Silly & Fun Family Games!

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silly and fun family games

Bring more laughter to family game night! I have been seeing photos from my friends on Facebook playing some of these silly and fun games on family game night and I want to play too! I found some great deals on them as well! These would make great gifts for a family too! Pie Face Game - $18.88! Ships Free with Amazon Prime (Try a FREE Membership) This game is so popular right now, it is ... Read More...

Feeding a Crowd: Menu Ideas and Tips

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tips and recipes for feeding a crowd facebook

I've got 8 kids. Some would say I feed a crowd on a fairly regular basis!  But seriously, I really enjoy entertaining and feeding a crowd!  So today I'm sharing some of my favorite menu ideas that will come in handy for holidays, reunions, family dinners, and parties! Tips to Consider: Serving buffet style in one central location will speed up the process of getting the food to the ... Read More...

Save an Extra 20% on Halloween Costumes!

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halloween costumes coupon code

There are some fun costumes included in this Halloween Costume Sale - especially for the kids! Use coupon code TRICKTREAT at checkout for 20% off select eligible costumes for men, women, girls, boys, and babies. The discount will be taken off of all eligible costumes in your order, so gather up the family and decide what you want to be for Halloween! See all of the eligible costumes and ... Read More...

$8.88 Jeans TODAY!

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8.88 jeans crazy 8

Crazy 8 jeans are only $8.88 today, 10/3! It is definitely that time of year around here! Get out the jeans, if you haven't already! Do the kiddos need any more pairs of jeans? It seems like mine can always use another pair. Don't miss this today-only deal on jeans (Saturday only)! These jeans are great quality and have great reviews! Also, as part of the Crazy 8 Birthday Event, you will save ... Read More...

Free Amazon Gift Card with All You!

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all you magazine subscription with gift card deal

Get a free gift card when you subscribe to All You! Enjoy life for less! You can pick up an issue of All You exclusively at Walmart for $2.99 each. But for a limited time, you can subscribe to All You and receive a FREE $5.00 gift card for Amazon or Target (your choice). You get it for less! With your ALL YOU subscription, you will find lots of ideas on how to save money and time, easy and ... Read More...

Kids Winter Coats

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Winter Coats on Sale now! See these coats and more at

Get Ready for Cold Weather! The cold winter weather will be here before we know it. A few days ago I dug out all of our coats to see if the kids could use them for another year. To my surprise ALL of the coats were too small. I keep telling the kids they should stop growing and just be my little kiddos for a few more years, but the inches still sneak up on me. :) Right now I am getting ready for ... Read More...

Deals To Add To Your Amazon Order!

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add-on item deals 9-2015

Don't miss these deals on LEGO, Frozen, and more! Here's the deal with Add-on Items: The idea is that the Add-on Items are not cost-effective to ship on their own, so they will only ship with an order of at least $25 in items shipped by Amazon, excluding gift cards. The Add-on Items themselves count toward that total though. (If Subscribe & Save is available for the item, you will get free ... Read More...

Crock-Pot Herb Garlic Chicken with Potatoes

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Herb Garlic Chicken

I absolutely love this chicken recipe! Not only because it is cooked in the Crock-Pot, but you can make endless meals with it! You can make chicken salad sandwiches, chicken salad, chicken enchiladas, chicken broth, chicken noodle soup, chicken tortilla soup, and the list goes on. Depending on how many people are in your family will determine how long you can spread out the ... Read More...

Cheap Mascara!

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mascara deals

Stock-Up Deals on Brand Name Mascara! I always like to have an extra tube of mascara on hand! Mascara is my go-to cosmetic item that I try to wear regularly - a lot of times it is the only makeup I wear. ;) Here's a little tip: I love to put a drop of lavender essential oil in my mascara tube. I feel like it helps the mascara to last a little longer, it smells great, and lavender is such a ... Read More...