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December 17, 2013 16 Comments | Disclosure

Pantry Organization

This has worked splendidly for my family for the past few years, so I want to share it!

In my last home I had a really small pantry, but don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to at least have a pantry. It was my first pantry and it was awesome to have one. Anyway, one of my favorite ways to utilize that space better was to use an over-the-door shoe organizer for any small individually wrapped items, especially snacks.

pantry organization clear shoe holder

I loved it so much that I took it with me to my current house. I currently have a wonderful corner pantry, but I still love this organization method because it is so convenient and easy. My kids love it too. They easily see what they can choose for a snack. Like I said, this has been great for my family, but I can see how some kids might need to learn some snack discipline with so much within reach and easy to see. 😉

command hooks for shoe organizer

I don’t want to damage my door frame or door, so I have some utility Command hooks to hold the organizer on the door. Each of these hooks is supposed to hold about 5 pounds, so I figure I should be good at up to 15 pounds. The Command hooks have worked out perfectly so far! 

If you don’t need that much support, you could go with the medium wire hooks. (There are often coupons for Command hooks. You can find them in many stores, or even on Amazon.)

Coat Closet Organization

This year, I took this idea a step further. I purchased another over-the-door shoe organizer and some more hooks (I used small wire hooks for this one) and attached it to the inside of my coat closet door.

coat closet door gloves hats organizer

Now we can miraculously find our hats and gloves quickly! And we discovered that we have a lot more hats and gloves than we thought. 😉

You can assign and label a row or a few pockets to family individuals, or not. Then when the season is over, fill the pockets with other seasonal items. Or just remove the organizer from the hooks and roll it on up with the items inside the pockets, stash it away for next year. Love it!

The Command hooks are easy to remove, if desired. Or you can just use the over-the-door hardware that comes with the organizer. You can find over-the-door shoe organizers at many stores. I like the clear pockets so I can see what is in there. I’ve also seen people use these organizers for cleaning products!

over the door shoe organizer

Another great thing about these organizers is that they are not too expensive. It is easy to find one for less than $10 and they will last for years.

What would you organize with this?


  1. We use one to organize our “tech”. Charging cords, DS systems, video games, any related supplies.

  2. Love this idea! I definitely need to do this for my hats and gloves. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My SIL uses one in her boys’ room for ties, belts, socks and underwear.

  4. We use one for art/school/stationary supplies. Got the idea from my neighbor :)

  5. Sheri Christensen says:

    I took one with us camping this year. Just used a couple of bungee cords and wrapped it around a tree trunk. My kids thought I was a genius and everything was in plain sight. Flashlights, matches, can opener, keys to the car, mosquito spray, extra bungees, lighters, etc. it was so nice to always know where everything was!

  6. I already do this with gloves etc in the front closet and for my girls’ shoes – but love the Command strip idea! On my list for my next shopping trip.

  7. I use one on the back of my utility room door – it’s perfect for bottles of cleaning products, dust rags, and other items that usually end up in the back of the kitchen sink cabinet

  8. This is also a great idea for a college student! My daughter has one for her shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, hair ties etc – shares it with other roommates!

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