Olay Body Wash & Lotion Deal at Walgreens

November 27, 2010 39 Comments | Disclosure


**See the shopping trip using the scenarios below!**

You’ve got just 3 days to take advantage of this deal that starts Sunday at Walgreens!

The $5.00 off Olay wyb Secret Coupon will expire on Tuesday!

We are going to use promos, coupons, and rebates!!

Buy 4 Secret 2-packs $4.79  each (two will ring up at $2.40) = $14.38
Buy 5 Lotion $4.99 each = $24.95
Buy 5 Body Wash $2.49 each (these are the “second item” at 50% off) = $12.48
Buy 1 Trial Sized Secret $.99
TOTAL: $51.81

Now we’ll redeem our Manufacturers Coupons
– $2 from (4) $.50/1 Secret Antiperspirants from the 11/28 P&G
– $25 from (5) $5.00/1 Olay Bodywash wyb 1 Secret from the 10/31 P&G
– $24.95  from (5) Free Olay Lotion wyb 1 Olay Bodywash from the 11/28 P&G
FINAL OOP:  – $.14 {snag a carmel to absorb the overage!}

Lastly, submit for the $20 rebate and…

you’ll MAKE $20.14 buying 19 items!!

Or try this SCENARIO:

Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Shave Gel $1.99
Buy 2 Venus Embrace cartridges $14.99
Buy 2 Secret Clinical 1st $8.99, 2nd $4.50
Buy 2 Olay Body wash 1st $4.99, 2nd $2.50
Buy 2 Olay Lotion 1st $4.99, 2nd $2.50
Total $60.44

Use $.55/1 Gillette Shaving Gel  P&G-11/28
Use 2 Get Free Secret Clinical WYB Venus P&G-10/31
Use 2 Get $5 Olay Body wash WYB Secret P&G-10/31
Use 2 Get Free Olay Lotion WYB Olay Body Wash  P&G-11/28
Get $10 RR (for spending $30 on the Venus & Gillette)
Final price $18.91

Lastly, submit for the $20 rebate

$1.09 moneymaker

Not quite as wild as the 1st scenario, but still pretty FAB if you ask me!!

Now Cathy & I (Amber) want to know how offensive it would be to give body wash & deodorant to all of our kids’ teachers for Christmas?!!!


  1. Becky Ruths says:

    Yay!!! I was so sad when I cut myself off at 10 of the Black Friday deals, because I had 20 coupons :) WAGS HERE I COME!!!

  2. Tara Balcom says:

    trying to figure out why you have to buy the quantities in the 1st scenario….on my way to wags now to try to get in on the current deal and just saw this…I don’t have that many coupons so I’m wondering if it will be worth it to wait and use my coupons tomorrow?

    • Just to hit the $50 mark. You could still get a FAB deal even w/out the rebate and that quantity, but this just maximizes your savings!

  3. We teachers get a lot of bath products – not unusual at all. Now the deoderant? Hmmm . . . Well, if you have ever smelled a 5th grade classroom in the Spring, you will know that deoderant would likely go to good use. : )


    I am almost pretty sure that you shouldn’t give those kinds of things alone. If you give it in a gift basket with salt, a scrub, maybe a Micheal Buble CD, then that would be okay!

  5. A little FYI most of the P&G coupons have a limit of 4 “like coupons” per transaction..some of these scenarios are using 5!

    • You just have to hit that $50 mark, but you can submit multiple receipts for the rebate! So you could easily divide this transaction up so you wouldn’t have to use all 5 in 1. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Thanks for the heads up…I use secret so this will be great for me!! :} I love all your sharings!!

  7. And I actually have all these coupons for the first one!! Thanks so much…it pays to keep your coupons!! :}

  8. I’m sure you were joking, but I’d say yes to body wash no to deoderant :)

    • I agree … Body wash, a pouf, and some pretty lotion are all right as teacher gifts. But the deodorant insinuates that she: A) doesn’t wear any; B) Needs to wear some: or C) has bad body odor. So I would say yes to body wash, no to deodorant.

    First, the two packs are not in the BOGO 50% deal. A saw a fellow couponer try to do the deal before me and replaced the two packs with singles and still ended up paying $15 oop. She and the checker tried to figure out what went wrong and couldn’t. Second, the Wags I was at was really low stock on everything – the checker said they only ordered two extra of the Olay lotions. With as much stock as you would need to do this deal I think it’s going to be difficult for even one person per store to get it! :-( Thanks for the try ladies. Would have been great!

    • That’s a huge bummer. I was going to go today and try. Please someone who is able to do this let us know. Thanks.

      • I was able to do some of the deal today. The twin pack of Secret did not work because of the size and the single was 2.99, which did not work because of the price. Prices for Olay were a bit different. I went ahead and bought 4 Olay Body washes (3 – 6.99, 1- 4.99), Olay Lotion (4 – 6.99), and the above Secrets that I mentioned. I paid 7.04 OOP and will send in the rebate tomorrow. Still a moneymaker which makes me HAPPY!

        • 8 single deodorants, 4 body washes and 4 lotions made it to the 50$??? I need to go to my store tomorrow and see what they have left. I’m crossing my fingers. Especially since I hardly ever get great deals on stuff for me. It’s always my husband. :)

    • Amy Conner says:

      I did this deal today. It did end up being the $14 but still a $6 moneymaker so I won’t be too picky. :)

  10. My checker told she had to use the full price on the body wash and the 50% off on the lotion. Therefore when you use the Q for FREE Olay lotion wyb body wash you are only getting the 1/2 price item free. So instead of getting both for $2.49 as I anticipated, they cost $5.

  11. Has anyone actually had success with this deal yet? I went this morning and the first Walgreens I went to only had 2 of the secret 2 packs. So I went to the next one, got all my stuff and headed to check out. The cashier refused to check me out stating it wasn’t worth her job and called a manager. The manager rang me up and the total came to $18, a far cry from $0.14 (but still a good deal.) I asked if we could look at the receipt and figure out the discrepancy and I was told that I was welcome to look at the receipt but he was not ringing me up again. I told him I wasn’t interested then and left without my products (outrageously frustrated and late for church!)

    • I figured out what went wrong. Because the body wash rings up at $2.49, the $5 coupon is adjusted down. Also, both Walgreens that I went to were only carrying 2 packs of the Secret 2 packs, so you have to get the singles. I’m thinking about taking my ad to Walmart later today since I know that Walgreens will be out of stock.

      • TERESITA BABCOCK says:

        Wow! I can NOT believe they treated you like that! I would be pist, and would be contacting cooperate. There is no reason to be treating another human being like that!

      • I went to Walmart and they told me using two secret $.50 coupons, two buy one get one body wash and lotion coupons and two buy a secret get the body wash for free was stacking. I wasn’t allowed to do it. I thought it was okay because even though you have to buy body wash to get the lotion free the coupon doesn’t affect the lotion and when you buy the secret to get the $5 off the body wash it doesn’t affect the secret and then you can still use the .50 cents off secret coupons but they told me it wasn’t okay.

        If you actually able to do it please say so. I would like to get the deal but they were really rude so I may just give up on it.

        • I tried this at walgreens tonight , they were totally out of olay lotions . I took up 5 of the bodywash with 5 singles of secret deoderant (they did not have the twin packs) . I used 5 of the 5 .00 off olay bodywash with purchase of secret deoderant. Tried to also use 5 of the .50 coupons off the secret deoderant. They said they could not accept them because the first coupon was already covering both items . If they had the lotion I am pretty sure they would not have allowed the coupon since the Bodywash was alredy covered in the first coupon. Still came out with 5 Secret deoderant and 5 Bodywash at 11.13 but sure not close to what was mentioned in scenerio 1

  12. I going to use my Wags receipts from my black Friday shopping. I was able to come up with $37.89 so all I need is to buy a few more items. I wish I would have been saving my other receipts over the month. I’m sure I buy $50 in P&G products every month. Piece of cake! Thx!

  13. This deal sort of worked but after rebate will end up costing me $15 oop BUT I bought 2 secret clinical (as this is what I use) and 2 reg secret- so that added $’s; the B1G1 lotion/body wash- my wags had bottles of lotion for 4.99 or 8.99 and only 8.99 bottles of body wash but the coupon for buy bw get lotion has a $7 max value so that also added $’s to the final tally. I usually don’t go to wags b/c I can never remember to use my rr’s before they expire- also the store closest to my house (Lacey Blvd in Lacey WA) is horrible about accepting coupons- I attempted this deal there and the cashier couldn’t figure out how to process the transaction and my total after coupons was supposed $40+. I said that’s not possible and she called the manager who came up and 1)yelled at the cashier for attempting the transaction and 2)with all my coupons in his hand told me what I was attempting was theft and coupon fraud and that he was going to call the police. I grabbed my coupons from his hand and told him that he was ignorant about coupon usage and that if he calls the police to have them go down to the wags on Marvin Rd in Lacey b/c that’s where I was headed. Sorry this is a novel- just frustrated- but in the end I feel that the small oop amount is worth it as the lotions and body washes are going into gift baskets for my family.

  14. So when you submit the rebate form, do you write the UPCS on the back too, because there’s not enough space on the form?

  15. As a Mother of 2 daughters in which are teachers….They would love all the deodorant they could possibly muster….as even the 3rd graders need a swipe now and then….I take all my freebie deodorant and sendit with them to school, they keep a stash in their drawer and give the rest to the school nurse for those moments when you just have no choice but to send the student to her….

  16. Cathy and Amber….did either of these scenario deals actually work for you?

    • Susan – I didn’t do the deal because I just used up all of my Olay coupons at Walgreens during their Black Friday sale. AND I don’t need anymore body wash or deodorant! :) BUT, Amber DID do the deal, and she posted about it here: http://fabulesslyfrugal.com/2010/11/my-moneymaking-walgreens-trip.html

      • I did a “similar” deal yesterday. I bought 2 of the secret deodorants that were 2.49 each. NOT ON SALE BOGO. 2 of the 10oz body washes, 1 10oz body lotion and one 20oz lotion. I had to pay 8.99 for the larger lotion. But after my q’s I paid 2.51! So I’m happy. I did this twice (once on Monday) and it worked just fine. I’m so glad our Walgreens is awesome. Thanks Fab Fru..

  17. Nicholas Harris says:

    I actually have enough coupons to work this deal twice, but after reading all the frustrating comments, I think that I’ll just put them in file 13. I do not need the drama!

  18. Melissa Fullmer says:

    My Walgreens store would not give me $4.99 off for my free body lotion. The manager said since their promo was buy one get one half off, the free one had to be the half off one. I tried to explain the coupon didn’t say the lotion had to be of lesser or equal value, but he said that it was “coupon fraud”!!! DId anyone else have the same problem? This was a store in Idaho Falls and I tried going to another store but the smaller size lotion was all gone.

  19. I only have one body-wash secret coupon left. I have lots of the other ones. I was thinking of going to Walgreens today. I am not sure how to adapt this idea/deal with just one 5.00 off secret/olay deal. Any ideas?

  20. Didn’t work. First I had to separate the transactions because of the 4 like coupon limit. Then, I tried to use the Venus coupons with the free Secret twice in one transaction so that I could get the $10 rebate and it wouldn’t take both “buy this get this free” coupons in one transaction. The manager tried to make it work for me, but it was in the system that way and he couldn’t do it. Phooey.

  21. I did do this though:

    *Buy 2 bottles Olay Body Wash $4.99 (1st) $2.49 (2nd) on buy one get one half off sale
    *Buy 1 bottle Olay Lotion $4.99
    *Buy 1 Secret Solid $2.49

    – Use one $50/1 Secret Coupon from 11/28 P&G
    – Use One Buy Any Secret and Get $5 OFF Any Olay Body Wash Coupon 10/31 P&G (expires today!!!)
    -Use Buy One Olay Body Wash and Get Olay Lotion FREE from 11/28 P&G

    = $5.37 with tax….then did the transaction again. I bought $34.92 in products and only spent a little over $10. So I only have $16 more in products to buy before December 31st- and I can probably find some more deals with coupons before then to make it all FREE!

  22. I tried to do the olay deal today and they refused to take my coupons. They said I could use either one or the other but not all of them. What do you say when this happens. The manager said that I cant use a coupon on a free item. I left after 35 minutes of waiting for them to figure that out without any products. :(

  23. Does anyone have a deal for this that would work after Nov 30th?It is the end of the day and no time to get the coupons.Help please :)
    thank you

  24. Just did this. I was missing two of the $5 coupons and another couponer had extra and gave then to me. Thanks

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