Money Saving Tips: Recycle for Money

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Do you want to make some extra change?

As a little girl, I always loved to save our old bottles and soda cans.  Every time we’d have soft drinks as a special occasion, I took care to save all of the empty cans and put them in a big plastic garbage bag.  When the bag got full, I’d ask my mom to take me to the recycling machine at our local grocery store.  After putting the empty plastics and aluminums through the recycle machine, we would take the money and got an ice cream.   It was a fun tradition that I absolutely loved doing with my mom.  When I got old enough to drive myself, I kept up with the recycling tradition, but I just started using the extra cash as gas money.

So why not save up your plastic bottles and cans and take them to your local recycling center for a small cash reward?

The money you get may not be a lot, but if you get creative, you can find worthwhile uses for it.  Whether it’s toothfairy money, a little extra to buy an ice cream, or just a tradition that gives you some change to keep filling the piggy bank, money is money.  Every little bit counts!

How do you earn extra cash?

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