caldwell but visit Ridley’s on a weekly basis and always check here for the best deals before I go. Hoping it comes back!!

  14. This makes me very sad. I live in Kuna and have been waiting excitedly for the new Ridleys to open. I hope you reconsider and continue to help us find the best deals at Ridleys.

  15. So sad it see this go as Ridley’s is my main store. I have been following your site for many years though and love it, so thank you.

  16. NOOO! I love the Ridleys matchups! Hopefully someday they will come back…

  17. Bummer! I came to your site specifically for Ridleys! I hope you bring it back!

  18. No! Please bring it back! It is the main store in my town…. so sad

  19. Awww boo! I think that there are more people than you think that like the ridleys deals)=

  20. Really don’t wanna see the matchup from Ridleys go away 🙁

  21. I just died a little inside! In my town, Ridleys is the only place that “naughty couponers” seem to avoid. Its so nice to bust your bum putting together a shopping trip and actually be able to get the deals at the store!

    Anywho…… Is there any other partner sites or other blogs still supplying this information? Ya can’t leave me hanging here!

    (In all seriousness, thank you for what you guys do. You provide a valuable service to thousands upon thousands of people who just want to make ends meet.)


  22. So bummed that you don’t have Ridleys. All this time I’ve been watching it, but not using it because there wasn’t one in Meridian. This weekend is grand opening of a new one between Meridian and Kuna. I was so excited to see what you had posted, just to find out you’ve dropped it. Please reconsider. In any case your blog is best.

  23. Darn. I do shop at Ridley’s. There are other options, but it’s the closest store to me, so I shop there pretty frequently.

  24. Understand your dilemma. Am so bummed though. Have been using your site as the new Ridleys in Pocatello opened. Good luck with the other work you do!

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